7 years development

>7 years development
>already forgotten

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It will be forever be in out hearts thanks to McAutist.

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I was in that thread and the stream, that was a fun night

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Randomly dropping USS Liberty references without elaborating and watching them trying to figure out what/why is the funniest shit ever.

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Holy shit why haven't I seen this before

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I don't get it
can you elaborate on your post? you're not seriously comparing a zeppelin to a spaceship carrier are you?

I won't forget The Frontier, not because I played it (which I didn't), but because that was a magical week for Yea Forums. We all united just to shit on the mod and it was fantastic. It seems post-election Yea Forums can still have its good moments.

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I dont think it'll ever be forgotten. Both because of all the cringe and drama surrounding it, and the technical marvel it is for adding competently functioning vehicles to the game by some autistic savant.

The prydwin cant leave the earth's atmosphere user

The vehicles are standalone now but are being hoarded by the popular modder discord clique.

god bless the sneedclave!

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>The vehicles are standalone now
Shit, the standalone version has finally been released? Link?

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Read the rest of the post.

>Discord modders

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i went through it twice

it's shit but i enjoyed it. i kept the unpatched version so i could make america into my slave

>Fallout new vegas mods
>Ncr, The Legion, BoS
Jesus christ, can't these uncreative retards do something original instead of spamming the already overdone factions to death?

I kept the unpatched version for posterity. I'll make sure people will never forget what they tried giving us, and there's legitimately nothing wrong with the default icons. They only deleted them because the guy who made them was into pony porn and was thrown under the bus like a scapegoat despite contributing zero drama to the actual mod.

I played through the Legion campaign while posting screenshots on Yea Forums, shit was so fucking dumb. They talked about Legion being the dialogue heavy route with all the choices and shit and being more grounded compared to the CoD NCR one but the 2nd quest that was "attack a NCR outpost" has you walk outside to find a Enclave android from waiting for you to attack.


Reminder they're still working on it and trying to redo the entire main quest.

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They gave a excuse at the end of February about how half the team is in Ukraine or something so they could quietly cancel that from there.

It’s honestly a shame because there’s so much good to salvage from this mod.
>Good world space with a ton of locations to explore.
>bunch of new weapons, armors, ammo types, food items, and junk
>Some pretty alright side missions
>The really great but buggy unsafe harbor quest.
>Drivable vehicle that don’t suck complete asshole
>Alright radio stations
If they actually had writers that wrote beyond a 5th grade level for the main quests, this mod could have been great

Honestly yeah, the main quest is the worst part of the mod.

>old dev team leaves because they got BTFO by the sneedclave
>just re-stock the dev team with a whole new set of talentless troons anyway
complete dumpsterfire waiting to happen AGAIN

Legion and BOS areb't that bad,make no mistake they are bad just not as NCR bad

Yea you're right. Zu was a coomer but nothing more. I believe he was explicitly stated as being very quiet unless he had a question about the icons he was making.

what a faggot

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Zu has always been that way, he's made a handful of other things for NV outside the Frontier. He was just the first guy anyone could find anything concrete on because he used roughly the same name and avatar pics.

>the vehicles make NV playable in 2022

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How update is the unofficial patch for this? I had mod downloaded since it came out but never bothered with the shitshow until now


kek, what a bitch

How is that a thing? Fuck you, internet.


Those streams and threads during the release and fall of frontier were the best.
Pure comedy gold

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The important question is if they're going to have the crackhead lizard whores or not because I can't see the dev behind it relinquishing their race.

This is my take as well. If you completely ignore the main narrative and just go around shooting shit and exploring its much better. Very fitting for fallout


>. If you completely ignore the main narrative and just go around shooting shit
This is what Fallout 4 apologists continue telling themselves to this day. If that's what you're looking for, why even fucking play Fallout? play borderlads or some other braindead loot and shoot shit. Fuck you.

>/vpol/ kills thread with petty baby drama because they're all baby tourists who don't even know about /l/
>a million and one excuses are made down to imaginary accusations of shilling because /vpol/ can't admit they're a bunch of pearl clutching nannies


I can't watch cringe like this
How do people do it and even laugh about it
I just get fremdschämen

What the fuck happened to new vegas modding that it reached this point

Go to bed, Tyler

Store bought unity assets are a part of the lore, dummy

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I remember that one /pol/tard who made videos on the threads and did nothing but shit on loli


New Vegas Sopranos mod when?!

