This is so true

This is so true

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You will never be a woman

why does no one ever ask me why i play the biggest, fattest guys in video games, despite being a skinny 100% heterosexual man

I never understood this. Why is it considered weird for a guy to want to play as a girl? I mean aside from absolutely psychotic insecurity, of course.

post the edit of the image where they fuck

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>HoMM 3

It's hard to associate oneself with a female character. For a normal guy, that is.

a lot of trannies come from Poland for a reason

Because the artist believes that roleplaying as anything but what you are means you want to be that thing when in reality it's just roleplaying. Playing a dwarf doesn't mean I want to be a fucking manlet with alcoholism just as much playing a woman doesn't mean I want to be a woman.

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It’s hard to associate yourself psychologically but who gives a fuck if you’re not into roleplaying.

I've never played any of these what do I win

>Only played 9 of those games
Dodged a bullet

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>titanfall 2
Oh, how it falls from grace. RIP /tfg/

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He didn't

after the announced genderswap DLC, makes sense

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Same except I'm a raging homo

>bloodborne fans are trannies

>you’re not into roleplaying
you don't play video games at all

titanfall 2 is not tranny shit nor is stalker

>tony hawk remake
I tried it and didn't care for it, but uh... trannycore? Why?

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The only tranny games there are Celeste, Night in the Woods, Undertale, Disco Elysium, Lobotomy Corporation and Neon White.

It's hard to associate oneself with a character that's not you. Plus, why would I want to do that?Your point?

obviously anything with anime is essential transcore but how the fuck is half life or homm on the list?

probably cause of this


Because you're just a closeted tranny
This is why I've never played a video game in my life. Only trannies play em.

you forgot all the anime games
anime = trans

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ok groomer

there are 2 groups of people: The ones who self insert into the video game / want the character to represent them, and the ones who see it as a distinct character from themselves

imagine fpbping your own post, cringe, ywnbaw

>I don't like the devs = tranny game
How is it, basing your entire opinion on what other people do?

Why can't trannies just let people be themselves?

I don't dislike any of the devs of these games since I have no idea who they are.

A male character is more me than a female one. If it's otherwise for you, well...

speedrun autism + one of the voice actors for HLVRAI was a tranny, which probably suggests latent popularity over there
it's played a lot by slavs, and there has been an underground LGBT infestation in Poland and Hungary as of late

>threads hidden 144

These people operate by infiltrating your hobbies and spaces, and spreading their malignant influence to impressionable young minds.

>most of it is Yea Forums-core

Can confirm, my trans gf played it last week and said it was boring and too easy. Not trans-approved uwu

This is missing Diablo 2, Warcraft 3, Noita, Max Payne, Cruelty Squad, Devil May Cry, Bayonetta, Metal Gear Solid, Yakuza, Mount & Blade Warband, LISA, Hollow Knight, GTA San Andreas, Deus Ex, EYE Divine Cybermancy, Dead Rising, Knights of the Old Republic, and Elden Ring!

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>always play male character
Whats behind this phenomenon?

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too obvious

>nooo I can't play the game because TRANNIES LICKED IT
Jesus Christ, I hope you lot are trolling.

They want to be their father's penis.

The first group still doesn't make any sense to me even if a character physically looks like you they often have crazy superpowers, incredible weaponry and go on adventures in alien landscapes with all sorts of other weird characters, but just because you they have the same skintone or gender they feel like that's them?

>Threads hidden: 114
>He actually looked through every single one
Obsessed. This is an anime/Japanese culture discussion site btw, all you've proven is that we are on Yea Forums lol

>Like two posts per minute
Why does Yea Forums care so much about the mentally ill

Why did you reply to me? Your post adresses nothing of what I said.

why is ultrakill there? isnt that just about a robot being powered by blood and killing shit?

Yeah, I still remember the time I was creating my character in a game and my friend's head and hand started inflating. Terrifying stuff.

what are automated filters

In MMOs you literally get special treatment and privileges if you play a female character. You don't even have to pretend to be a girl, just as long as you don't mention you're a guy.

>Yea Forums is an anime website
lol now this is some serious tranny cope

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So why do you consider them tranny?

I'm not trolling. The knowledge that some subhuman enjoys some form of media actively detracts from my enjoyment of said media.

yes, it's fantasy. people fantasize all the time about doing unrealistic or out of character things

>This is an anime/Japanese culture discussion site
When is Yea Forums going to accept that they're not the most relevant part of the site anymore?

I was in the ULTRAKILL Discord once and it was tranny central

ZoomZoom Award for one half of them and Based Boomer Award for the other

I'm sorry for your autism.

a loli thread died for this

Why would I want to be myself in a videogame? Do you play as a human and change appearance to fit you too? What about games which have set characters? What about books or film - does the characters have to be exactly like you in order for you to sympathise with them? You probably either have low empathy or imagination.

Anime website zoomy
also I bench more than you

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Essential Transcore

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how do you consume video games and anime when the vast majority of people are loser incels who have never touched a woman and jerk off to cartoons? lol

>Anime website zoomy
No it isn't, primarily due to the latter part of the above quote. Anime is not the great unifier of this site anymore.

>Takes a list of Yea Forums core games
>rebrands is as tranny games
>Instead people going "Retarded tranny didn't take his meds"
>People actually try rationalizing the list with "well you see Stalker is essential tranny core because radiation kills test and ..."
Rule number 1 of information warfare is you never ever even for a second entertain the other sides narrative

Why any of it? It's just whatever games this Twitter user likes, so it's a generic slop of everything.
What, and Yea Forums is supposed to be relevant? Nobody here plays games, they just bitch. This board should be pruned, none of the threads on it matter, it's just zoomer retards complaining about games they've never played for scraps of dopamine.

>I bench more than you
rolling your 400 pound lard ass with floppy man boobs out of bed to jerk off to more cartoons before eating directly from a tub of margarine isn't benching fatty kek

>no rts
Trannies confirmed brainlets

No, that's an impersonal claim. If it's directly presented to me that a particular type of subhuman plays a game (for example, New Vegas and trannies) my enjoyment of said game will decline until that knowledge is either forgotten or nullified.

Have you ever considered that the median IQ is in the high 80s to low 110s?

Have you seen the fanbase? It doesn't help that that faggy italian VA (who unironically has a tranny bf) that voices not-Vergil started yapping about Trans rights bullshit

I only accept the opinions of the strong

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HoMM3 is on there