Little Witch Nobeta

Nobeta bros 2 more days!!!

and preview

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>full release
*changes version name from 0.9 to 1.0*
here you go full version release thanks for the betabux goyim :)

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I'll believe it when I see it.

Believe it dattebayo!


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not even the full release dude, read it
"full release info reveal" meaning it's a reveal for when the full release will be

Is the leak user here? I want to ask for some files


>it's a full release of our PATREON MONTH OF MAY REWARDS!!!
>game? We didn't say anything about a game. anyway 2 more weeks until release

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>"The full release info will be released in October! Also look forward to more summer and halloween art while you're waiting!"
worth every cent not-spend
on the patreon

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inb4 gøblinism shills invade

i'm full releasing right now

>page 7

Sowwy, pupuya doesn't employ shills to keep threads alive unlike a certain French person.


nah the release will be 10 June 2021 – 22 July 2021 for Summer games festival.
I've seen publisher jews do this many times and while the game is already complete they know there is no enough people viewing steam until those sale events or festivals.

more like forever alpha hehe

God I hope not because I already have enough to play in June.

stop the count

I will buy this for Polka and Fubuki.

>game comes out according to schedule
>somehow a scam

It's two days until the promotional animation, which they showed a trailer of recently. It looks pretty decent from what little they've shown.

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>vtumor on the thumbnail

lmao called it.

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>they don't know about vtubers voicing the cast

i preordered the ass in the air bikini figure. was $150

Stupendous, bought it day one, so glad dev keeps it updated

Im going to cry.

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Hope the money invested into the vtubers was worth it. It could've been put towards one update. Maybe two, even.

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But what about the game?

Will there be a sukumizu alt costume?

>game comes out according to schedule
>somehow a scam

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Anime Premiere Stream - May 13th

The website is up, i'm ripping all the assets

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bot thread


if it was western cancer vtuber i'd get the hate but the one they're showcasing is one of the OG japanese vtubers that's also a cunny lover, she's on your side

Likely more release information at the end of the video since it's a promotional work or something. I could've swore I remember reading they said the game's coming out in August this year, but recently they've been showing off level 4 and 5 magic shots, so whatever the fuck the last level is is a complete mystery to me.

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I thought wolf girl was a new boss, but its just a vtuber garbage...

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And i thought you was a nigga but yous a BITCH NIGGA.

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Doesn't mean they have to shove that fact down everyone's throats.

So... how long is the final product? How many hours until completion? How many bosses?
I'm somewhat interested bu never followed it.

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It's almost as after making a loli souls-like game with lewd official fan art the dev tried his hardest to be as unlikable as possible.
Constant delays, patreon leeching, no proper updates. wasting money on vtrannies, even more delays, lies about HDD crashes and lost progress (or if it's true, being too retarded to do proper backups), constantly going "release soon, I promise!".
This better delivers after almost 4 years. At this point I wouldn't be surprised if the dev immediately tries some shit like a DLC to get money out of those who already purchased the early access version.

>not a single screen shot from the game
Yea Forums - Video Games

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Are you a fucking hallway monitor or something? Go cry somewhere else.

There's nothing to talk about until the full game is released. The current release has been discussed to death for well over a year now.

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This game took as long as Morrowind to make and has about twice the budget. Honestly a star citizen tier scam right here and it worked amazingly because of retarded ironic lolicons.


full release into nobeta-chan’s secret place

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>how long is the final product?
They showed off five of the stages, but I think stage 4 has a midboss with the giant spear knight and the actual boss being titty keyblade doll lady. Stage 5 has a giant ghost boss(?) that chases you, but I don't think she's the actual boss of stage 5. Overall, each stage is supposed to be longer than the last one, so that sort of explains why stages 1-3 are smaller in scope from stage 4, which is a multilayered subterranean fortress.

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>There's nothing to talk about until the full game is released
Do you setuously expect a massive revamp of the combat, physics, gameplay systems and a +100% increase in game content once the "final version" comes out? How do people as stupid as you even exist?

>lies about HDD crashes and lost progress
They said they lost a couple hours of progress. Where the fuck do you get your information from?

>five stages
Woah slow down there, Pupuya is an indie company that's too much work. Enjoy your 1 extra stage and that's it.

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>and a +100% increase in game content once the "final version" comes out?
Yes? 3 new stages. We have 3 stages now.

They already showed off five of the stages, user. I don't know what to tell you.

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Still funny how this guys managed to get popular enough for an anime and merch and stuff for a game that isn't even finished yet.
I guess people are really that horny for little girls.

This game proves lolicons have no standards