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You must be trolling

Why are people so obsessed with remakes? The original looks fine.

Both the middle and right look like garbage.

If it's so fine, why the fuck can't I simply just buy it on modern consoles? Answer me that you pile of garbage.

Right looks like a pain to animate

i like the one on the right

Because Square Enix doesn't want to release it on consoles.

Every thing jrpg remakes/remasteres need is a voicedub, some fixed designs and the option to turn off randomencounters.
Just do it like tri ace with star ocean 2, or bandai with tales of hearts/innocence R.
How can they be so incapable?

What did fans do to deserve anything?

because it hasn't been ported you spaz, emulate it if you care enough to bitch about it

People really thought it was going to be more than a slight pixel upscaling? Did you not see the Secret of Mana remake?

if you have a shitbox pc from 1999 you can probably emulate it just fine, you can run it on your phone

Right could work if everything else is similarly beefed up in terms of visual quality.
I don't like it, but it could work if done well. Or at least done in Toriyama's art style like with Dragon Warrior.

you can literally emulate it from your phone you faggot
>inb4 muh piracy bad!!

bro is that the NEW square enix NFT™?

Because you're a fucking zoomer faggot that didn't grow up with a SNES and deserve to be exterminated.

What console are you supposed to play this on?
I heard the PS1 port wasn't very good in terms of loading times.


piracy is objectively bad



Okay, I'll get it on SNES.

>ban pirates
>most pirates stop playing games since they can't afford them
>pirates now partake in different subcultures with less cost per value, which now compete with games for staying power
woooow, well done

its just pixels shit thats the easiest thing to work on thats why theres so many pixel mess games because they dont require effort

>can't spell MC's name
Some fan.

Weird. You said pixels but then talked about 3D which is mostly copy paste while pixels need the actual frame by frame animations.

I work for a game company who has 2D and 3D games. I know how much easier 3D is to work with and why the big companies use it.

To save time and money because they're greedy soulless fuckers, that's why.

does being stupid make life easier or harder?

If you're gonna throw a shit fit over someone paying nothing when you have people paying fractions of pennies via bundles, then you're a dumbass.

>pixel games are easiest thing to animate
>don't require effort
Hello dumbass who's obviously never tried animating before.

zoomers don't care about gaming, they want youtubers making REACTIONS and MEMES, so old is good because it's part of the past culture, and reactions only work on NEW things.

The problem is you can never do it "right" if they would have gone with the right faggots would have complained its too different from the original

Square doesn't own chrono trigger so they can't remake it.

Enix part of Squenix has ENORMOUS amount of experience working with making Toriyama designs.
We get this shit instead.
What the fuck?
No really, what the fuck?
Why is squenix such a shitty fucking company?
Why do they just keep ruining everything they touch?

stay being a cuck then

You can play the worse version of the games then, i gonna play the better version


> different subcultures with less cost per value, which now compete with games for staying power
Raw sex and drugs?

>expecting SE to train up a whole bunch of high quality pixel artists from scratch
Should count your blessings you got upscales instead of C-tier 3D models for a 2.5D remake.

No one is throwing a "shit fit" but you, insecure retard.

>Raw sex and drugs?
Sorry I thought we were talking about gaming and not things you'll never experience.

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Chrono Trigger has to be the most overrated game of all time, both in quality and importance

Just get the dudes who work on Brave Exvius or whatever.

Sounds like an awfull lot of projection, ngl.

>"he has a different opinion from me, must be insecure and retarded"

Go back, faggot.

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To where? Your favourite website? Sorry, not interested.

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It is overrated but it's overrated for a good reason.
Few rpgs before and surprisingly few after have legit reactions to your actions that branch out the timelines. You get it more often in indie freeware titles, but the closest I've seen in terms of big name studios was Radiant Historia.
There's also the constant hope and promise of incredible remakes that fall flat or get nuked by SE so there's a lot of bitterness involved there too. Didn't help that the Arena in DS was outmatched by a Coliseum romhack by fans produced years before the DS game came out.
So because of that the idea of a 'proper' remake is overhyped.

>what fans deserve

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the square you grew up with is no more
let it go

>Few rpgs before and surprisingly few after have legit reactions to your actions that branch out the timelines.
But CT isn't anything like that
It's an extremely linear game
The different "endings" are simply determined by what point you decide to kill the final boss and like half of them are joke endings
I don't even remember if you can get any ending other than the normal one in your first playthrough

This. Nobody cares about chrono trigger. Xenogears needs a no-randomencounter remake instead

> greedy chinks misreport sales numbers to steal cash
waaaaah it's the gay-murrs! yarrr they be piratin' mah booty!

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Chrono Trigger is the most overhyped game of the SNES.

Voicedubs are one of the single best things happening to jrpgs, faggot.
You wouldnt know since you dont even play them

Things are affected by your choices. It's just not completely different timelines.
Most shit is minor like when you open a chest or if you give an NPC money and then visit his family generations down the line.
As for the endings most are the same but vary based on when you fight Lavos but it also changes whether you crash the Epoch into it, if Chrono is or isn't in your party, whether you killed Magus...

>It's linear because it's not linear ok?
Mouth breathing retard

It's sad how tertiaries literally think "pirates" are part of some sort of social media, like reddit or twitter.

objectively you can suck my dick