Why does Yuffie look like tifa

Why does Yuffie look like tifa

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yuffie looks like cait sith

Asians look the same

Aerith looks like she could carry my child

Because modeled after Asian women who have received the same kind of plastic surgery

>Why does [AZN] look like [AZN]?

how will they fuck up cid's and vincent's designs?

arr rook same

Why does Barret look Jōmon

how to revitalize the ff7r porn animation trend? yuffie got just a handful

Great. Now I have to play remake again.

Thanks a lot, doofus.

Tifa looks like she should be pregnant

So, we're gonna have to wait until after the FF16 event to get Part II news, huh?

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that's my curse

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Is Tifa white or Asian?

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Last portion of the year for news

I think you just did a racism.

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why cloud is more feminine than both?

You know, I didn't like remake after my first playthrough but I've kind of warmed up to it quite a lot after finishing it the second time.

It's the other way around. Why does Tifa look like Yuffie?

you're just face blind. yuffie and tifa have different eyes, noses, and lips

why is this game still $70 on PC ffs

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I'm convinced Part 2 is coming never. The game opens up a lot after Midgar, I don't know how they could realistically replicate that. Will there not be a world map? Are they just gonna make every town/arc its own part? That'd take like 30 parts.

You know that there are ways to make an overworld without making some meme open world like elden ring and others, right

This is a falseflagging thread but not that kind of falseflag.

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el gato marica...

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tifa the used goods...

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i want to see gackt in ps5 graphics so badly

Turning Tifa asian was a mistake

Aerith (Jenova) aged Marlene. Whom is Tifa's sister.

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The worst thing about the Yuffie DLC is that it was so short.

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What a whore.

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just like her


why is barret such a bro guys?

barret looks like a chad asian

>written to be a bro
you tell me

he's not, he's written to be antagonistic

man, I wish someone would write me a bro like barret.

I want to watch Don Corneo fuck Yuffie so bad bros.

maybe in the first few hours

It's just a video game, who gives a shit.



why do girls like tifa never go for men because of personality

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Cid and Vincent reveal when?

Probably last trailer
The first one will be cait sith prob

Yuffie's DLC made me realize how much I don't like constantly switching characters in the base game. They need to improve the AI a lot more in the second one so you can just leave them and do your own thing.

It was the contrary to me
Yuffie alone doesnt have punch either so i didnt like her combat

>Yuffie alone doesnt have punch either so i didnt like her combat
I found that the "punch" came from playing with them synced up. On her own she isn't impressive but their synced up gameplay was fun.

Option 1.

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because tifa is yuffie's wife

Or Option 2.

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Here's the problem. In a party-based system, the idea is that you have an array of options with your party members, three in this case. If the combat is geared so you can ignore using the other two party members, they will feel useless. If the combat is geared so that they're all equally useful, then the game would encourage using them all. That's the compromise with a party-based system.

I didn't think Yuffie was anymore elaborate than any of the other playable characters in FF7R, just that we had an entire episode built around her, which is something I think FF7R could used more of. Enemies and settings that were better suited for the skills and abilities of the characters you would use during those times.

why would anyone pick Aerith over TIfa?

option 3

prettier face

I liked switching because the game is designed around using everyone as one entity, rather than just one plus supports, like how most party based combat systems are.
They complement each other and you wanna use everyone, unlike other games.

They're sisters. Tifa's maiden name is Katsuragi.

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Who cares? "remake" is not canon

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I want every party member to be useful but I just want the AI to be better at building ATB gauge cause comanding them to do things is one thing but being forced to switch just to spam normal attacks or use their special ability just to build ATB gauge just felt incredibly redundant and like pointless busy work when they could have just as easily made building ATB better for characters you aren't using and let you control their actions while sticking to one character to use normal attacks.

Because weebshit makes all women look exactly the same so the autismos that eat this shit up can recognize "woman face". Then they fall in love because these faces only express 3 emotions, and never have complex thoughts or feelings... Once again perfect for turbo autists.

Anyone who has waifus or genuinely likes these characters should be roped.

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Option 3

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Tifa has a prettier face, better clothing choice, and has long dark hair

I like sundresses plus shes cute

Bro, I agree with you that anime only fags are fags, but you western supremacy fags are just as horrible.
Like nobody cares about how little you care for japanese games. Shut the fuck up. Fucking autist.

>prettier face, better clothing choice,
not remake
>long dark hair
i guess

hard mode is the way its meant to be played

Arr rook same