The absolute state of Metal Sonic

>The absolute state of Metal Sonic
Metal bros…

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No one cares about your shitty fanfic Ian

Yea Forums is a mecha sonic board

Surge is wuv

>Needs backup and trickery just to beat Metal
Sonic's gonna fucking destroy her so bad

>Thread an hour before this one gets filled with angry samefagging from an autist(s) who hates the concept of sonic stories
>This one flies entirely under the radar
This is surprisingly useful information

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I'm gonna FUCK that kemoshota

So this is the true power of partnership, whoa.

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It sucks that they never get brought back, they're such good designs

Classic Ian, makes Metal a jobber and adds in a shallow reference (you're not even good enough to be my fake).
Metal Knuckles is underrated, love those massive claws and jet turbine dreadlocks.

Who goes to fan comics and is like YEAH FUCKING ORIGINAL THE CHARACTER FUCK UP ALL THEM CHARACTERS I REMEMBER YOURE SO COOL! as if everyone is dying to see your shitty recolor spew recycled dialog.

>makes Metal a jobber
He's always been a jobber, all you can ask for is that he wrecks shit before losing, which has been pretty consistent since Heroes
Though literally anything is an improvement from his original appearance

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Sega has decreed that this character is banished to the classic dimension, never to return

I'm fucking glad he hasn't been in modern sonic shit
He would be ruined like metal
that's why I'm making a mecha sonic game that's in the works

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seriously cool dude though.
It's unfortunate he's the designated punching bag.

Mecha is in Sonic Smackdown, weirdly.

Good for you, user

Is there a Sonic character that jobs harder than Metal? Even joke characters like Big and Fang don’t get humiliated on a regular basis as much as this joke, who is meant to be Sonic’s equal.

why is everything - and i mean EVERYTHING -sonic related has this fanfic "quality"?

Because Sonic's entire identity as a series is being cooler than other lowest common denominator shit that its audience is used to, and your brain is hardwired to hate things it perceives as trying to be cool unless you grew up with it
Or because you just don't like it

I haven't followed the IDW comics at all, so why is Metal Sonic getting his ass beat by some green fem Sonic OC thingy?
Also, is IDW even good, or is it as autistic as Archie Sonic was?

>and your brain is hardwired to hate things it perceives as trying to be cool unless you grew up with it
This so much, It applies to other things as well.
>How dare this story try to make me feel sad, angry, happy, etc.
>How dare it try to do a thing as if it were smart.
>I've recognized what the writer is going for and reject it automatically, making me the victor.

Worse because of mandates.

Metal got his ass beat to show off where these new villains shine, so that the audience believes there might be a chance in hell that they can even last five minutes against Sonic, despite the fact that Metal was kicking ass for several pages before this and needed to be surprise attacked by teamwork to be beaten
Here's the cover art for the next issue, to give you an idea of how many new holes Sonic is going to tear into this bitch

And NOTHING will ever be as autistic as archie was, between Sega mandates, not being saddled with years of Penders continuity, and not having to use characters that were designed in the 90's and look like looney tunes rejects, we will never see anything like that again, thank fuck

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>Had to get 2vs1 to lose
This is technically a win for Metal Sonic. Surge was getting wrecked before she got saved.

Yeah, I just wish he was as much of a threat as he was in the ova. He's supposed to be Eggman's greatest creation, a killing machine capable of matching Sonic's speed and loaded with weapons. It sucks seeing him not be much of a threat.
That's genuinely good to hear, best of luck with it!
Because Sonic fans are pretty intense, and almost everyone involved with the comics have been fans since childhood.
They'll be doing a storytime of the entire series on Yea Forums early month so you can judge for yourself.

nobody cares about sonic comics

>It sucks seeing him not be much of a threat.
It's hard to make him a threat when he's been so outclassed over the years by power creep, even by his own forms
Though to be fair, he does get to be a pretty solid threat on the rare occasion that he takes center stage as a big bad and not just being one of many tools for Eggman


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Making him into some fucking wizard has always been such a weird choice to me, never liked it
Like I get that it technically makes sense thematically with what he was doing in that game, but goddamn, they didn't even need to give him a new design at all

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>metal jobber
Nobody is going to take your personalityless robot seriously after he got BTFO’d by a literal deviantart OC KEK

What the fuck happened to metal sonic bros?
>Used to be cold, smart, and was his own machine. Feared by most as a deadly robot that can go toe to toe with sonic and had cool ass transformations in his early years.
>Now is he now just an extension of eggman (IDW shit actually did this), jobs to a literal who, and doesn't do anything cool anymore.
>JOBS to fucking wisps
Fuck modern SEGA

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It's retarded when you consider that he never even fought anything in that new form but just became a kaiju for his fight.

Ha. Is IDW a good place to start when reading Sonic comics.
Metal Knuckles deserves better.
And it seemed like people forget that Tails Doll is literally just a doll, with the only robotic part being the red thing on top of his head.

