This is ugly according to Yea Forums

>this is ugly according to Yea Forums

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Reminder MK11 user is a Mexican RWBYfag.

Ugly but alluring

Kinda, yeah

If your character looks like she's on testosterone then yes, that is ugly and not feminine

she's unironically the best looking MK11 female

and the best Sindel has ever looked.
Yea Forums is just afraid of a woman with a better jawline than them, and she doesn't even have a big jawline in the first place.


based. being horrified of someone with better genes than them is the status quo of Yea Forums autists

Literally the only nu-MK woman that Yea Forums agrees she is attractive or even the best one. Wtf are you talking about?

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MK characters always looked like troons, this one here is basically the only exception

Character ruined by futafags

all the worst villians wear purple

>Character improved by futafags

>female character happens to be evil, domineering, or even just physically strong
>free real estate for futatrannies apparently

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she's best MK girl

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They're all pretty fine since MK11. The Injustice 2 characters too.

>this is ugly
your standards have dropped due to (((their))) propaganda

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The problem isn't that her face itself is ugly. It's that she was mo-capped by a model who hasn't genuinely smiled since her uncle took her virginity at 12. Men pick up on yellow flags like those facial expressions and are revulsed

Is this Sindel? To be fair she always looked like a cheap prostitute.

Doesn't look all that bad, considering the current state of western AAA-games. Still, the outfit is tacky, and too much lipstick. A bit too old. I dunno, I think I've been spoiled by anime art. Even in real life people are starting to look ugly as fuck.

Imagine lowering your standards for fictional women.

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mk9 was the last good mk game lets all admit

True, it also had a good story.

i think time travel is kino bro

i want to fuck her nostrils

She's not ugly, but she's not pretty either. For a woman, she has and excessively large jaw line. Which wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for a few other features, like glaringly large nostrils. Weird Square Head shape and fat cheeks which only serve to accentuate her mannish features.


you know you'd be better off just not watching porn you know then again, with the work NYL2 does, i cant blame for not looking away like the faggot that you are

I hate her retcon and it was the last straw for me with nu-MK, so her only worth now is as a nyl model

Absolutely disgusting.
She looks like some 35-year old's bad cosplay, thinking she "still has the looks to pull it off".
Also, the make-up is abhorrent (like most make-up women put on).

i'd disagree with you, but you're not wrong.
>white guys could live their sick power fantasy as stryker
>jax was woke, just another black dude
>mileena, jade, kitana, and skarlet always wore 2 pieces
>raiden actually made sense for a decent amount of time
>old sheeva was better than new sheva
>trannies werent on staff

damn do i miss it Yea Forumsros

>it also had a good story
A certain youtuber is currently foaming at the mouth

>netherrealm gives us a perfectly sexy MILF Sindel with the new MK game
>have high hopes about her model getting the highest quality animated porn along the likes of tifa, mercy, etc.
>degenerate rule34 artists decide to do nothing but attach her amazing body and face to a disgustingly giant futa dick almost everytime
>now everytime she's brought up, she's associated with futa

>mfw I just wanted to see mommy Sindel getting dicked
>mfw I'm the one who's called gay for not wanting to see a big dick on a woman

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dommy mommy

Can't believe they retconned her into a female copy of Shao Khan.

It is by no means pretty. Debatably ugly.

No shit, this place is filled with fat fetish losers with terrible taste

Remember that in doggy position you don't have to look at the face while she fucks your ass.

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I had no idea she was a game character. I thought she was an OC of that one futa artist.

she looks like she eats ass forcefully

Your "high standards" are themselves social constructs by which you're denying yourself pleasure just so you can feel morally superior for doing so. Why not just let your sexual instincts do as they will?

Is she ugly in general? Yes.

Is she ugly by nu-MK standards? No, she's fucking beautiful.

>life is only about pleasure

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White people are ugly, yes

She's literally a swimsuit model lol
>pointy elbows 1/10 wouldn't bang

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Jax lore is too kino considering he worked out and got buff just because he got bullied for being fat when he was younger.

>Life is about fapping only to the prettiest waifus
Maybe life would be a lot more enjoyable if you hadn't conditioned yourself to have an adverse response to objectively pretty good looking women

>objectively pretty

I actually banged a girl that looked like her once, when her hair wasn't down i legit thought she looked like a man.

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Is MK 11 worth it for the single player/playing local with friends? Is the grind for the cosmetics still shit?

>you're denying yourself pleasure
She's not real you dumb nigger, unlike real life I don't need to lower my standards to get laid by some 6/10 goblina. All recent Westoid characters are by default ugly because they try to capture 'realism' and mimic 3dpd goblin deformities. How fucking pathetic you have to be a conformist regarding females from virtual toys, kill yourself.

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unironically a dude with eyeshadow, lipstick and a wig

lol you think you're not the conformist in this scenario

yeah she's not real, so it matters even less, you're not going to pass your genes on through her so why do you have to pretend you're above finding her pretty

The Aloy nontroversy was a psy-op to get you to reject real women

don't care what you fags say she looks pretty to me
would cuddle

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Bro wake up and realize ur an ugly virgin lol

You mean "improved."


deal w/ it

because shes not
get standards redditoid

Well maybe he's not pretending then you fucking retard?

I prefer the superior version that is a woman. Thank you.

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Yeah bro I too prefer massive blocks of unreadable text Yea Forums FTW

New Shiva is absolutely repulsive and disgusting, holy shit! She looks like a fucking man so much. Compared to the MK9 one, it's a complete aberration. It's even less fit.

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Again, all that the left can say and thinks is related to sex. Every single fucking time!

It's just your regular westoid antics except when it comes to vidya they can't make it too obvious.

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He clearly is, if that woman walked up to him in real life and grabbed his dick he'd have no reason not to let her. You've all been socially conditioned by anime to be repulsed by actual women.

Looks a bit like wide brie larson I wonder if that was intended

The only reason I'm talking about sex is because I'm talking to you in your terms. If you don't care, then you don't care. Nothing to complain, then.

>made up scenarios will prove my point.
Go back Leddit.

>*proceeds to call others virgins and posts "have sex chud*
There it is. I spared you from your NPC script.

BUILT for fucking other women with her huge cock


Prove me wrong

Imagine even buying Mortal Kombat games past 9. Couldn't be me.

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and twinky boys*

>Unable to entertain hypotheticals
Mark of a sub 90 iq


>dommy mommies a become a common thing in video games

What a time to be alife

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Why are you fags put off by a hot girl with a strong jawline?
You get the best of both worlds: Good jaw genetics for your kids, a hot body for you to enjoy.

Imagine letting down your descendants like this and leaving them with a soi jaw just because you couldnt deal with a strong jawed woman

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