Name the game, anons

Name the game, anons

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Good visuals and unique gameplay? Gravity Rush maybe?

Escape from Tarkov

For me it's Factorio

>gameplay is unique
>design is unique
and we have a clear cut winner

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Elden Ring

I wouldn't mind tarkov if it wasn't impossible to start playing now. People have been playing for over half a decade, and literally nothing about spawns or the maps changes, so starting now means you are directly competing with these people.

Silent Hill

Breath of the Wild on PC via cemu.

It's RDR2 isn't it?

I just never understood why people liked botw so much. It felt like such a bog standard open world game to me. Go to X, collect Y pig asses, go to Z and turn them in. Except there's only 4 real quests in the entire game for the guardians.

>elden ring
>unique gameplay

>runs perfectly

Destiny 2

i start to think that these "i just never understood..." posts are bots they're that generic and parroted

destiny 2 is very enjoyable to play... until it starts asking to do the same stuff you did over and over and over

>incredible visuals

you have to take into account that average nintenbro hasn't played anything more complex than Mario Party and Wii fit in the past 10 years

For casual gamers, the very good sound+visuals+UI makes the moment to moment gameplay feel good
For core gamers, unlimited physics fuckery allows for deep movement potential
For journos, there's more exposition than any Zelda to date, and the eponymous character herself has a full character arc

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Hollow Knight
I know it’s a good game but i completely lost interest for some reason.

What other open world games existed on the Switch?

Nintensois first open world game, please understand

>n i n t e n d r o n e triggers the spam filter
lmao jannies are pathetic

How bad is root canal, my dentist keeps telling me to get it

I found Prototype incredibly boring even though it looked like it would be a fun game.

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Dentist speaking. You will feel the first 2-3 shots. Thats it. Stop being a pussy.

Just call them nigtentards

Had one (so far), thankfully I didn't feel a thing but there was a lot of 'digging' in the gum through the broken tooth. I don't know what it was about and I never want to know cause I'm sure it's not fun to know. I also was on gas so I mostly didn't care what was happening, I always go for the gas no matter what though. Main thing that it took all lot longer then a standard drilling.

Stop taking advantage of little girls while they're in your chair

Cultural. Phenom.

Kingdom come: Deliverance

man this game was so overhyped and it ended up being a single player MMO


For Honor

100 hours in going slowly and i'm having less fun the more i play

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Loop hero, No man's sky, Disgaea 6, Resident evil village, Animal crossing, Genshin Impact, Cyberpunk 2077, Medieval dinasty, Terraria

Surely you jest. My biggest gripe with it is how easy it's to become overpowered.

Animal crossing is incredibly comfy and then you realise it's a fucking chore.

Pretty much any Neo-Geo game.

What have you been doing it for 100 hours?

half these do not have unique gameplay and don't run perfectly either

Terraria is the only one in your post that fits.

why is dentistry stuck in the 19th century?

if not on console get BCAIC.

It's rough around the edges, but I wouldn't call it a root canal. I'm hoping 2 will improve the gameplay.

Terraria is peak gameplay

Lost Odyssey.

tendies being retarded

Just Cause is the better GTA

shows you how gotten to people are here about nintendo games

>runs perfectly

there's a filter for sony as well

Half Life Alyx

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Red Dead Redemption. Didn’t even try two. I just don’t get it, it’s GTA without civilization. The most fun I had is I think you can play texas holdem in bars?

Thanks, but that's too many changes at once for me, I'd rather pick an choose.
I do like how it rebalances bandits because that's probably the biggest issue for me. If you happen to find a fight between bandits/cumans and guards during your travel then the early game is over.

It fits so perfectly that I think the original comic must be about Death Stranding.

Do it user
Bad teeth can literally kill you. Dental health is important

I want to like it but it's so obvious that the devs don't give the slightest fuck about making a finished game and relying on shill streamers to harvest new customers.
A hard game is one thing but Tarkov is simply unfair. Wouldn't be as much of an issue if not for the tremendous amount of research one has to do to play the game.
>Muh realism
If it's about realism, let me exit and enter the map anywhere I want instead of forcing me to enter the line of fire of some exfil camper or placing spawns 30m away from each other.
Then there are the guys with end game gear against whom you practically have no chance.

How to fix the game:
>Implement interactive map that allows the player and quest giver to place named markers and allows the player to determine their position by looking at 2 landmarks while holding the map.
>Remove post raid healing
>Give player permanent basic loadout with Scav weapon, essential meds, flashlight and chest rig if they enter with nothing on them
>Allow loadouts, which can be auto bought and equipped
>Randomize loot
>Randomize NPC scav positions
>Instead of having 1-3 exit point on the other end of the map, have the edge of the other end of the map be the exit point
>Optimize the fucking game
>Assfuck cheaters
>Fix servers

it's not, you're just a retard

Death Stranding

I like everything about it except the actual fucking gameplay.

As someone who's had multiple root canals, it depends. If everything is normal and the dude pulling your teeth isn't retarded it doesn't hurt, it's just an uncomfortable feeling while they're messing around in your mouth. The most painful part is getting the anaesthetics injected into your gums. If your gums are fucked it can definitely hurt though. Apparently the anaesthetics used don't work well on inflamed tissue so it won't kill the pain entirely. This happened to me and while it's not the medieval torture some people like to pretend it is, it's certainly painful.


so what modern advancements do we have except teeth coloured crowns, anaesthetic (not a dentistry innovation) and better cleanliness standards?

because brushing your teeth and avoiding sugar isn't new and dentists are still ripping teeth out of people's heads