How would you react in this situation?

how would you react in this situation?

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>As a friend, right?

ask her why her sprite and her 3D model have different clothes

Turn 360 degrees and walk away

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Probably cry. I dread hearing anything like that or even being gently touched by a woman.

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See how touchy she is fine to get at the moment.

Not believe her.
Ask why.
Push her away.
Regret it years later.

Grab her penis.



>"I love you."

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Only acceptable answer

So you're ready to start gaining then?

Nobody can love me. Not even me. I am a genuinely unlikeable person, in personality. Nothing about me is worth hanging around with, and all the nice sides of me are just facades, I honestly am diagusting and I hate it

You deserve better. You might not get it from other people but the least you can do is be better to yourself.

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>how would you react in this situation?
And I love you too...! And all you guys!

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>sorry, im not into dudes, dude

I’m not gay


*unzips duck*

Do that again but this time be Rise

Thanks bro. Can you introduce me to Rise?

I would lean in and whisper in her ear 'your portrait does not match your world model '.

lol faggot

Yet you posted an image of a 2d woman, how curious.

I don't remember asking

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yes 360... directly into her and pound rapidly

*unzips dick*

“Thanks, you too”
Then we have passionate gay sex right there because that’s a man

lift bangs, lick that giant eye gap

because it's a mobile game with no budget

Same as always. I wake up.

That's borderline loli from some eroge
But people are contradictory by nature, any armchair psychologist could parse that he fills the void with fictional girls and his imagination, because plenty of pathetic faggots do the same thing.

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but then you'd be facing the same direction....

became so jaded I dont even feel anything from threads like these anymore
Its weird to think so many people are just destined to be alone and you are one of them

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*and moonwalk away

>"A horrible decision, really"

Invite her to dinner then fuck ;)

Based risebros
Shes canon best girl

immediately ghost her


Immediately kill myself in front of her.

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Run away, unironically. Women scare me, I do not deserve happiness, and I am ugly.

happiness isnt for me, i must suffer as i have been my whole life so it wont happen to me and thus i do not think about it

Faint and wakeup under the shades of naoto's boobies and pray for every god

Tell her that I'm saving myself for Nanako.
Would also recommend that she gets with Kanji.

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No. You will find happiness user.


>Would also recommend that she gets with Kanji
If Kanji can't bring himself to talk to her about it and Naoto shows no sign of interest then perhaps it's just not meant to happen. Naoto gets with (You) without even thinking about the poor schmuck.

>m-me too

Have sex in all conceivable positions until pregnancy is confirmed.

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>until pregnancy is confirmed
I'm not stopping there.

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Once she's pregnant I will refuse to have sex with her. The plan is that she will get so desperate that once the baby is born she'll want nothing more than my cock, at which point I will cum inside her over and over until she is once again pregnant.

damn that face is fucked up

>Naoto shows no sign of interest
She straight up rejects him in a dungeon exploration conversation.

I'm more concerned about her giraffe neck.

I would tell her that I am already in a relationship with Yosuke. Then I would sleep with the other girls just to make sure that her self esteem hits rock bottom.

>Not rejecting all women

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>turn 360 degrees