Furry fandom

>Furry fandom
>Shovel 1000s of $$$ for coomer fanart of OCs
>Cant fund a single big furry game

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Cause only like 1 out of every 100 furries is rich. Most fall into the standard socioeconomic statuses user

games are art, and art requires a soul which furniggers lack

Possessing the ability to draw big buff werewolves does not equal ability to make vidya gayme. It requires an entire different set of skills to accomplish and some people don't demand much to get their rocks off. A mod that adds furry babes is enough for them.

There some in development but like most indie games they progress at a snail's pace because its a solo dev and maybe a artist.

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furries are driven by short term dopamine release, making a game takes a long time

Furries are too disorganized to work together on a large project, herding cats isn't even an apt metaphor as furfags have even shorter an attention span and larger feelings of entitlement

Artist are better off making avatars for VRchat than building a whole game.

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Because most coomer furry games are Patreon shit that charges $30 monthly fees for maybe 500 words of fapbait.
So most furries just shell out money for OC artwork to get their immediate fix without waiting forever for fuckall.


CC2 making trash like Tail Concerto and Fuga
>k-k-emono is n-not furry

Wait why are the Monster Inc guys spraying Jolteon instead of attacking the actual human to their right?

>trash like Tail Concerto
What do you mean by trash? Tail Concerto was fun!
...although it does get awkward when the only other fans of the game you run into are all furries.

It was the most boring game I have ever played

anthro MUST be vanquished
t. ghostbusters

I'm sure even in the world of monsters there's racism(Speciesism?)

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is this your fur suit?

No its just a funny picture I saw on Twitter

i...is thier human genetic material on it?


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1,1,1 chad reporting in

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do you date this people ? are you a furry?

i recognize that fursuit :3

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full on anthro women or bust

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>do you date this people
>Are you a furry

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real anthropomorphic woman arent real
fursuit is all you got

both the bottom ones are incorrect she should have 6 tits

Anthro women ARE REAL and they are hiding undergorund come 11/11/2022 they will appear and give me a wife

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nobody played Tail Concerto

how nice are furry woman?
im lonely
and I want to date someone
some one friedly
:c and cute

feralfags get 100% roped.

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do you actually belive this

Anthro mares for me.

Pricing model on fetish games is endless beta releases on Patreon, never anything complete.

I think you want a human gf.
Your "anthro waifu" already acts like a human.
Just get a fursuit already dude.

im marking my calendar user and it will be you who will be answering if this does not happen

rack / cloud meadow come to mind
god told me it'd happen
trust the plan -q

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Well there's this.

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I feel bad for you
and I hope you dont kill your self
I hope you have a good day

>>Shovel 1000s of $$$ for coomer fanart of OCs
>>Cant fund a single big furry game
I am not a furry myself. I can jerk off to it if it's high quality, but it's generally not my thing.
But it always upset me to see furries spend absolutely insane amounts of money on absolute trash tier art. If you just took a small handful of these high spender furries and directed their funds towards legitimate Japanese eroge studios, and they could (and would) develop genuine top of the line eroge. But instead they fund early 00s deviant art / how to draw anime tier garbage.

I get that they're furries. But does being a furry really mean that you can't have standards? Why don't they spend their money better?

Without an anthro gf [big and fluffy] i will end it all
in heaven god will grant me a furgf

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>Plane crashes through the roof every 10 seconds

do you even belive in God?

That’s a complicated question. It depends on what you mean by “God”

I believe in whatever gives me pic rel

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Fuck off Xavier. Either you're Catholic or cringe.

It helps no one to be reductive. I believe that “that we are here” implies — to some degree — that there are forces larger than us.

Guys, look for Furrier on f95 and download both harem minigames (fluffy and fox).

A man who can be bought deserves nothing

If God existed we would have anthros living amongst us, we wouldn't just have to fantasise about it.

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I deserve an anthro gf and children

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If God didn't exist, concepts of goodness and beauty such as anthros wouldn't exist.

Most furry women are fat, ugly, and mentally ill

I am a furry and I can confirm this.

What good are they, if it just makes us suffer in the end?

We don't deserve them such as we are.

most attractive woman i've ever dated was a furry. severely mentally ill though and isolated me from other people.

also regularly gets cheated on by 3/10s, based imo

I love these idiots. Especially the hat.

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You can easily get a commission that caters specifically to your fucked up tastes, because you're the only one paying for it: if many furries were to fund a game together, they'd need to compromise on questions such as "do we add a quest that lets you seduce an actual dog?", and that's one of the tamest examples I can think of.
Generally speaking, furfags work best in solitary activities such as drawfaggotry and writefaggotry, small single-dev games like MonsterMind are feasible but anything bigger is a clusterfuck.
And yes, group commissions exist and often turn into shitshows where one guy tries to strongarm the others into paying his share.

As with any niche community most of the members are on the spectrum and out of shape. The exceptions stand out.

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i Just want someone whoes nice and cuddly thats all
why is that so hard

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It's the rule of law.

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You'd have to have a LOT of people interested in the setting, and they can't even agree on what's the best way their legs should work.

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those are all acceptable.
furries are retarded

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