Is there a way to make early game armor not suck...

is there a way to make early game armor not suck? the last souls game I played was the first one which let you upgrade armor to at least make it somewhat usable late game. I'm at liurnia right now with 30 vigor and getting two shot by some enemies, not to mention there seems to be basically no poise with this set. it's a shame, I really love the confessor set and am hoping to be able to beat the whole game with it.

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stop using a soreseal
you can also buy the knight armor at the roundtable if you want better absorption

>I'm at liurnia right now with 30 vigor and getting two shot by some enemies
bullshit, proof or didn't happen

>thinking armor actually matters in any From game past DS2
Oh user, you silly silly boy.

It certainly didn't matter in DS1 either. Apart from getting high poise to shit your way through Capra on your first playthrough, maybe.

>Ninja rolling vs. uber-tanking all damage with Havel's
It mattered a lot in DS1, but Bloodborne came along and fucked it

Armor has been meaningless since Bloodborne

no sore/scarseal here, I don't want to make myself even more squishy than I already am. I don't know how to record video but I'm referring to the lightning knight guy near the artists shack and the magic-wielding troll in one of the evergaols. I did farm the banished knight set wondering what it'd look like on my character but I didn't like the color of the skirt so I went back to my confessor set. don't know why i can't unalter the altered banished knight armor to get the cape.
that's unfortunate, I guess I'll just tough it out then

>Ninja rolling vs. uber-tanking all damage with Havel's
Except you can Ninja roll with Havel. He's right. Armor didn't matter in Souls outside of either high poise, or none.

Just invest in Vigor and find the physical damage resistance talismans.

Idk man I switched to being a tanky build in super heavy armor with high endurance and 65+ poise in elden ring, and it definitely made a bit of a difference. Almost nothing can one shot me and I face tank two hits before any stagger.
Still not at much as it should matter but it does a tiny bit

It's still perfectly beatable by just throwing on whatever as long as it doesn't make you fat roll.

yeah I'd been leveling vig, str and dex equally until I realized this game probably won't let me gey away with not level vigor until late mid-game like DS1.

i completed the game with 28 vigor and light armour.

stop being a fag.

It did matter in ds1 Havel armor gives you so much poise that you could potentially face-tank through entire game, which was effective ignoring whatever boss did and just brute forcing through.

>str and dex
Should probably sacrifice one. Quality isn’t very good in ER.

>Quality isn’t very good in ER.
Are you kidding me? That's my go-to build for every game like this.

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>armor did totally matter because you could cheese the game with one specific set
Yeah and I'm a total shitter who beat it with the boar helm in my undies. Being able to abuse it is not the same as it being necessary to progress.

ah fuck really? I've been using this noble slendersword cause it looks cool and square off is great. guess I'll go either keen or heavy then.

No, it's just that unlike STR/DEX which starts out mmediately good; Quality only has noticeable effects after 50/60+. In terms of capping out damage quality is the best for standards setups.

pure fashion souls is the best.
a slow playstyle has no place in BB and you still get value out of armor if you want to switch it for poison/frenzy/fire resistance.
BB has the best battle system in souls(including sekiro) because it rewards you for being a good player with rally and a damage multiplier(beast meter) and lets you stagger.

>I really love the confessor set and am hoping to be able to beat the whole game with it.
Then git gud and stop getting hit!

Alternatively, use the dragoncrest shield talismans for more physical reduction, but there's shit all to do to increase your poise as the bull-goat talisman increases your current number by 33%... so if you have shit all poise, it won't do much on top of the fact the poise break-points are retarded. Or you can use Endure as a weapon art to tank hits and there are buffs from consumables like boiled prawn/crab or incantations like Golden Vow and Blackflame's Protection.
You can also use Ironjar aromatic (comsumable) for poise and damage reduction--it works like iron flesh so you move slow as shit unless you put quick step on your main weapon or a dagger. However, you will need to farm for them and you don't get the Perfume ability until Altus Plateau.
The game has ways to deal with it, but keep your Vig up whenever you can and don't bother going past 60. Anything between 40 and 60 is good. Oh and if you're STR, you do get additional Phys up too, which is the flat damage negation as opposed to armours/talismans negation which is % based.

You haven't been able to upgrade armour since Bloodborne. Dark Souls II was the last game that you could.

>Except you can Ninja roll with Havel
No, you can't. It is physically impossible after the patch which changed how the Dark Wood Grain Ring worked--even with 99 End, ring of FaP and Havel's Ring, you CANNOT ninja flip in full Havels.