Yeah, if anything Metal should've been upgraded to remain a serious threat to Sonic. I'd also like to see Eggman give him more latitude on how he can destroy Sonic. He hasn't really felt sentient since Heroes.
He really should be Eggman's henchman, not his tool. He should also be able to talk again.


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All you need to know is game lore nothing else


desu, Shadow
What's the point of having a rival copy that only a minority really loves when you can have a rival copy that is one of the most popular characters in the series and loved by edgy teens all over?
Metal couldn't serve a purpose after the 90s. And when they did try to give him something in Heroes it was trash

Hell the fact that they gave Shadow his own spinoff and relegated Metal to this atrocity speaks levels on its own

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>Is IDW a good place to start when reading Sonic comics.
This isn't like capeshit runs user, there aren't a million different stories in different continuities by different authors, these are continuous serialized stories that run until someone fucks up or the company goes under
It's either IDW or the two and a half decades of archie comics, pick your poison

The mandates are a necessary evil to prevent another Pendering.

Ye, they got rid of all the Archie shit and pretty much does its own thing and it's not bad

>He should be able to ta-
Stopped reading right there
Why the FUCK should he talk when he himself is the opposite of sonic
Sonic is:
>Very charismatic
>Has an attitude
>Always friendly to others
>Always willing to help out those in need including total strangers
While metal sonic is:
>Doesn't listen to anyone except Robitnik
>No reason to talk since he is the most powerful in the whole badniks army
>No reason to team up with other badniks
>Obsessed with winning against sonic
Other than the design they are really solar opposites outside of speed and some characteristics he tries to copy.
The only thing good that came out of this was his theme in that shit game

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Penders only happened because Archie was retarded and Sega didn't care enough to fight it in court, not because of anything that was in the story
The only thing Sega's changed because of that is that they'll immediately copyright any named character, even background characters that don't have official names

I'm actually shocked the trash Modern writers didn't try to give Metal a metallic Roger voice and do shitty quips along with Orbot and Cubot

>One of the worst Sonic games ever shat out
>Has the best Metal Sonic theme next to Never Let It Go
How did they do it, bros?

Will his references ever not feel forced as hell. The one major problem with his writing could be so easy to fix.

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Okay cool, was kinda worried that she just beat Metal Sonic alone because the writer had to have an all powerful green Sonic OC that beat series mainstays because why not. Here's hoping Sonic kicks her ass.

And holy fuck yeah, I never read the Archie comics myself, but I have done some research and watched some videos of it, and the direction it went was fucking hilarious thing to read. Especially the Ken Penders things, so good move to just reboot everything, but the mandates fucking suck, even if I understand why Sega would put those in place

Based never let go enjoyer
>mfw 1:27

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How can we fix Metal?

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Sonic Movie 3
replaces finalhazard
people give a shit about Metal again

People want him to be a big dick threat, but I just don't think that's possible while keeping him underneath Eggman, and without killing him at the end of the story
You can have one or the other, but not both

>Update his design, not in a Neo Metal way, just small changes to reflect the current games
>Don't make him the main villain, he can't hold a game without shit getting memey. Keep him as Eggman's right hand
>No more races. The race was gdlk in CD. It stopped being gdlk every time they brought it back. Forces was trash but at least they changed it up, Mania too sorta.
>No talking, keep him as a cold ruthless robot to contrast with Sonic
It's not that hard Sega

Metal is the Bejita of Sonic

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Mania did it right, He should be the half way/second to last boss that is bigger than the other bosses so far to let you know he's the shit

Metal doesn't kneel though?

sex with surge

I agree he should be cold, but he should also be cocky like Sonic. He's the greatest machine ever built and would want everyone to know how superior he is. Even in CD he was waggling his finger to taunt Sonic like Sonic himself does. I like the idea of him talking in a cold, aloof, menacing way that gets under Sonic's skin.

Do the Brotherhood of Metallix story.

Ehh i liked Heroes Metal (dragon form was retarded tho) when he went full schizo

That's literally Shadow. Metal never turns good.

>Shadow is permanently cell saga Vegeta, existing to be a dick and then job
>Metal is saiyan saga Vegeta, brought out of the closet every few years to be a side villain and then job, occasionally taking center stage as a villain to relive the glory days, just to get shit on anyway

The only thing more pathetic than playing modern Sonic is reading this official fanfiction

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Shouldnt sonic and knuckles be dead from this with their faces torn off

Is nu sonic comic worth reading? I use to like the Archie comics as a kid



So Sonic has his own Sylvanas now? cool

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To make him a obedient robot, cmon remember when he betray eggman?


The only completed story arc is the Metal Virus arc, so I hope you really like the Zetis from Lost World.

The comics are just fine, but they take forever to release and as a result story arcs just never finish for a good while.

If you liked archie, then this easily clears that bar
It's just not a very high bar

Make him an actual threat in his base form to
That's what makes him lame now
He can't just do his own thing from time to time?

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God sonic is so fucking autistic.

Can you rephrase that to be understood by people who are gay autistic and not neckbeard autistic

Every sonic character created after the Chaotix is pure autism with some exceptions (Gamma)

plot armor