If we release AAA PS5 titles on PS+ tiers, we may need to reduce investment needed for them and quality will deteriorate

>If we release AAA PS5 titles on PS+ tiers, we may need to reduce investment needed for them and quality will deteriorate
wtf bros I thought game pass was the future

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It is. This just means Sony won't be there.

Tldr: Sony is too broke to compete with MS

Pick one

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ayo dis gameplay fire yo

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All I see is.
>We don't have enough money to compete against gamepass.

>balding Jap boomer cope

>It is. This just means Sony won't be there

FPBP. The industry has left Sony behind.

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That means Sony determine porting their many exclusives to PC in the future.

The industry will be healing.

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They need to reduce investment anyways, the entire industry needs to. Microsoft is talking about making CoD bi-annual once their purchase goes through. Major series had zero new installments the entire last console generation. 6+ year development times are normal as are large budgets and having a dev staff made up of hundreds. Then the game needs to sell above 10 million copies to make money. Games as a service is also an unsustainable model because no matter how much you add, people lose interest over time. Halo Infinite is a good example of this. The flip side of indies doesn’t cut it. We need smaller caliber AAA and the return of AA games. Smaller budgets. Smaller teams. Quality is subjective. Even the slower PS360 era output is significantly better than what we see now

>do as i say, not as i do

>talking about investments after paying 4B for Bungo
Old man cleary out of his league competing against microcock

They're already spending way too much money as it is. Quality will be reduced? Most of the goddamn budget goes into marketing.

That game is not even 5% as good as GoW 1-3, or even the PSP spinoff games.

I mean, it makes sense. AAA are investments you make to gamble on a *2+++ return. But when you stream, individual projects don't generate money, you get just what you invest at first and that's it. No multiplicative returns on investment, no long term revenues income.

Game as a service is a great model. Look at Genshin and Fate/Grand Order. Ages older than Halo Infinite, still killing it in revenue.

Cancerous af

Major first party Microsoft stuff isn't even that good, the appeal of game pass is smaller things imo

Cancer aside, it works for some but not for most and not forever. Genshin Impact should not be used as a model for GaaS. Games like that are the exception and not the rule. The industry wouldn’t be able to sustain a bunch of Genshin Impacts all competing with each other.

My answer to games as a service is that piracy is a great model. If I can't own a physical copy of your game and have all of its game modes and aspects without any creation of accounts, any microtransactions and any subscription fees, then you deserve 0 of my money and I will pirate it.

>wtf bros I thought game pass was the future
lol, lmao why would you think this? couldnt have been halo infinite that inspired this confidence

>Most of the goddamn budget goes into paying clickfarms to artificially inflate view counts and likes for prerelease media, and then paying journos to write fluff pieces gushing over just how incredible that social media engagement is
ftfy, that's Sony's current idea of "marketing" for Playstation.

So who buys Sony Interactive?

Amazon, Google or Apple? Facebook and Tencent less likely but possible.

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It's okay when Snoy does it.


so it was idea from the japanese, not from Ryan?

Sooner than later

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This is my major gripe with games. I can appreciate graphical fidelity, but what's more important to me is art direction. But yeah, this push for graphics and rendering all of these assets has inflated budgets to obscene numbers and left programmers forced to crunch 80-100 hours a week.

It's crazy to me to think about because some of the games that seem to be getting the most engagement now or had huge swells of popularity were produced with far less budget and in far less time. Among Us is essentially the board game "Clue" in real time. But the fact that it took someone that long to see if the concept would work in a video game shows me just how much untapped potential there is in using shorter games with high replay value to mine new concepts and respectfully build from existing game mechanics instead of ripping them wholesale.

Think about how explosive game growth was in the 80s in Japan. Some major publishers were cranking out a game every couple months like Namco, SEGA, Taito, Capcom, etc. Exploring with peripheral hardware and genres of gameplay.

based af. I don't have to deal with searching and buying the crappy console.

>I thought gamepass was the future
I play roguelikes on game pass whenever they come out, or xbox exclusives, but its been years since Ive finished a gamepass game and if theres a game that im actually interested in thats on both xbox and ps, im getting it for ps5 every time. The only people who swear by gamepass were never going to use playstation either way

disney so they can have pooderman
screencap this

Indeed. I just read the other that Cedar Fair, the amusement park owner of Cedar Park and Knott’s Berry Farm and several others, is worth about $4 billion. They own and manage several parks and resort properties. Several of the top coasters in the world are in their parks. Now I realize this is an apples to organ eyes comparison, but how the fuck is Bungie worth more than they are? Bungie makes one game and has for the last decade (Destiny 2 is basically the same game minus PS360 support). They only have a couple IPs that they haven’t done shit with in 20+ years. They don’t own Halo. Their talent has mostly moved on or retired. The purchase gives them almost full autonomy including self-publishing rights and multi platform development and release parity. Compared to for how much Square just sold off the Western studios and IPs, Sony got raped

This makes perfect sense. It took a pandemic to make Sony realize that their console may not always be available so people can play the games they want. They could still make money publishing PC ports instead of hoping consumers will just keep buying games for a console they still don't fucking have.