>don't know why i can't unalter the altered banished knight armor to get the cape.
Because FromSoftware are fucking shit. There's a few sets in the game which you cannot alter, but pick up "Altered" versions of it--Prelate's torso is one of them, to get the Altered version you have to farm the enemy which doesn't have the red surcoat.

The Artist Shack Golden knight is a lategame enemy and most metal armors have low lighting absorption.
Also when it rains lightning attacks do 10% more damage.

At 30 vig even naked he he won't one shot you so that means you can retreat, chug and recover.
He's easy to backstab while he does his lighting cast bullshit, just be aggressive and get behind him, he can only cast the lightning in front of himself.

I also recommend a bigger weapon like a claymore or halberd for these elite knights, it can chain stun them out of most of their attacks while a longsword or katana won't do shit even when 2H.

>armor doesn't matter
>10% physical reduction vs 35% physical reduction
Guaranteed the people saying this run around in paper thin robes and get one shotted by everything.

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Get the physical damage dragoncrest talisman that's in Dragonbarrow

Except you can, that's why Giant Dad is a thing.

>play comfy co-op with gf
>shitters everywhere trying to ruin our experience
>see idiots with moon katana and mage hats
>cast Barrier of Gold
>mag absorption goes from 20% to 65%
>take shit for damage and kill the shitter

I wish there were more defensive options. It'd be sweet to have similar buffs against bleed especially.

From literally made the HP bar tiny and even at 30 VIG it barely reaches the same length as the stamina bar at 15END as a clear hint to people that they need to pump that shit for mid-lategame and idiots with the HP bar shorter than their FP and stamina bar still complain about the game being "badly tuned".

Armor in general isn't that effective due to how the combined defense is calculated and how little you actually get from most of your gear slots. You need to depend on talismans to get mediocre damage reduction.

You get a flat DEF value that gets bigger with every level up and absorption % from armor.

If you have 100DEF and 30% absorption and you get hit with a 300 damage attack, that gets cut down to 200 from your DEF and that 200 has 30% removed via your armor and you only take 140 damage.

Quality takes a severe cut in base damage in ER, so it takes even more stat scaling just to break even. But because of how ashes work, you're under no commitment to use Quality until your stats are high enough to benefit from it.

Yes, and ever since DS3 shields simply have mattered more than armor. Now with ER people are crying about a literal piece of broken wall.

giant dad isn't havel

Just so everyone is on the same page, as it seems to be unclear for many players:
Your damage "negation" is calculated in 2 ways.
In the red rectangle, this is your flat damage negation. If you receive 500 physical damage, subtract 169 (this principle applies to all categories, including its type). Then in the blue rectangle, this is your % absorption. So for the sake of keeping this explanation simple, we'll just use the highest number "45.546%". In this case we subtract 227.73 from 500. The total we'd be reducing from 500 is 396.73; thus we'd receive 103.27 damage. The trouble is all of FromSoftware's numbers are decimals and sometimes we don't have decimals to work with, so the game does rounding and while it doesn't become complicated, it makes numbers inaccurate. But that's the basic principle of damage reduction in Elden Ring.
The only way to increase you flat physical reduction is to level up (which has been the case across all FromSoft games although the number of Humanity in the top left gave you a small boost too)

Giant Dad isn't in Havels. Please don't disappoint me or anyone else in this thread again.

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Giant dad is a midroll poise trade build, you dumb fuck.

armor just sucks, at BEST, with the heaviest armor in the game with the best physical defense, ur gonna get a 30% damage reduction.

Which one is it?

Full Bull-Goats is 38% physical, so it's closer to 40 than 30

I know you're an idiot because you like a shit game, but do try and keep up Soulshitter.

Armour has never ever ever made any difference at any stage, but thanks ER for bringing in a bunch of newfags who think it matters

The video that popularized Giant Dad into a meme known by people who never played DS pvp fucking opens with an obituary for the patched-out Havel flipping.

Nothing you said is wrong, but it's not at all what I was talking about. The issue is how the game arrives at your armor's final damage absorption value. The values aren't treated as a lump sum. Each piece deducts from the remaining total individually, so they don't get to apply their full reduction on the entire damage value. So if you have two armor pieces on with 10% damage reduction, one piece knocks 10% off from the 100%. But the second piece only knocks 9% off because it's only looking at the remaining 90% damage left behind.
This is why your Dmg Reduction always looks lower than it should be. I'm pretty sure the defense talismans are just a flat added value, so they don't suffer from this diminishing return.

You're retarded.
Having 40+% absorption means you get 3-4 shot by endgame bosses while someone with 10% absorption will get 1-2 shot at the same VIG level.