>[Speech 50] I hear Ginny Sack's getting a 95-pound mole taken off her ass.
>Lupertazzi Family Infamy Gained!

I miss moe.jpg so much bros...

> Quest added
> Ohhhh, Johnny!
Look for clues on who started the jokes and help Johnny Sacrimoni restore his wife's honor

>[Barter 49/60] Again with the money?
>[Failed] Yeah, again with the money. It's settled John, so either name a place or get the fuck over it.
>Quest Failed
>A Little Less Conversation

>did nothing but shit on loli
Sounds hot ngl

Go back to jacking it to scalie porn, shoo shoo.

If they didnt pretend to be serious and "close to cannon" it would probably not be as mocked

yeah he's been around for ages, I think the first thing I saw from him was those spongbob mask replacers for the white gloves back in like 2014/15

Shits so bad I don't even think the e celeb fags who focus on fallout or new vegas defend it, or at least acknowledge the main quests are hot messes.

I have had the misfortune of playing it. The mod has done a really great job of pushing the engine to its limits and incorporating modern AAA features like cutscenes, destructible environments, and (probably the best thing about it) usable vehicles you can drive around the map with working turrets and cannons, and NPCs can use those same vehicles too. Also I'm gonna get some shit for this, but the voice acting isn't that bad, I actually like some of the character voices and hope those actors don't have their careers ruined by this mod.
The actual content though is mediocre. I don't want to bring up the slave girl or the sex bugs like everybody does, the mod has a lot of other bad stuff going for it.
Most NCR quests are just CoD levels, start from a location and move forward, gunning down unending waves of enemies as the script advances events. The very first one is just the training section from Modern Warfare, no joke, and a few others involve riding gunner for a vehicle section.
The Legion quests revolve around killing or gathering NPCs for the Legion cause. It's odd though, because there's no option to begin the mod on the Legion side. You have to get kidnapped by them during the NCR side and be initiated, even if you've been Caesar's right-hand man in New Vegas.
Then there's the BoS Crusaders, which is fucking stupid and not even Bethesda has played them this retarded and out of place in any game. Don't even get me started with the Cthulu magic bullshit either, which has absolutely no place in the Fallout universe.
If you wanted Fallout, this doesn't honor the franchise nor does it adhere to the setting and lore. On top of this, the quests don't allow multiple solutions that New Vegas goes out of its way to hand to the player. Honestly the Frontier could have worked as a AA standalone game, but the problem is that they sold it as a lore-friendly expansion and that will forever tarnish how people see it.

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How would you do it, set it in New Reno and just make each of the families there have stand in's for a sopranos character?

I thought most of the original team left after all the shit happened?

Yea Forums is only at its best now when it's something everyone agrees is shit so there's less likely to be contrarians claiming it's ACKUTUALLY good.

Sure I think most did, but they got more people to join somehow.
I'm pretty sure one of the main writers now is the guy who did the crusader questline and America though. The one who said the speech check to call America a stupid bitch and turn all the crusaders hostile was meant to be a joke about how some players just blindly press the speech option because they think it's the good option automatically (which is true 95% of the time for New Vegas)

>download the unpatched Frontier for lols
>you need to download over 50GB of additional mods to run that thing
Jesus fucking christ

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>not even Bethesda has played them this retarded and out of place in any game.
I was never bothered much about the brotherhood in 3 being more good guys despite still being pricks, I just hated how poorly used the Enclave was. Apparently Autumn wants to use the purifier to bring the region in line without the genocide Eden wants which makes it sound like Autumn should have been a option to side with, but instead he's just a butthurt faggot who constantly tries to kill you even if cooperating would be far more beneficial.

Not even
>Set up simulation chair like they did for operation anchorage/tranquility lane in Fallout 3.
>Your player finds a holotape about a story revolving prolific mobsters
>Loads up tape in simulation chair.
Then the modder
>Uses only the clean prewar assets, clothing, and weapons and constructs a mobster story.
>Since it's a simulation you can set it to any era, 1950's 2000's

>Don't even get me started with the Cthulu magic bullshit either, which has absolutely no place in the Fallout universe.

Yeah I played the mod too and that’s one thing I never see anyone comment on but it’s maybe the most out of place shit in the whole pack.

Yeah the dunwich kinda stuff is sprinkled around but it’s hidden under the surface stuff.

>Bethesda non-canon spinoff games
>Lore friendly

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