That will be $60

That will be $60
>b-but just find a torch hidden away on the other side of the planet
Great design 10/10

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Garbage area also the sniper "toot" user on the giant tree later with his death ray bubbles

you already have at least 2 or 3 different torches in your bag at this point.

>he thinks other torches do anything here

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Didn't even bother to grab the torch on subsequent playthroughs when I can use assassin's approach/hidden body.

>he didn't practice the skip

wow, a secret optional area requires obscure means to easily access?

I would agree if you had to re-light shit every time but since the progress saves it doesn't really matter, at most you waste a couple of minutes.

git gud, I nihiled them to die

>its ok to die repeatedly as long as you don't have to light the fires more than once

>I died in the video game, this means it's bad
No, you fucking suck and got killed by an enemy that is beatable. Feel your shame and git gud.

its a game where you literally have to die to leave the starter zone

And death in that case isn't a fail state, so what's your point?


Fuck you're retarded.

that its bad design, retard.

>assassins are nimble and hard to spot
>there is also item that reveals them
>refuse to use it and be a retard and get punished for it
Agreed, that some nice gamedesign, need more games like this

Go play a game where you can't die then, if it offends you so much.

oh its not hidden? its ON THE PATH is it? fucking drones.


>optional area
>assassins stay dead after respawn
>lights stay lit after respawn
It's alright, OP, just wait for the next ubisoft open world title.

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The worst part is that even after getting the torch they still beat me up real bad.

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you can do this entire puzzle without letting an assassin catch up to you rofl.

I didn’t even bother engaging with the assassins: it’s easier to PLAN YOUR ROUTE in the 100% safe overworld, then execute that route in the actual puzzle while ignoring the black knife on the ground floor. I didn’t have the torch and it wasn’t at all an issue.

how do you plan if you can't see them? i call bullshit.

>equip radahn's greatswords
>use starcaller cry
Heh, nothin personnel kiddo

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You don't. You can beat it and get its weapon and armor early.

it literally is on the path in Lyndell. a merchant sells it.

>my plan involves running to each light and repeatedly dying until I get all 4.
awesome this game in a nutshell the zapp brannigan of gaming

It's a game with little to no punishment on death. TRY something you fungus.

I agree OP, it was cool that they put this optional area with some exploration in mind here in this open world game.


lol if you beat it you are stuck in the zone and have to leap to your death

>uh oh, this invisible enemy just hit me with a strong move
>should I be careful or run away?
>nahh I'll just sip in his face
>wait he did it again? NOT FAIR

Doing a leap of faith is not the same as dying.

>2 assassins, always on the same path
Seriously, this game is NOT for you. Go play mmo's instead.

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>in an abandoned hut at the back behind all the undead up in the hills
>on the path
pick one

same result
you die
it even says "YOU DIED"

That's actually surprising because when you die to the boss, game just locks your HP to 1 and does a fade out. In any case it is progression, so it is not the same as you being a retard and not understanding that sipping in front of an enemy is a bad idea.

Why are people still complaining about the invicible assasins when you can easily run to the first ladder without facing any of them? And after you start jumping on the roofs you only have to worry about the archers. The archers should be the enemies that cause you the most trouble, the assasins are just additional minibosses.

>I did it first try
>git gud
>skill issue
>you died to that? lmao

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>oh shit, an invisible assassin just backstabbed me for fuckloads of damage



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Bravo Miyazaki!

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Black knife assassin bridal carrying me to the church!

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OP never said anything about the difficulty

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>game rewards you for reading what items do and remembering stuff from earlier in the game


Oh right, he didn't. You-, I mean, He's just complaining he -needs- a torch from a vendor

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Sounds you got filtered

You don't. Being defeated by the Grafted Scion does not kill you.

sounds you retard

>hurr durr I couldn't find it because it's not on the main path
How did you find Ordina then? You're basically complaining about your own retardation.

oh wowe you died again, big fucking deal
this complaint is retarded, wait til you get to Haiigtree

>get to an area you can only be at by exploring
>reeee why do I have to explore !! !!

You complain, about this while EA sells cash shops for 60 bucks. user we need to spread message about greedy game devs not about single player games like Skyrim, Botw. Elden Ring. Having annoying stuff like this. Yes it's annoying but you have to just deal with it I agree it's not 10/10 design, but hey majority loves this game, it's hard to speak against majority you need better arguments then just whinning.

fromdrone moment

Skill issue

>invisibility in dark souls
>have some awareness of your surrounding to look at footprints in the snow, very cool little moment you can figure out on your own and makes you feel good
>have some awareness of your surrounding and notice the crystal shards are landing on invisible ground in the air hinting it is solid ground

>invisibility in elden ring
>yeah bro just like look up a guide or get lucky or something you need a torch from the other end of the map to solve this puzzle
>yeah bro like the actual snow in the area does nothing like the statue says it actually a lump of glowing cum that only appears when you get close that shows the way

as usual another souls game yet to be as well game as ds1

jfc from trannies are fucking insufferable, every thread turns into a cesspool of garbage replies
More toxic than the league of legends community
This is pretty accurate

Mistakes are as improtant as the consequences they create.
If the consequence is having to try it again and that's it, so be it. You literally don't lose anything beyond some seconds that will barely impact you if you play properly.

Souls in general are examples on how taking the easy route will also take more time or be mroe boring.


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get fucked shitter