Capkeks will buy this shit regardless of how shit it is kek

capkeks will buy this shit regardless of how shit it is kek

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ummmm so what?

Luke sucks and is gonna be the fourth failed attempt at a new SF hero
(I say fourth because Guile is actually highly popular)

We have not really seen anything yet OP at least wait till the next trailer.

But what if it’s good

The logo and the literally gay art style are already a massive disappointment.

My entire purchase rests on the inclusion, depiction and play style of one woman
>inb4 only the worst possible outcomes
i will give them this one chance. The rest of the game and cast can be whatever, only she matters, and besides, how she looks will inform how the rest of the characters do. This is Capcom's "Tifa reveal" moment.

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>Chun Li
Remember the last time they tried that? It doesn't bode well.

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it will be the first Open World Street Fighter

How is what you posted an attempt at "realism" user? Please explain your conclusion and show your working out.

Literally yes. After SFV's launch I decided to try out all the other fighting game series, but the truth is us SF players will only play SF. No matter how shitty or corrupt Capcom is.

Feels bad to be their slave but I literally can't enjoy any other series.

If SF6 fails to re-awaken interest in the genre, will Project L even have a chance?

Because the reason she looked like that is that Marvel demanded that the characters looked more like their movie counterparts, so more "realistic".

>but the truth is us SF players will only play SF.
I currently play SFV, Tekken 7, Strive and for some reason have picked up DOA6

it looks like an e-sports team logo

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I hope so. Faggots needs to give capcom their money so they make another Monster Hunter Stories

But it's not more realistic at all? So they failed? Do you have a source on your quote where Marvel asked for this "realism" specifically? Because it sounds like they asked for one thing explicitly and you interpreted that to mean another thing all together.

>no Fei Long
>no Zangief
>no Kolin
Who else is out?

Literally 2 seconds in google, dude:

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It's because Capcom makes the best fighting games and SF is the best on top of that. Unironically, Street Fighter carries the FGC.

>we want the bara audience

I stopped caring about SF since SFV. They obviously don't care about their core base and just want to cater to esports and casuals now.

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>09'ers were the TRUE audience
fuck off

So they really failed then because that Chun-li looks no more "realistic" than the SFV one does.

They gonna buy it for $60 on release and in two months the new edition will come out and they gonna buy a $40 upgrade, in another month there gonna be a $20 which capdrones gonna buy too, then Capcome will release the final ultra arcade super edition for $30 with everything include and normal people gonna buy it to play for a week and drop it forever just like with every fighting game ever.

The staff making SF6 is not exactly the same team that worked on V. There's new people on the project and some people gone, Ono being the most obvious and major.

I'm not saying 6 is guaranteed to be good, but the last two patches of SFV are significant improvements on the previous 5 years.

It's nearly identical to the OG logo, a Dota 2 esports team.

This is their old logo, their new one has a redbull logo on it. but it's the same shape.

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Well, of course they failed, that's why the game tanked. The problem is that they're trying to go for a more realistic art style once again.

And the new one.

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they will save street fighter

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I started playing SF5 after a long pause. Ultra Bronze / Silver rank, so obviously I am not a good player.

I will never understand the mentality of people who clearly know how to play game, but are in Bronze on purpose so they can "demolish" noobs in casual matches.

it's amazing to me how much damage SFIV did to Yea Forums. Non-stop seething over the franchise since the game fucking launched, picked up again when V launched, and now there are constant shitposts over a 30 second teaser and a logo.

The series is solid, maybe 6 fucks that up, who knows, we haven't seen the gameplay.

These two somehow were able to salvage Street Fighter V. I don't know how they did it, but it's clear they're passionate about the game.
I'm not digging the new art style of SF6, but I'm pretty sure the gameplay will be solid if they're involved.

>playing 3D fighting games

they are the wowfags of fighting games

>The problem is that they're trying to go for a more realistic art style once again.
I semi-disagree though. Yes the textures are realistic but the proportions look stylised as fuck. Look at SFV and you could argue it's "realism" look at Chun's textures muscles, the skin of her fingers, her hair trying to appear to have individual strands, but it's not true realism is it? I predict SF6 will be more of this.

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That's smurfing and it's a problem everywhere. DBFZ was awful about it, low ranks are full of smurfs and rage quitters with way better win streaks than their ranks imply.

>I will never understand the mentality of people who clearly know how to play game, but are in Bronze on purpose so they can "demolish" noobs in casual matches.
This. They are the biggest coward dickheads that exist. I am just super silver and wanted to get some practice in so i went to player match and met this silver Ken i could not touch and i realised something was up so eventually i grew board of his games and just held forward on him and the guy sits there tea bagging. After i check his CFN profile and he is a silver rank with 98% overall cumulative wins. I just blacklist these players. Complete retards who clearly need the pat on the back with the lowest ranks in the game, must be hard in their own actual rank to come bully the silvers. Hardstuck life i guess.

SFV is good now?
Did they get rid of giant gaping combo windows?
How about not limiting moves to v-skills?
No? Then it's not fixed.

