Whats your worst case of buyer's remorse, Yea Forums?

Whats your worst case of buyer's remorse, Yea Forums?

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black dessert

My iPhone 13 Pro

None, I always pirate games before buying them.

Cybertrash, worst part is I played barely over 1 hour and couldn't refund.

never happened

Tales of Zestiria when I was 16, one of the worst games I've ever played.

Crypt of the necrodancer
Tomb Raider 2013
Dark Souls 3 on release day

200 dollars worth of PoE cosmetics

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It's pretty ok now, it's at least a serviecable game with good shooting and a lot of different builds.

I bought the supporters edition of Interstellar Marines.

my ps5

Did you get scalped?

Zombie army trilogy

B4B is just a complete random trash with absolutely fucked up balance and tacked on card system. You can't even complete the campaign in solo on the lowest difficulty without grinding like a mother fucker that mission in the mines and mansion in act2.
ZA I've got for free but just didn't like it comparing to normal Sniper Elite. Killing zombies don't have that same impact as killing humans.

Gothic 3, it ruined my view at the gaming industry as a whole. Lying gaming "journalists", incompetent developers, shitty publishers all exposed by a single game.

Brink, and it didn't even cost that much. But I learned a good lesson that day

Tomb Raider 2013 is fun you have ni soul

I actually enjoyed B4B for my first playthrough, but beyond that its just hot garbage. Zero replayability, unlike L4D which is still fun to this day provided you dont end up in a lobby of instakick tryhards.


Dying Light 2. I usually just pirate games but I had a friend that wanted to play it co-op and we both agreed it kind of sucks.

Now that's a big fucking yikes. I remember when that shit had a playable shooting test on the browser

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Probably that time I bought Belle Delphine's bathwater. That shit tasted nasty

good Elephant

Maybe I'll give it another try someday

I didn't like it. I loved the Legends/Anniversary/Underworld trilogy tho. They at least tried to be their own thing and not a TLOU/Uncharted ripoff

you can bounce back brother, just don't do it again, I believe in you

hey, if its any consolation i got it on gamepass, which i got a free 24 month code for gamepass with my console which i already got at a discount on craigslist

so essentially I was paid to try their game.

Dark Souls

I was hopeful it would just push the home to fall

why are elephants so based

What a fucking boring webm.

dragon ball z ultimate tenkaichi

Medal of Honor: Warfighter
Watch Dogs

Dying light 2

Ark: Survival Evolved or Rocket League. Ark was just a shit game and the devs of RL turned out to be fucking retards that deserve NOTHING.

Whats it putting in the bin?

Shadow is what I always wanted in a game.
It's Rambo if somebody would make the jungle level.
I miss the 80s so bad I was so happy

Wargame Red Dragon, I bought this fucking garbage for 10 bucks on a sale and I still feel I got scammed. The entire shop page was filled with World in Conflict - style screenshots. Fuck Eugen.


Rouge Galaxy on the PS2 back in 2014, played the living shit out of DQVIII and DQIX so I though that the game would meet the same standard that both games had but nope.
>action combat that made you spam the worthless gun until the melee weapon option loads
>useless partner AI that got themselves killed more than help you through battles
>awful enemy damage balance that made you spam healing items
>copy paste assets on maze type dungeons that where way to long
>uninspired character design and boring story
All in all the game sucked dick and really showed how much of an influence pic related has on DQ.

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Because they're smarter than retards like you

i was too old and not into nintendo ips but it looked comfy

played like 10 hours with it tops

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fuck you

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The last Guardian.
12 fps jankfest with dogshit controlls and devoid of any soul.

Never even played the game...

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I was so butthurt about Brink that I stopped pre-ordering games and cancelled my subscription to PC Gamer. In fact I almost never buy games that aren't

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no I got it at launch, msrp and all, but there's no game on this thing, it's been sitting there since a month after I got it

Ladies and gentleman, the worst take that was ever posted on Yea Forums! Congratulations!

Wolfenstein The New Colossus
how the fuck did they manage to take a good albeit flawed game like TNO and throw away all its redeeming qualities while making all its bad qualities even worse?

Pillars of Eternity. Game sucks.

Recently clearly Battlefield 2042. I'm not even a big battlefield player and absolutely expected it to be shit after testing the beta, but a lot of my friends were playing it and I like playing with them, so I at least got some enjoyable hours with the bros out of it. I'm not even mad about my loss of money since I'm not a poorfag, I'm rather mad a company got money for a trash product from me and a lot of other people.

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Assassin's Creed Revelations or Assassin's Creed III

Literally a case of "fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me"

Guess we're back to the PS3 era huh? The more things change, the more they stay the same

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yeah.. thank god my main platform is PC

I bought overwatch on sale for $20. What a horrible mistake.

pick up the can


Same. I feel like I'm working when I play this horrible game.

For a rogue like it's waaaay too repetitive

lolno, Rogue Galaxy really was a piece of shit.