And then they make that difference pointless by having enemies pile 6 hits into one attack.

It's net positive with all the free stats it gives you

It's better having one apple being taken rather than two apple.

I have solved the puzzle. user never played the game, but saw the onlyafro video that says we're glad the Havel flipping build is gone. He thought it meant Havel flipping was over because giant dad was made to counter it, that's a conceivable way to misread the start of HE'S BACK. Only explanation, since giant dad doesn't include the ring in the first place.

fucking viglets

The only time there's 6 enemies on screen is when you find a bunch of zombies roaming around randomly or if you run past and aggro a bunch of Lyndell or Godick Knights.

ER even has a hidden AI mechanic that prevents huge mobs of melee enemies to constantly ganking you, if you have 10 soldiers on you, only 4-5 will be supper aggressive and the rest will wait their turn, minus the crossbow guys, those fire at all times.
And most normal mobs have low damage attacks that high def and absorption completely shits on them.

High absorption + def talisman + poise talisman + Ironjar perfume can even rape the 2v1 crucible boss.
Cope and seethe.

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He didn't say 6 enemies, he said 6 attacks in a row. Learn to read.

1. Upgrade your flask. The game is generally based around taking 2-4 hits and then flasking up. If you don't have many charges you're really gimping your overall survivability. 4 charges vs 8, your survivability is effectively doubled.

2. Confessor set is a light/medium armor set, I wouldn't recommend it unless you're good at dodging. It's simultaneously too heavy for light load but too light to properly protect you. I think the immunity stat is pretty good so maybe put it on for a poison swamp, but that's it. Don't let enemies combo you, don't panic roll.

3. Talismans make a difference. If the enemy uses fire, putting on the fire resist talisman will drastically improve your survability. Pay attention to the enemy's weapon/skill. Is it gold? It's probably holy. Is it red lightning? It's probably lightning. Equipping the right talismans will stop you from getting clobbered.

4. Upgrading weapons is extremely important, especially around Liurnia. You need smithing stones 3 so you can start doing decent damage. If you don't do this fights will last twice as long and you'll struggle to survive. Dealing a lot of damage makes your life much easier.

>stat buffs longer than the stamina bar
I'm too lazy to keep that much stuff up.

vigor is a crutch for newfags and shitters

one rune arc and one physic is too much for you to keep up with? are you sure it's stupidity and not laziness

> magic wielding troll

yeah just have a shield on hand for those big magic attacks if you don’t want to roll. honestly annoyed by how much damage these chunky spells seem to do even with the reduction talisman on.

I have never levelled vigor. It's a stat that you only need if you're already playing the game wrong. You need more damage and more stamina.

>I have never levelled vigor
Because you never played the game.

Are you saying you're so bad at the game you need HP?

How about you actually play it instead of spouting nonsense like this

I have. Now answer the question.

There's no need to get upset. It's ok for you to admit that you're bad at games - this is a judgement-free zone.

You haven't
Then admit it instead of pretending like you played it

I'm still using the Champion set for my STRunga build and nothing will change that

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>still can't answer the question
Ah, so you're just an idiot. Nevermind then. Funny, since ER is the easiest Souls game.

If it's the easiest then how come you never beat it?

6 hits means every single hit has to pass through your DEF and absorption, so if it's 6 times 100 damage hits and you have 100 DEF/30% absorption, you take 140 damage per hit doing a total of 840 damage.

Meanwhile if it was a single boss hit that did the same damage: 200 x 6 meaning 1800, you'd get 1190 damage.
That's why single huge boss slam attacks are the ones you really want do dodge well as they either leave you with barely any HP left and you have to chug twice or they just one shot you if you're a viglet.

You know the circle button on your controller? If you press that button right before an enemy's attack hits you, you'll take no damage at all. It's very useful. You should try it.

>ER is the easiest Souls game.
>that's why I can't beat it without getting hit
Yeah lol.

>ER is the easiest Souls game.

LMAO, even some Limgrave bosses have a harder movset than Artorias.

You're just as stupid as him. What's up with Soulshitters being the dumbest people on this board? Is reading this difficult for you guys?

You can't perfectly time the roll to every hit the boss makes unless you're an autist and spend 20 hours memorizing their every moves. Again, try actually playing the game for once.

Don't remember AI Spirit Summons beating Artorias for people.

Not at all, you can easily tell when to roll even on blind first encounter as the boss has clear telegraphs on how it lifts it's hand and stops moving before swinging.
Once you learn to read enemies, you don't have to memories anything, just look and react.