Dude it’s the fgc it’s filled with emotionally vulnerable black nerds with fragile egos. I was laughing when BBCF got rollback and lobbies were filled with Rachel/izanami/Carl cancer. FGChimps cant sandbag

This. Ryu's insane width and Luke's Joker smile got memed on and are far from realism. 6 is going for something of an MMA vibe with that lighting and logo but the splashes of color and exaggerated proportions are what will keep it looking like Street Fighter.

I won't buy it if the girls aren't cute and if they keep adding comeback mechanics
SF games have the worst first iteration of any franchise so if I don't get it on release I can wait until it's $10
Meanwhile we have Strive and KOF to keep us busy

Just like V at launch.
They don't care, as long as its Street Fighter.

>queue up for ranked silver
>some guy dominates me using Ken
>15 minutes later queue up with the same nickname, but he's using Fang now
>does nothing the entire match except one hit, so I won't win with perfect
>realize that he does this to lower his points so he can stay in silver and stomp other people with his main
>wants a rematch
>block him

Yeah, I hate these people too.

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They couldn't upend the game's systems, especially since Season 5 was a last minute thing because of 6 being delayed. V had bad mechanics from launch and the current team just tried to make the characters more interesting around that system and added V-Shift which is a significant improvement to the game's defense and V-meter economy.

V will always be flawed but these changes make me trust the team to make a NEW system in 6 that is good.

It's been half a decade and this game still lives rent free in so many anons heads

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SFV Gill is fun as fuck as of Definitive Patch. If 6 has more characters like him then it'll be good.

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>Did they get rid of giant gaping combo windows?
What do you mean?

Then explain Jedah, Sigma, X, and Zero.

I can't get in to any other fighting game, sorry. I just love facing a close friend and vibrating back and forth and sticking my little footy out sometimes. It simply doesn't get better than that.

the later DLC characters vs the launch roster is night and day in terms of fun shit you can do


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number of frames your input counts to link
SFV's number of frames is triple or higher than any other SF game.

Why do people keep putting Melty Blood in these screenshots? Shit's a party game just like DBFZ
21 is a problem but DBFZ has far more issues. Remember how everyone was complaining about fusions before she released? Remember how they made C specials just be better for some characters? Remember how the game has always been defined by a meta? Remember how matchups don't matter because everything plays the same and everyone is a rushdown? Remember how, again, with everything being defined by the meta you HAD to pick some characters for their assists and that still applies today? Remember how they release a broken DLC then nerf it?
DBFZ is literal trash and has always been a garbage party game

And? Good. Explain to me why the opposite should happen other than it makes autists feel better and superior about themselves for having repeated the same string out in practice for hours and hours until they got the 1 frame link down to do basic shit. Pointless busywork and nothing to do with how you actually play the game. All the time you spend learning and extremely small window of input you could actually be learning the mechanics of the game. Im glad that stupid shit from IV is gone, yes i don't care how good you were at doing it, it's worthless and should have always been dropped.

pick on someone your own size,, capcúck

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SFV probably has more if you count crossplay with PS4/5

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The logo tells me these retards were gonna go the NFT route.

I never praised 1 frame links, you schizo. I hate them too. But SFV does 5 frame links. Some even higher. It's too generous. 2 frames should be enough. Also, stop being proud of being a casual.

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Whobare the other 3

What an idiotic post

Stop pretending to play fighting games

Try 7 frames

I've played them longer than you've been alive, tranny zoomoid.

What would give anyone that idea?

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>smurfing in dysfunctional matchmaking and netcode
do jivers really?

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Yea Forums talking about fighting games is hilarious and disgusting.

>It's too generous. 2 frames should be enough.
Nah, there is a reason SFV is more fun to play and it's because in an online environment you can actually pull of simple combos.
>Also, stop being proud of being a casual.
WOH GUYS DOES HE FIT IN YET? Get a fucking clue kid. Grow up, you aren't hardcore, you aren't some big competitive player and i don't care if 5 frame links hurts the feelings of 0.1% e-sports competitors, im not them, i am me and i play video games for me. Fuck off with that pretend bullshit you are telling yourself. Please don't tell me you come to Yea Forums because you think you are different from "the normalfags", stop buying into retarded false dichotomy.

SFV does not have a 7 frame buffer, what the fuck are you people talking about

>I'm not Yea Forums
>YOU'RE Yea Forums
Take your meds, trannoid.

you are the quintessential Yea Forums clueless fighting game poser.

the absolute state of vappa

You guys keep your SFV. It's designed for zoomers and casuals, just like you.


I mean you made up some retarded shit about 5frames too so why shouldnt he also make up stuff?

...yeah probably, so all I can do is pray it's actually good. Capcom's recovered from fuckups before, I remember New Generation. I remember vanilla MvC3.

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good fuck off, hope 6 is too and you fucking choke about it. Cry for another 10 long years.

vanilla MvC3 was fun though
UMvC3 is simply better but still

I think it's supposed to look like a UFC logo because UFC has become so big.



>poser exposed and fucks off when faced with backlash

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>vanilla MvC3 was fun though
It was but all the stuff we actually wanted they didn't include until Ultimate....less than a year later, expecting us to pay again.
And we all did

Sfv is still better than every modern fighting games everyone who say otherwise suck at real fighting game cope

Capcom enthusiasts didnt buy the bad SF games like 3.

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Only because of them.

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