I have installed ratchet and clank original and PCSX2, now how the fuck do I emulate it, anyone help...

I have installed ratchet and clank original and PCSX2, now how the fuck do I emulate it, anyone help? It's not loading up in BIOS list on pcsx2 at all, im a noob at computers and don't know if I should get a CD and install it on there, the file is invalid or something completely else

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Did you put the bios in the right folder?


>emulatiing Playstation games
fuck off

I've put them in a folder called bios so i guess so. Still refreshing and nothing is coming up, i guess the file is just dead.

jesus christ nigger it's not rocket science
you need to get a PS2 bios file for the emulator to work
you then start pcx2 and click file>choose iso (or whatever)>select ratchet and clank
ratchet and clank is not a bios file. emulator will not run games without a bios

You delete PCSX2 and play the Ratchet and Clank HD Collection on RPCS3 instead.

I figured out how to emulate videogames without consulting Yea Forums. Everything you need has been clearly documented time and time again for years.

Stop being a fucking dipshit.

Delete it and buy a legit copy you filthy pirate

>not emulating playstation games
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Zoomers are too retarded for fucking folders.
Emulators might as well be rocket science to them.

I will pirate 10 games for every single one that you buy.

is it really that hard to open a file through a program?

>you need to get a PS2 bios file
Done, now i need to extract using winrar, i am such a noob
>Zoomers are too retarded for fucking folders.
Yea we zoomers dont even know how to crack games cause we grew up with consoles

I grew up on consoles and I still figured out how to pirate PC games and emulate console games when I was a teenager using a PC with dial up internet

you have the entire Internet at your disposal, you can get several tutorials just by searching youtube.
There's a general on /vg/ but only use that if you can't find the solution elsewhere

Then how come boomers keep insulting zoomers for using RetroArch while at the same time saying it's too difficult to use?

Why do you want to play PS2 jank in 2022, OP?

Bro just get 7zip instead of winrar

>installing ps2 games on pc

It's free

if you have FPS problems move the EE slider to the left and enable MTVU(I think)

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absolute retard OP, delete this post

No idea, never seen that.
Anyway retroarch is an over-designed piece of shit that tries to cram everything into itself (not unlike systemd).
It's UI is designed with zoomer practices and standards which leads to absolutely inane amount of menu diving whenever you need to even trivial things.

Done, but when I click on ratchet and clank this comes up?

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post a full screenshot of the file you are selecting, showing the file extension

>It's free
Ratchet and clank was my favorite ps2 game. I have a PS5 and I would pay 200 if it was on ps store right now for it (Reboot dogshit doesn't count)

you can buy a new ps2 and all copies of ratchet and clank for under 200. are you sure the fact that its free didn't influence your decision at all? asking for a friend

you know /vg/ has a dedicated hacking and emulation general, and you come here to ask an actual vidya question?

don't the R&C games emulate really badly or something?

>start emulator
>run game
wow, so hard

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Takes 5 minutes to set up, and then you can play any game on any core in just a few button presses. Sounds like this zoomie frontend is too much for you to handle, haha...

There are some issues, but they are perfectly playable overall.

What the fuck are you doing?

nice, maybe I'll download them sometime, I've never played them.

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Typical zoomer mindset.

Ok i got it, if youre the user who helped me, thanks, first time im playing this game in yeeears
Cut scenes work well, lemme get my controller and see hows gameplay

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How can someone be this bad at emulation, just fucking google it and look up a YouTube video.

nice work
fuck ratchet and shart. those games aren't worth $0.000001. they should be paying YOU to pirate

I figured this shit out 10 years ago with a YouTube video as a teenager you can do the same

Yours is ironically the zoomer mindset. A mature person has no problem spending 5 minutes setting up something designed to be set up just once. The accumulative time it takes to set up 20 different emulators is much greater.

Great zoomer insult, by the way.


Genuinely, this is a real thing. Outside of computer science modules in university you need to teach them how to use the basics filesystem or risk getting 50 emails asking the dumbest fucking questions, none of them fucking know.

Let me guess, pcsx2 le bad because it just is ok?

Did it get better over the past couple years? Because I remember a few years ago the framerate on emulated r&c games was completely fucked

And you get a subpar experience anyway.
>The accumulative time it takes to set up 20 different emulators is much greater
Why the fuck would anybody need to set up 20 emulators?
Retroarch is solving an imaginary problem, and isn't even good at that.
I think that they've improved the renderer while adding vulkan support.

>Why the fuck would anybody need to set up 20 emulators?
It's just a random number. The point is that setting up individual emulators takes more time. Anger is a typical smoothbrain response.

It got a lot better with the vulkan builds. I don't think OP would've downloaded that version though since you have to do a bit more digging than googling "hey siri best rarxhdd and clank computr enstaller"

While we're here, where the fuck do I go from here? I finished this level, got to the end, but there was just a taxi that takes me to the start. There's no more levels. Now what?

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>setting up individual emulators takes more time
This is a non-argument.
Setting up decent emulator takes basically no time at all.
When using retroarch you get an overall worse experience all for a perceived solution to a non-existent problem.

>And you get a subpar experience anyway.
Objectively wrong. RA has a run ahead feature that eliminates input lag completely.

I've beat this game as a pre-teen with little issues.
How are you having trouble with the third fucking level?

That also sounds like a complete non-fucking-issue.

I'm also playing the Japanese version for language practise. I guess I missed something, idk.

I'm not a native english speaker.

Ok? Why is that relevant?

>Setting up decent emulator takes basically no time at all.
Just like RA, except you do it one time and not once for each emulator you use, and in many cases, manually configure settings for specific games. Universal controller support, shader autism, run-ahead, plug and play every emulator core, working adaptive sync. That's why you use RA.
You're unironically a fucking zoomie, kek.

You've said that you are playing the game in a foreign language to justify your inability to complete a level.

Dude... check your missions in the map menu.

>a bunch of shitty bells and whistles
>That's why you use RA
That's what I've been saying.


Nope, you've been calling it sub-par, when it is, in fact, objectively superior to other emulator solutions. It's a notch above your level of intellect to comprehend, so you seethe. Many such cases.

You have failed to name anything that would make it a superior experience.
Only a bunch of buzzwords.

OP HERE, its lagging so much that i have to put the emulator on turbo mode

>Universal controller support
Self-explanatory, not buzzwords. You can also make separate profiles for each core, or even game. If you have a PS4 or Xbox Elite cotroller, you have many additional buttons you can map for convenience.
>shader autism
Self-explanatory, not buzzwords.
Runs another instance of the emulator ahead to eliminate input latency, often beating real hardware on CRT. Not buzzwords, just, unsurprisingly, a lack of understanding on your part, Zoomie.
>plug and play for every emulator core
Self-explanatory, not buzzwords.
>working adaptive sync
Freesync/g-sync, not buzzwords.

This board is 18+.

It's not worth it dude, you might as well just get a ps2/ps3

>They aren't buzzwords! Why? They just aren't , OK!??

Okay, now you've overstepped and made it too obvious. Try again, zoomie.

press the turbo button on your computer case

Glad you're learning how to do this unlike most idiot zoomers. The world of emulation is really fucking cool. I haven't touched a modern game in years. Retro games are more fun and actually have soul. The last game I played was Willow Arcade.