Friday Night’ Funkin

The new opponent for the new week has been shown.
How are we feeling about him?

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don't play the game
he looks like he came out of a gorillaz video though

Is that etika

He looks pretty cool especially his shoes, hope the new week is good.


Darnel is cool I guess. Woulda taken P-Bot though

this fad game is still going?


Yes user the widespread attention for any fad generally dies down eventually, leaving a smaller but more dedicated fanbase behind. This happens all the time.

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Where's Alien Hominid ?




The guy who made the Yea Forums mod is an ESL.

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>actually does something cool/finishes it
as expected

Play Etterna instead.

I'll play both, now what

>pico but nigger

I heard he was French.

I have no interest in almost any music pack I come across. So much of it is weebshit.

It works desu

underage b&


are there any worthwhile mods to look towards to?
i'm not confident sonic.exe 3.0 will be good given the shit i've heard about it


No Hank, no play.

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nice to see the old pico crew get something of a comeback

>hair looks way too over-rendered
>the sprite overall just looks way too tryhard
>this is what 2 mil went to
Is it darnell because literally nearly every other newgrounds char got a fan made week that would BTFO niggermuffin's crew if they even tried?

First of all, no its not because of the shitty mods being made, It's a side story that sets up week 8.
And Darnell isn't week 8.

>gets leaked
>someone makes a fan made mod
>devs have to compete with fans who work 50x faster then they do
The original devs should just give up at this point.

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This doesn’t even include half of the things that Darnell’s is going to have, nor do any of the fake sprites look good.

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Just play the mod bro.

>literally nearly every other newgrounds char got a fan made week that would BTFO niggermuffin's
Like what?
>and uhhhhhh
Mod makers are incompetent children, who don't even go on newgrounds.

How hard is it take all the actual work that they didn't make "Sprites, Background, and songs" and make a build


why does he have super saiyan 3 "eyebrows"
it makes him look so ugly especially when he looked fine as a BG character in week 5

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FNF songs would be infinitely better if you remove BF's vocals

I don't mind them but too many mod creators forget that they can make their own fucking player character with their own unique vocals.

>t.The dad

>super saiyan 3 "eyebrows"

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I love this funky whore

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Will his 5 years to live finally run out?

that gamecube looks a bit weird

This is a Pico game now.

Black people look terrible in this art style (just like real life).

That hurt my feelings bro.


This better?

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Beebo the Cat with Facial Hair who smokes when?

Imagine having donated to this shit
Now go back to your containment general

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I donated 150, poorfag.

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she really is just a knock GC-tan, surprised it hasn't been brought up sooner

is this a tech deck dude

Any cool mods come out within the last month or so? I was getting sick of exeshit so I dipped for a while.

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>still no hank
2 millions

Hank is special so he deserves more time to make his week perfect.
I believe they also have krinkels on the team.

funk mix deluxe got a pretty good expansion with exeshit

you can admit you're one of the FNF crew my nigga
Yea Forums already knows
your game remains pretty shit

I thought the team was the main four with some new programmers here and there. I just hope they get Cheshyre Fleetwire never ever for Hank's week.

Mostly just remix mod sludge and Hotline

Kawai said most of his guest composers are from newgrounds so It's a high possibility.