Wait a minute

>wait a minute
>wait a minute
>this is, excuse me, a damn fine ludo of vidya

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FK in the coffee

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what game is he drinking, fellas?

i still don't know if i like how season 3 concluded

Me neither, I don’t think anyone knows how they feel about the end of season 3

hes drinking coffee you fucking esl, you cant drink video games

I loved it, kinda. The dread you feel those past 5 minutes is something else, then the credits start rolling.
I like to think of it as a bittersweet ending. Some people are of the opinion that Judy won but I'm not so sure about that. Judy's world goes dark because the Fireman's plan succeeded, even at the cost of Laura and Cooper

>can't even drink a nice cup of ludo vidya

There might be a season 4, Lynch talked about it, so you never know.

Funny how he was so dedicated to actually try to do it 25 years after, after even the film series plan failed, knowing full well how many key actors could and would die in such a long amount of time (or even his own death being a possibility, because life happens). Says a lot about the themes of fate in the show.

Kind of sucks no one originally liked the movie, that movie was perfect for me.

FWWM is one of Lynch's best, it's a shame it took so long for it to be recognized for what it is.
In regards to a Season 4, I'm kinda sad about the fact that Lynch will probably die soon. He's at most only got two more projects in him, and that's being generous.
I think it would be best if he leaves Twin Peaks as it is and does one large, final project.

>mfw a vidya hits the spot

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We still can get Dune The Director's Cut, if we are lucky, that is.

>reddit peaks
go back

>he wasn't in /tpg/ during the return

I fucking loved it, the ending scene haunts me

He will probably never get on such a thing, that movie fucked him up and it still seems to be a sore point

Reddit is anti-spiritual, and twin peaks is spiritual. The show is about spirits from the astral plane, redditors would sperg out if they found out the show was being unironic about the existence of such things

>game has unwinnable boss fights

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Lynch recently said he is interested in making a new cut of the movie.

Oh really? I was wrong then. I'd be happy to get a director's cut, there's a lot of great stuff in there

Didn’t he say a directors cut didn’t exist?

>this what your average cunny poster looks like

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I liked Twin Perfects video on TP, and I literally NEVER watch youtube shit ____ explained!
I think he was right and I recognize Twin Peaks as a happy accident and Lynch is a fart sniffer.

top kek

The faggots that watched this show are the same faggots who think deadly premonition is a masterpiece

t. man of impeccable taste and two worlds enjoyer

>The faggots that watched this show
Oh you mean literally every single person who was between 14 to 45 in 1990

I have never played deadly premonition, faggot.

Dude, people in Africa weren't watching it.


not an argument cope sneede etc

What was his fucking problem

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he just wanted a light man

He needed energy so he could infect the people of 1956 with evil

>deadly premonition is a masterpiece
Well, yes.

Laura woke up to the scene in FWWM with Leland raping her

>game has time management mechanics

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Watch The Missing Pieces if you haven't, it has so much content that it's basically FWWM pt. II. I think there's a fan edit that adds the scenes into FWWM to make a massive 3-4 hour movie but I'm not sure where to find it.

Is it at least any good for you?

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A dropped The Good Life not because the timing was too tight, but because it was so much waiting around for events.

>watching the nuke episode with my TV on full blast at 2AM sitting in the dark at home
Amazing experience

megadb.tweakly.net/thread/t3_5xl2a1, here

I believe its called northwest passage


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You will never in a trillion years experience a game on your fucking telephone.

>game ends with a blatant sequel bait

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>enemies can open doors

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>What year is this?
Sends chills down my spine.

I see you in the trees


>99% white cast
>le quirky detective drinks coffee LITERALLY ME!
>xD fish in le percolator
>third season is literally all washed up actors and actresses that are falling asleep every shot

Why do people like this trash again?

>game gets multi-hour videoessays on youtube dissecting the lore
>they still get it all wrong

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>99% white cast
Is that supposed to be a bad thing or something?

I don’t think the spirits are just a stand in for the film makers, maybe that’s part of it, but not the full story. I genuinely think the spirits are genuine spirits who exist in our world as much as the tv, for the world of twin peaks the spirits take on the role of filmmakers, but I think there is the genuine idea that fiction and television is a way for spirits/demons to communicate with us - like through dreams. Especially someone with supernatural beliefs like lynch, I think the spirits can’t be hand-waved as just being something mundane.

Like in demon summoning Goetia, you communicate with the spirit by watching them in a fire. Just thinking about that sends shivers in my spine, television being a way to communicate with demons. Reminds of that trollge picture about the Internet.

>Season 3 was 5 years ago

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>99% white
>multi cooper
how is any of that a bad thing

You tried, but it did not work. Try better next time. I think the whole literally me thing is where you missed the mark, as it shows you are really just phoning this one in and keeping to old pasta structure for the sake of it, since Cooper is literally just Lynch and not all that relatable to the average person from a memey stand point

There's that one 5 hour long meme video on YouTube and I find it a compelling argument even if the guy is autistic as fuck. The idea that the whole 3rd season is basically Lynch saying "you think you do, but you don't". Telling us we can't have Twin Peaks back and the ending basically slapping us across the face with it.

David Lynch believes film-making is a form of actual supernatural magick, not just in a figurative sense, bending real the spirits through perception and art to affect the world. Both the artist and the audience are magicians in a certain way, art is a way to travel to different worlds where spirits reside much like the concept of kabbalistic spheres or astral projection etc.

>The idea that the whole 3rd season is basically Lynch saying "you think you do, but you don't"
This is definitely true and that sentiment permeates all of the The Return. It's explicitly anti-nostalgia.