You didn't beat the game

You didn't beat the game.

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You didn't beat the game.

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Sekiro's 'you didn't beat the game' is not ringing the bell and not giving back Kuro's charm in NG+ (and thus obviously people that only beat NG could not have beat the game).

Ichimonji is not even THAT good
Mortal draw or flame vent is really busted

literally made for snake eyes
for me its nightjar slash reversal

>not maining dad's move

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You didn't beat the game unless you beat regular NG Charmless + Demon Bell, all bosses

Ichimoji is probably the best. Deals a ton of posture damage and staggers most enemies.

You literally can't play NG charmless unless you installed some mod.

*mikiri counters you*
heh nothing personnel gramps

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It gives you the option for every New Game you start after clearing the game once.

Hey I did this, it wasn't easy but it wasn't that hard either, the hardest boss was father owl.

>Deals tons of posture damage
>Recovers your posture
>Costs no spirits to use

Holy shit, even ER memes are reddit cringe.

Unironically though if you didn't play charmless you didn't beat the game. The game with the charm is so braindead easy because as long as you hold l1 you're fucking invincible. Demon bell is whatever but the charm actually changes the game in such a significant way that if you didn't beat the game charmless your opinion of the game is honestly worthless.

father owl is my bitch
however i get my ass mangled by o'rin of the water

Ironic shitposting is still shitposting, someone might actually take all of this seriously

I've never found a use for this. Every other combat art does more damage and shurikens close the gap cheaper and faster. Seriously what is this move for?

wtf is charmless I don't remember this at all, only played the game once tho

I used Ichimonji a ton on my first playthrough largely because I was worried about running out of spirit emblems and didn't realize just how much damage some weapon arts do even on empty. In retrospect, mortal draw kind of just solves every problem the default moveset has. Big damage during openings, stuffs enemies attacks the same, still good posture damage, and still deals damage when blocked. Just being able to deal chip damage through block alone is probably the single most valuable trait in the game, and this becomes more and more the case as difficulty goes up and killing through just offensive posture damage becomes harder and harder. In the end, ichimonji ends up remaining valuable as the only offensive way to regain your own posture, and without that it would be pointless to use when you know the better options.

let me guess - you need more?

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Play a second time and you'll find out.

Yes, that's called NG+, not NG.

>actually using the nightjar slash in a decent way

>If you didn't beat the game blindfolded with reversed controls on a Donkey Konga bongo controller, you didn't finish the game

>game is about being Ninja
>faggots get pissy about you not being "honorable" and "cheating"

This meme does not work with Sekiro.

Kino. Nothing more satisfying than sneaking this in while the enemy isn't blocking and watching their vitality vanish.

NG+ in Sekiro is where you do another playthrough with a character that already finished the game. Your progress carries over. NG is clicking the funny button that says NEW GAME in the main menu. Is that simple enough?

I see far more complaints about the anons who supposedly complain about "cheating" and not being "honorable" than actually seeing anons who complain about that.

why the fuck would it ever work
in elden ring I am tarnished, guy on the level of the fucking DESPICABLE DUNG EATER

style points or if you want to spice things up
you start new playthroughs with a new item give it back to kuro at the moonlit tower and the actual game begins

Nightjar slash is fantastic if you use it well, you can make it so Lady Butterfly can never leave the ground.

Nigga I follow isshin's advice, use whatever the fuck you need to win the fight, so you can eat shit for all I care

I just tested it out and you're right. Did they add that in an update? I did 2 more NG runs after reaching NG+3 and I don't remember Kuro giving me the option to return the charm.

>He says, in a thread claiming that using certain techniques is somehow unfair/invalidates the run

>Did they add that in an update
No it's always been there since 1.0
You've just never paid attention

>never found a use for Shadowfall
You kidding? With just the right distance, no enemy can block/deflect the thrust

>he used deflects
You didn't beat the game

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Yeah I think NJ slash and the reversals are the only ones I used the whole game

Poor little lion ape. Sometimes I think maybe Sekiro is the bad guy.

You didn't beat the game.

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>All he wanted was a new gf.

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you didn't beat the game

I thought the fireworks was don't kill the game.

temple arts are the only legit skills in sekiro

Combat arts kind of sucked in this game

>try to debate Sekiro
>instead of addressing the issue he just deflects everything

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It does both and also styling

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>jump over sweep
>launch backwards off the enemy
>blacksmoke fireworks midair
>chasing slice to close gap
>fireworks go off
>ashina cross while they're stunned and vulnerable to extra damage
>grin involuntarily as their posture bar goes from grey to orange in an instant
Nothing better.

Spirit Emblems were probably Sekiro's biggest flaw

Everything using spirit emblems as ammo was the issue imo
Combat arts and ninjutsus using it was fine, but prosthetics too?
Prosthetics should have had a separate ammo of sorts

for all the tools and abilities this game gives you, it always felt quite easy to forget about them, to be honest. i don't remember doing much besides L1 and Mikiri most of the time.

You need to get all the endings of Sekiro to fully beat the game

>limiting one's self
A shinobi would know the difference between honor and victory.

I feel the exact opposite. Prosthetics using emblems makes sense but combat arts? What were they thinking?

You need to play on ng+ charmless and with the demon bell to really feel the pressure to use tools and abilities.

I will never beat the game

Doesn't that make you unable to use tools? Or am I mixing up things?
Been a while since I last played it

Charmless makes you take damage when blocking any attack, which means you're heavily encouraged to parry.

Kino purposes