What does Yea Forums think about the greatest roguelike of all time?

What does Yea Forums think about the greatest roguelike of all time?

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i think it's the greatest roguelike of all time

someone else is gonna say DCSS though.

I'm too stupid for this game.
Too many abilities. Too many stats. Too many bullshit enemies.

DCSS is the fundamental beginner rougelike. It’s good but not even near the top.

just take your time and don't feel the need to understand everything immediately.

qud is more confusing by far to me

actually i forgot ADOM which is even more inconvenient and confusing.

but yeah TOME is a game you could have thousands and thousands of hours in, like ten thousand for certain types of people. so just take your time and read the lore because it's actually really good.

if it's still too confusing play dungeonmans or even golden krone hotel. those are so simple you'll be running back to tome (they're still good just really simple)

What's a good beginner race/class combo?

Generic name aside.

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Tales of Maj Dick

Tell me about dungeonmans, no one talks about it

Go with Archmage, pick one school, fire for example and level nukes each time you level up. Later add blink, add "eye" to check corners. Archmage is actually so strong he is the best class to play on madness.

cornac berserker is pretty fuckin basic

dwarf berserker carried me to victory in grug mode, most important thing was to get infusions to remove disabling effects

it's funny, it's got good music, it's simple, but not extremely simple,

it's mostly known as the funny roguelike, and actually funny to most people instead of "tries to be"

it's good

It's amazing to me that the same tard is shilling tome after all these years.

don't know who the fuck you're talking about, I just like it and want to talk about it with Yea Forums
now fuck off you ret free nigger


This is just a shitty turn based diablo with autistic fanfic tier lore dumps.

I prefer Qud despite being made by trannies

yeah tome is great

DCSS is pretty good

>pic not related

*was good.
See you in ten months where they remove spellbooks for being "redundant" and you can only pick your magic during class selection.

Only if its Kimchi

Shut up, removing bloat and exploits is good.

>How dare you complain they remove fun things that don't help my speedtranny epeen
Absolutely lmao

Dwarf Bulwark or Berserker for sure.

Something the game doesn't really tell you it is how turns work, because its not just simple "everything anyone does is 1 turn". Some stuff is 0% of a turn aka a free action, some stuff is 50% of a turn etc. Free actions are super strong, the Prodigy thing for a free leap is super good for Berserker.

i'm kind of a shitter in this game, but as soon as i picked up Necromancer and went Lich i won the game i was pretty much unkillable.

I prefer ADoM but this is pretty great. I've got close to 1k hours.
It was until they dumed it down too much, now it's just OK.

i think it's great

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>1700+ achievements

Elona plus is the best, dear user. You posted the wrong picture, but Kumiromi forgives you

Most of them are the same thing copied across four difficulty and three permanent settings.

Fucking autocorrect

Pretty fun, but I haven't played it in years. Last time I remember I got killed by worms in the desert cave and never got it running again

Is there a way to play that crap without the old kb shortcut system

Omake Overhaul is better. That's the one the Japs play and still post in Yewtube and Nitter.

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I want to play it but the 768 resolution looks fucking awful on my display because no integer scaling on video cards older than 16## series XD also my monitor is 1440p anyways so it wouldn't even integer scale properly I guess so fuck me.

that and my numpad isn't compatible with it somehow so I have to buy an external separate numpad.

I play Elona on a 2012 laptop without Numpad. You can use the Z button and add hot keys for Magic or Special action or Tools with number rows.

Anyone else like playing Oozemancer? Just got a win with one a month ago, and I was surprised at just how tanky I was.

Will they ever fix the 1% problem

Bump, don't let this die

Never played it.
Tell me about the game, what''s good about it?

I always say that people should play the original Rogue or Epyx Rogue as a started since it's so basic. Then move on to one of those 2.

i've been playing a little bit. getting the feeling that trying to play pokemon and relying on the alchemist golem or the summoner's pets for all my damage won't get me far

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Are the DLCs worth it?


Traditional roguelike with more modern game design choices, you can pick it up for free from te4.org
For Alch at least, I found it better to use the golem as a meatshield while my bombs did damage.
>I haven't played enough of the Ashes classes to give an opinion
>Embers gives you the most bang for your buck, but you may get annoyed at the guns and saws clogging up the item pool
>Cults should be a little cheaper, but gives good classes and content.

>you can pick it up for free from te4.org
Well shit, thank you very much user.
Are there mods for this? Anything I should download as a first time player?

DCSS is the king baby

t. to be honest I only played DCSS but why move from perfection?

It's perfectly functional without any add-ons, although after a couple runs you may want an add-on to choose escorts.

I've only played elona custom actuslly (based on plus, almost fully traslated and useless thirst mechanic removed/hunger nerfed)
What's new on that version? Any good

You can use sync-achievements function to unlock achievements you already have on lower difficulty than you have.

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>last update was June 2021
is game kill

Is this steam deck? Look kinda weird.


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You're going to need more space for buttons.

Magic wrecks all my adventurers eventually. Magic and bullshit elites that posions for 300-400 hp a turn.

Also some NPCs are hostile to me immediately for reasons not known to me. I still haven't gotten the brawler class because the arena goblin keeps trying to kill me instead of initiating the quest to win the arena fights.

It's alright, but after playing through the same parts of the game in basically the same order ~50 times, it just gets really stale. Woups, you walked into a room with an enemy you couldn't possibly know would fuck you up, and the door back disappeared, so now you have to play through the exact same stuff again just to go somewhere else.

if I could kill the gay furry OC's I'd play it
Or join the badass Templars but the only way is a 2 year old outdated mod

>Also some NPCs are hostile to me immediately for reasons not known to me.
There are NPC factions ingame, some are hostile to anyone, some hunt mages etc.

Omake has like 1/5th the translation of Custom+C+G. It also has a lot less early/mid game content, it more just expands the powercreep. Less monsters, less effects, less items, less quests (early/mid game) but there's more plot/story stuff later on, though its all in runes

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wait, this te4.org
is it the full game? What's the catch? I don't understand it. Why is it being sold on steam and free here?
Does the steam version have like, achievements and more content?

That much I'm aware of. Like the anti-magic Ziggurats and stuff don't like you if you have arcane gear or practices magic. Don't know why the Arena goblin won't talk to me at all though

I never gave this game the time of day, I own it, but it looks to smart for me. I'll give it a go

IIRC free version and steam version are exactly the same.
steam version just has cloud sync and you can transfer items between characters


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Really? Huh. I figured there'd be a catch
I'll just try the free version and if I like it and the game is like $10 or something on steam I'll buy it there for convenience
The devs literally nerf anything that is fun, force they homo furry OC's into the plotline and make them unkillable, make the only faction of not degenerative transformative furry freaks into the super evil star wars empire nazis that you can't interact with, and they also hate 90% of their playerbase no matter what.
Sorry but that game isn't even worth a pirate.

Steam version gives you the perks you normally have to donate to get, including an unlimited lives mode (if you're a bitch), a new class (Possessor), and the ability to bank items to transfer them (for when that weapon would be perfect for another class).