What the heck did he mean by this?

What the heck did he mean by this?

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Tobert Faux is a hack

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they killed milions

Getting back to the Deltarune world, obviously. Further evidence being his lab with the photo saying "don't forget".

He couldn't change back to Steven aftre Not Surviving.


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>Getting back to the Deltarune world, obviously
Doesnt make sense as Sans comes to Deltarune from Undertale as his shop is Grillby's, other characters state he's only recently arrived and no other character has a unique font like him or papyrus. The place Sans wants to go back to is neither Undertale nor Deltarune

>create le epic mysterious lore
>never give answers
Toby is a genius. If I make an indie game, I'll do the same.

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We don't know yet. But since Toby had Deltarune's plot planned out before he even started working on Undertale, I expect we'll find out in 2025.

He's a Darkner. That's why his blood is red, as Darkners can have colored portraits. He is a Skeleton so his body is already white. You may be asking, what about his clothes?
Well he's wearing black and white clothes in that instance. You only see his silhouette in the judgement hall so that can't be disproved.

Undertale is a dark world
Sans is stuck there
He dies offscreen so the UT dusting is ambiguous
A mini undertale callback chapter would be kino
Gaster is that dark world
Sans is melina

>i made my last point about the clothes as a joke
>just realised it could be clothes from the light world so they would appear black and white either way
I might be onto something.

take it one step further and change the answers any time someone gets close to them like this asshole.

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sans was an avid user of the "other site" who discovered Yea Forums, and after years of lurking can't go back to "other site" because he keeps coming back here, and it's not appealing to him to quit the internet entirely and be part of society either. really tragic.
>our systems think your post is spam

>uhmm you see, it was actually two (2) bites!
>profits by making the theories pretty much canon

actually flowey did it

He is from Deltarune because he brought a riddle from Deltarune with Ice-e on it. Ice-e NEVER appears in Undertale, yet he has a shop in Deltarune.

Sans literally has a lab with a broken machine, a photo with people Frisk doesn't recognize at all, and a drawing with "don't forget" on it. The blueprints to the machine are in a font that Frisk cannot read (most likely windings).

The only thing that is weird is that Gaster probably started experimenting with Deltarune and Dark worlds AFTER Sans got into the Undertale world.

He actually did partially answer some of it.

Like for example Entry 17. People spent fucking years theorizing about what Gaster could be talking about, and now it is obvious that his experiments involved Deltarune and dark fountains.

Toby will answer everything eventually. I'm especially curious about who were the two people that Gaster talked with

Yet in Undertale, he and Papyrus just "showed up one day". At least in Deltarune it makes sense, they just moved into town. But how did they suddenly pop into existence in Undertale's underground?

god knows what ice-e is
i half expect him to be some sort of eldritch abomination and toby has ripped off homestuck again

>I'm especially curious about who were the two people that Gaster talked with
Kris and Susie. The picture is Gaster,
Kris and Susie. The "don't forget" was written by Susie, not Sans. Sans just kept the picture because something happened to the others.

Post OP age

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>Toby will answer everything eventually
it’s cute that you think that

user, it's been 7 years.
Kids who played this when they were 11 can now post here.
The average fanbase who played this when it came out can now get drinks.
Like damn, I played this when I was 24

I am 19 and played this game at release but was also posting about this game here when I was 16

>I'm especially curious about who were the two people that Gaster talked with

One of them was Sans. Half the entries in the lab are written in all lower case. The other person as probably Alphys

It's not 2016 anymore, user. You are allowed to like indie games now.

You'd think Alphys would have some meta knowledge, then, but she appears to be clueless on that.

>Release date was the 15th of September, 2015
>Still remember playing it like it was a year ago
>Remember playing Deltarune chapter 2 like it was yesterday when it was on September 17 2021
Time is going way too fast and I swear that some chrono-fuckery is going on.


Oh idk it's been a while, I just assumed because it is her lab that the other entries were here. She's the only other smart nerdy person so idk I guess it might have been papyrus

Also while the spooky skeletons wr named after fonts, Alphys has alph. As in alphabet. Presumably they have a backstory together

The entries in the lab are all Alphys, the way they are written reflects her mental state.

what the FUCK did he mean by this

He meant there's a zombie on your lawn

Don't forget fuckboy, he's waiting. He's watching. And when you are truly alone, in the deepest darks of the Dark World, in the darkest pits you can find, he's still there.

Open the bunker door. Open it. Let him out.

Just give up, I did.

Doesn't her dialogue have a couple instances where she outright mentions alternate universes?

People called this cringe, but I like her singing.

The "don't know" option in Mettaton's quiz. It implies Alphys would potentially be horny for a hypothetical otherworldly observer (You).

it would be so easy to give up and I've fucked up so hard that it's looking pretty clear that I should cash in my ticket, but I still have friends and family out there, so I'm gonna stay determined.

>leave tantalizing yet very open ended mystery in your story
>wait for fans to speculate and make wildly complex theories
>choose your favorite theory and pretend that was the answer all along
Do we have any confirmed or suspected cases of someone doing this?

pretty much every indie game in the last few years

this song always gives me the feels

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His intention has always been to give the answers in Deltarune.

I forgot that she actually flat out says that alternate universes DO exist when you pick a certain choice during the mettaton quiz

This. So many people don't realize that Gaster and all the FUN events were a sneak peek for Deltarune.

>Ice-e NEVER appears in Undertale

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the appeal of mysteries is the wonder about them, to see if you can piece together with the information presented to draw you own conclusions
if there is always an answer to every single thing then its just a waiting game until its all revealed, not every piece of media with a bit of mystery in it needs answers explicitly stated in the work at some point

I still can't believe the entirety of Undertale was just a mere test, a prototype for the real game that he literally conceived during a fever dream when he was young.


What are his political opinions?

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The man is basically a child that actually has some drawing and narrative skills so imagine a cringy puddle deep understanding of the world and a misinterpertation of it and you can probably reach a reasonable assumption over what flavour of shoewear/body parts he likes to [MOUTH RELATED ACTION]

>he brought a riddle from Deltarune with Ice-e

I literally fucking mentioned it. I meant that he never appears as an actual character. Just a drawing on the riddle.


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Least schizophrenic Undertale fan.

Ralsei's cannon voice btw

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And who provides that word search?

Gotta get back
Back to the past
Sansmurai Jack

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Deltarune is so much better than Undertale it kind of bums me out that they're so tied together

I have a challenge guys:

I unironically like the lore and mysteries in undertale/deltarune
what I never liked about these games is how some of its delivered though, whenever the game has to explain something it does it with a bunch of lazily placed signs, like in the lab. Even spamton's backstory was delivered by a bunch of npcs standing next to each other