I am forgotten

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Where's the futa cock

>gimmicky fotm coomer game getting forgotten
Imagine my shock

>dude imagine sokoban but COOM
at least it's free but holy shit

For me, it's Justice

>crying about a free game

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It never had any pretense of not being FOTM
I'm surprised it's stuck around in people's brains as long as it has, but I guess that's the power of "dude what if (x) was a conventionally attractive anime girl lol"

the game isn't really memorable to begin with

Vanripper is the most based game developer in modern history.
>hmm, today I will fap to art of sharply dressed demon girls
>there's no art?
>let me learn english and programming to make an entire game about them to bring more attention to them

>2 hour tops sokoban game
>kicks off endless porn and fan art
Incredible mileage for what it is.

I wouldn't mind another game in another genre though.

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What would have happened if the MC was a shota? Would the game improve?


It's cause it was a gay game
The entire premise boils down to
> Demon sluts who will let 55 mandingo niggers gangbang their anus but believe handholding is too lewd
> Tee-hee isn't it funny? x3

Americans really ought to be sleeping at this hour

You wish you had a fraction of the success and approval this guy got simply making a vehicle for the kind of porn he wanted to see more of.

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Judgement is the best girl with Justice a close second
Fite me

very much

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>shota on milf

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Americans should be banned from this site.
I thank god every day that I'm lucky enough to not be born one.

Japan already plays that card every chance they get. I'm glad we got a game with an actual chad protagonist

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user is angry that some guy took his dream and made it realitry so he just spams coomer like a reddit npc

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No worries. You're so obsessed that we name you an honorary American

>coomer trash #568214

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we got a female twitter user jealous of demon in here boys

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aggressive holy sex


Persisted for like 1.5 years for nothing more than a 15 minute game and a 10 minute expansion and flooded the internet with porno and earning an insane profit. But the biggest achievement is that it got these character out there, I'm sure that even in ten years when someone see an image of Azazel or Judgment they will instantly remember where they are from.
Vanripper put himself on the map with Helltaker.

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Hell no.
>literal child that women fling themselves at because pedophilia lmao
>absolute gigachad that fucks, enters hell to get bitches and comes out with a harem

>I am forgotten
such is the fate of all "art" that shamelessly panders - no soul, no lasting resonance

>Does amazing animations beforehand
>"It doesn't pay enough"
>Make coomer trash again
>Hide from people asking him why did he quit making animation

Based and manlypilled.

Dude got literally thousands of artists to draw porn of his fetish and made an entire game consisting of Best Girls

We kneel for the king

unless he was making six figures with animations then yea, they really weren't paying enough. animations take way too long and almost never give you proper returns

does he have to worship blm now and threaten to shoot everyone with his guns but actually be a complete pussy and do nothing

Reminder that you will never fit in and never be accepted. You are an invasive parasite and your underage newfaggotry radiates like the sun.

Animation is a thankless, repetitive task, and unless you are willing to drawn the same scenes 24 times for 1 second of footage, you aren't really in a position to criticize him for stopping.

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Vanripper put himself on the map well before with his skyrim animation video and fanart but while everyone at least saw them once and would recognise the smug cats at first sight, they never remember who the artist was.

Now, he made a bunch of sharply dressed demoness with interesting design and very simple/straightforward personalities.

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Skyrim kot

Yes, it would. Unless everyone in the game is fuckable, you done fucked up

Skyrim kots piggy-backed off of Skyrim. Helltaker is the thing that is popular.

I wanna fuck orange ringtailed theif right in her arse.

Would you a goat Lucy?

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Her shitter is made for shattering.

And good for him, making an original IP that actually got more interest. That's gotta be pretty liberating not being stuck doing fan projects of something he doesn't own.

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So is programming and making a 15 minute game in game maker is not an achievement.

Yes because then I'd have someone new to jack off to. Unfortunately MCHAD doesn't really push my buttons.

>Men love goats right?
I never thought about them much, but you know, I do think goats are pretty cool animals.
>headbutt shit for no reason
>babby's are cute as fuck
>them demon eyes
Yeah goats are cool.

The game would improve tenfold if the MC was a girl

then by that same logic undertale isn't an achievement either because it's all if statements

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I wanna make a similar thing but with dommy angels, I don't want it to be a puzzle game but I can't think of an easy action genre to make it work. Any ideas?

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we r anonymus we r leegun

>So is programming and making a 15 minute game in game maker
I think you may need to open your eyes, if you think that turned out "thankless." Maybe take a minute to absorb how much love and attention his cheap ass fucking game actually gained him vs. animating.

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where the FUCK are the custom maps

Stop speaking about yourself in 3rd person you mong. We know it's you.

>have fetish for women in suits
>throw a quick free game together with some
>make it have a appealing, but simple art style
>make it free to get it out there wide
>get mountains of free porn of your waifus
>quite literally all according to plan
Its so stupid that its genius

I swear to god I get accused of being every single developer I say a single nice thing about. This is what I get for saving a couple of his gifs I guess.

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