Plus one of the things that drove so much Genshit revenue was anime tiddy and ass. The California-run Playstation is not going to allow that shit in any of their in-house GaaS trash.


>They need to reduce investment anyways, the entire industry needs to.
>Animal Crossing New Horizons
>60% assets from previous games
>small team
>sell 45 million copies in two years.
>Horizon Zero Dawn 2
>estimated cost of 100 million
>near 6 external teams supporting in different area/stage of development
>6 years in making
>undisclosed sales.

Yup, the industry is healing.

We don't need more anti-consumer type of games.

It's Literally Free. What's less anti-consumer than Free?

It doesn't matter how much Bungie worth or how much Destiny makes. The studio was sold for that much because Sony was desperate. They realized making "high quality" single player games is what is actually not sustainable. Sony who always boasted about sales in the PS4 era don't want to release numbers anymore and this is telling. They bought bungie because they have zero experience with multiplayer development and they need that talent if they want to compete with the Microsoft machine which is miles ahead of them for the fight of the mtx money.

I can't wait until there's a proper pushback against this garbage. This shit's worse than cutscenes ever were.

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I want sony to come back to times when they produce good cheap games like the first times of PS1 and PS2. This new sony is fat and not muscle

I'm not a big fan of walky-talky sections myself but I appreciate they they're not trying to pull you out of the gameplay completely.
In and of itself it is fine when used sparingly.

>I can't wait until there's a proper pushback against this garbage.
there won't be

How can it heal, when even PC relies on Sony for new games? Stupid-ass frog poster.

>hold forward while the other characters talk
it's a QTE without prompts and one solution

Sony, unlike Square and every other game company besides Bandai Namco, is actually on the list of jap companies that can't be sold to foreigners without prior approval of the Japanese government.

Sounds like Snoytranny cope that they have again fallen into third place.

Oh no, less over budgeted homosexual movie games. Daaaaaangg

In its entirety or partial? For example, Sony can't cut Bungie off and sell it to Microsoft without government approval? Sounds like a lot of roadblocks to corporate functions.

>when even PC relies on Sony for new games?
Sony relies on PC to sell their games, since nobody is buying shit like Horizon Forbidden Shrek or Returdnal. Sony hasn't released a good game since Bloodborne.

Sony could have bought From Software before they were bought by Japanese publisher Kadokawa


>I feel one of Sony’s biggest software mistakes this generation was passing on publishing Demon’s Souls in North America and Europe.

Absolutely! Tell me about it! 100 percent agree!

In short, that’s what happens to any game. Especially games made in Japan since the majority of them aren’t relevant to markets outside of Japan. There are always processes between product development and marketing in U.S. and Europe. All things considered, it’s part of the issue of making games in Japan. The game development in Japan typically is made horizontally where all assets are made in parallel, so it’s difficult to figure out what the final state of the game is going to be.

The western style game development is typically a vertical slice. So in the very early process, the team tried to create a small piece of the experience that resembles the final product. What happened with Demon’s Souls was until very late in the game’s development, we were not able to play the game through. There were framerate issues and the network was not up and running. We underestimated the quality of the game and to be honest, the media in Japan did the same.

For my personal experience with Demon’s Souls, when it was close to final I spent close to two hours playing it and after two hours I was still standing at the beginning at the game. I said, “This is crap. This is an unbelievably bad game.” So I put it aside.

Luckily, third party publishers, Atlus in North America and Namco in Europe [stepped in], and it really became a great hit outside of Japan.

We definitely dropped the ball from a publishing standpoint, including studio management side. We were not able to see the value of the product we were making.

Any company on earth would be, besides maybe alphabet.


>and quality will deteriorate
is that even possible

>normalfags like normalfag games
what a shock

Their first party games have been mostly shit for 3 gens now only to eventual multiplat ports ended up good

How about Apple?

Is uc4 worth pirating on pc? I never played it or had a ps4

Halo Infinite is a shit.
Forza Horizon 5 is a shit.
They are right, no money = shit generic boring games

Honestly I am thinking of getting a ps5 just for Demon souls and GT7

Xbox so far has no games and their 1st party games fall flat as a rock.
Also wtf is up with forza motorsport only having black people?
That's some crazy bullshit.
Xbox games are nowhere near the quality of Playstation Games, but sony invested way too much on their stupid woke studios who think they're the saviors of humanity.

>quality will deteriorate
As if there's any "quality" left.

>PlayStation PC
>now soulless
PS2/PS3 don’t support Windowshit

I honestly think Sony declining to buy FromSoft and turning down in-house western publishing for DeS was a far bigger blunder than something like Nintendo's widely bemoaned loss of Rareware.

Waiting til Nintendo acquisition of Kojima production.

Funniest thing was that Sony had some of the best studios in making multiplayer games but they shut them down because they werent making as much money as their cinematic single player games.

If they actually just let them make their own thing, they would have released a game that would be a GAAS money printer eventually.

Who's forcing you to spend money? Just save it and wait for something really good.