New 'Jak just dropped

New 'Jak just dropped

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if mario and banjo had a retarded child with down syndrome, they would name it jak

Jak 1-3 are hundreds of times better than any Mario or Banjo games, don't ever try to delude yourself otherwise

I finished Daxter on PSP yesterday and really enjoyed it so I decided to go back to the first Jak and it's much worse than I remember. It's a pain in the ass wondering around these levels trying to find every little thing and the health system is awful. Daxter is too annoying in the first one, I get that he's supposed to be annoying but he's not even funny or charming, he's just a cunt.


I fucking wish. I want an actual Jak 4 but what even would you do with the plot at this point?

Only the spider cave is a pain in the ass
also how good is Daxter? Never played it

the spaceship battle in the sky at the end of Lost Frontier was cool

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How about they explain what the fuck is the relationship between jak and mar. A game focusing on that wouldn't be bad

Who cares Ratchet and Clank is better

It just feels like a slog, wandering through the level over and over trying to find the 2 things I missed and the combat is shit. Some people hate that Jak 2 brought in guns but to be, it made the combat a lot better.

Daxter is really good for what is it. It definitely exceeds expectations and it looks surprisingly good if you play it on an emulator. Check it out.

Jak IS Mar

A jak 4 exclusive for ps5 would be a very good boost for the ps5. Why the fuck haven't they made one yet?

There would need to be some retcons since they tried to settle every single plot thread in the universe with 3 and also basically turned Jak into god with the light shit.

Jak X: Combat Racing is the 4th game in the story, it has a deep plot and puts Jak and Keira back together like they were meant to be in 3 before her actress died or whatever

Really? I played the games back when I was a kid but Jak X was just something me and my cousin and our friends sat around playing together. Never really did any story related stuff. Might have to check that out.

I would agree for the most part but Jak had that rolling jump that I always thought would be cool to have in Ratchet but they couldn't just copy it and Clank had the heli- and jet pack to make up for it.

Non-canon spinoff

Ratchet is boring as fuck

I love Jak X but it definitely doesn't have deep story. Don't get the PS4 version unless you have a PS5 because it runs terribly and is pretty much unplayable (a PS4 Pro might be ok, I don't know)


Daxter getting sucked up into that water pipe in Jak II

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Technically Jak 2 and 3 are bad open world games and had awful stories outside of a couple of moments in 3, but there’s still something about thoses games that makes them memorable. I think it’s the setting

Doesn't the end of Jak 3 suggest that Jak is Mar and that he built all the precursor stuff? Couldn't Jak 4 be about that?

I think the very last Jak game was about exploring outside Haven city. No idea what the plot was about but apparently it sucked.

>play Jak X pal version
>save game corrupts
>game doesn't recognize memory card anymore
>can't delete corrupted data in memory card
>forced to keep ps2 on all night to finish the game

Good times. Also I still haven't deleted the corrupted data

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Jak 2 and 3 are not good games. 1 is good.

>need a PS5 to play a PS2 game
They technology has declined...

It was made by Naughty Dog and had the same key members working on it just like the previous 3, its canon

>Wake the fuck up faggot. I am not playable until Jak 3

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All jak games are very atmospheric. I used to just walk around Haven City and larp as a civilian and just listen to the music

That never made sense. Mar should have been Jak’s dad and the old dude to be his granoa

At Insomniac didn't have to change the formula each time because some other trends was coming around the corner.

Because it had a different developer, though modern Naughty Dog has last all its so so even they can't make a proper sequel now

I still remember Jak 2 theme in the cities. that game really pissed me off but the sountrack was so good

THE Mar?

New 'Tak just dropped

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Time Travel never makes sense, all logic and reason is thrown out the window as soon as it becomes a plot element in any media, you just have to accept the story for what it is at that point

>Fight him twice
>Survives to both fights and even get the McGuffin in the end
>Get killed by the plot twist villain
>Last thing he says to you is “You will always be my bitch”
The fuck was his problem?

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It's a cool concept they should try again. Like why are the human/Elves stuck in one city? Why can't they colonize outside? Are Metal Heads just that pervasive?

Even Daxter said you shouldn’t think about it in the end of 2

>Doing a 100% run of Jak 1
>Always have to spend an extra 30-60 minutes running around Spider Cave looking for the 2 or 3 precursor orbs I missed

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games really were different back then uh

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Grim. I heard about the autosave glitch before I played it so I took my memory card out and only put it back in to save as suggested and it still corrupted my save. Thankfully it was only the Jak X save anf not the whole memory card.

This is what peak comedy looks like

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Well you can play it on a PS2 or a PC but just don't play it on a PS4.

'jak on the log

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Jak 3 is too easy once you get the homing needle gun. Yeah, it's my fault for using it but still.

imagine being a teen who loved playing jak 1 and then just as you're getting into your edgy years jak 2 drops. It was glorious. I also loved all the collectible shit in jak 3, the new guns, the races and the different vehicles, they really made it work. I absolutely loved the 3 games

daxter came out after jak 3

being too based.

That's Jak II nigga.

based. same thing happened with Kingdom Hearts, what a lucky time to be going through edgy teen phase.

Ashelin was on a whole nother level of fine

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Because, user, the IP is owned by Naughty Dog. Do you really want Jak to get the TloU2 treatment?

i literally forgot, idk how

I know it's never going to happen but I really want a sequel to Jak X. It had some really annoying problems like the cars bouncing and sliding around everywhere but the drift and weapons system was so satisfying. I'm surprised no kart racer has taken the idea of picking what kind of weapon you will get, except for Blur where you could see exactly what the items were.

What are some other PS2 hidden gems?

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Fucking loved this trilogy when I was young, even though I got filtered by the second game (finally managed to 100% it a couple years back)
I felt really sad when you discovered Jak's old household in the city, in the second game, and when Jak found out who his father was in the third game.

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I always recommend Primal and Mark of Kri. Jak wasn't a hidden gem, it was fairly popular

>Replaying Jak X
>The item balancing in the endgame races is so bad you can literally get hit with the blue shell equivalent 5 time in a row within the span of 10 seconds
>Winning is entirely up to whether or not the RNG feels like completely fucking you
Jak X was the first game Neil Druckmann worked on at ND so I'm just going to assume this retarded design decision was his idea.

I hope someone else buys the IP and actually makes a game

Unless you're talking about emulation, then no

Also Pcsx2 just added directx12 and my craptop can actually play all games fullspeed now holy shit