Modern video game journalist think skyrim hasn't been beaten in terms of a complex open world

Modern video game journalist think skyrim hasn't been beaten in terms of a complex open world.

Who the fuck is employing these retards?

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Which game has a more complex open world?

Not op but witcher 3 for one

Skyrim: Game of the Year Edition

then that game was beaten out by
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR

Yeah, it's best selling becuase they rerelased it five times on various platforms and editions.

I like this game journalist
>art serves itself, the first step when assaulting an art form is to praise false or irrelevant merits. When teaching art, the lesson is art, so when people talk about educational value in art, they're implicitly denying the existence of an inherent value
>anita sarkesian and hillary clinton both make sure to stress that games are fun, can encourage team work, and can improve hand eye co-ordination, not as a concession, but as an assault on their meaning, they could just as easily be describing a ball game
>to them, art serves as a tool for tricking people into learning or believing something. Hillary says that video games are being misused to teach violence. Anita says video games are being mis-used to teach misogny

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The Witcher 3
Red Dead 2
Elden Ring

Thats just some modern ones, even Morrowind and daggerfall were more complex.

name 1) game that has a better, more complex open world than skyrim.

IDK about GTA V... do we count the online mode as the same game or a different game?

They're correct though?

>Elden Shit

kts Fromtroon. You dead, empty boss simulator with 10 NPC's total is not open world.

nigger i had almost forgotten about this cunt whore god damn you for reminding me that this literal skank existed

Lego Island

If ER is an empty boss simulator, Skyrim is just an empty simulator. There's no compelling content in Skyrim beyond dialogue trees.

>There's no compelling content in Skyrim beyond dialogue trees

You can steal in Skyrim. What can you do in ER besides being a murder hobo?

>can only create your character in one of them
>it's the one that happens to have no friendly towns and just about everything else unique to TES
there are no Skyrim-likes, TES series is a niche that has no competition which is exactly why it sells so well

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At least Fromsoft fix their bugs.

unironically Elden Ring

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You rob the people you murder.

>Complex open world
Jesus you fucking fromdrones really are a cult. What's so complex in a game that quite literally has 20 NPCs who never interact with each other and are only found in specific placeholders that activate upon being reached by the player? Skyrim is infinitely more complex than this shit and Skyrim's open world sucks to begin with.

There are literally Skyrim fan games with more complex open worlds

lol mad and sad

By that standard Skyrim is a copy pasted draugur cave simulator

If you clicked it they're doing a great job. That's the whole purpose of these "articles"

Too bad nobody can get past the garbage combat, and that's even compared to Skyrim

it really hasn't and retards like
are just that, retards

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how is that complex

>Complex open world
>Links a legacy dungeon
Lol, lmao even. ER open world is the epitome of bland, repetitive Ubishit open worlds filled with reused assets and fights.

KCD maybe.

Strip the gameplay out and Elden Ring has a comparable open world to Fallout 76.

>Skyrim is infinitely more complex
Yeah you have to be a pretty elite gamer to play a complex game like skyrim.

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Are you fucked? Explain to me how I'm wrong then, explain to me how empty N64 tier world of Skyrim is better than the alive world of the witcher 3 without sounding like you have babby's first rpg nostalgia

might and magic 6-8 are old as fuck and vastly superior in every aspect

>complex open world.
Your twitter screencap didn't even mention this, schizo.

But yeah, no else even tries to copy Bethesda games
>b-b-but open world RPG!
doesn't make it a TES clone

Elden Ring has the worst open world I've ever encountered in a game and I'm a fromsoft fanboy<
The worst part is their next titles will likely also be open world

Kingdom come, you know the game that has actual npc daily routines, unlike bethshit, where without mods it is basic sleep or stand here routine

>Modern video game journalist think-

Don't care not reading more

None of those come close to the scope and ambition of 3D TES games (of which Skyrim is admittedly the simplest), none of them let you interact with every individual item on the level of physics, they don't let you strip NPCs of everything they have on them, they don't have NPCs with their own schedules, they don't have hundreds of books you can actually read, guilds to join, hundreds of NPCs to have conversations with, multiple thoroughly made cities, etc. They all just take already existing mechanics and content, make a lot of them, and strew them about an empty sandbox.

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>Join the stormcloaks
>Empire NPC's don't like you
>Join the Empire

Wow, so this is complex gaming...
>Stormcloak NPC's don't like you

Fucking Morrowind. You know, the game that was just before Skyrim?
>but what Oblivion?
Never heard of it

>Skyrim barren and empty
>But not Witcher 3
Full of shit.
Witcher 3 open world is nothing but set dressing for a sense of scale.
That's like saying Daggerfall is the most complex open world due to how big it is

That game doesn't count for journos because it's evil and racist.

Bethesda have always made mediocre buggy games that somehow was immune to criticism from fans and critics. It's baffling

Still more complex than lift "puzzles" that require you to loot 2 items from 2 obvious chests located in forts and then press a button while standing on the lift. Face it drone, Elden Ring is basic as fuck, probably most basic open world I ever played. Also the photo you posted unironically filtered me back in 2011 as a pc gamer because the tutorial/game never mentioned that I can actually zoom in on items and rotate them in the item menu.

Skyrim is not even complex, and yet it's still extremely fucking imbalanced and the combat is still trash. And yet I still have over 300 hours on it.

Run in 1 direction for an hour meet nothing but hills and plants
>Witcher 3
>Run in 1 direction for an hour meet at least 10 NPCs and a bunch of abandon cabins or castles to explore

They're the only ones to ever take a risk on their genre concept so the complete lack of competition makes it easy to forgive them to most people, and it makes it easy for Bethesda to never improve, kinda like Pokemon except Pokemon also has crazy blind loyalty that made people shut out its superior competition.

I mean thats not a fair comparision, Enderal is an actual good game with a competant german novel writer

I actually finished the game yesterday with all sidequests with german VO, its actually embarassing how much better the game is compared to skyrim, its a legit 9/10 (-1 because melee combat is still as bad as skyrim). Also the best german VO ive ever heard in any game ever

>2 obvious chests
You wouldnt have been able to find the medallions without a guide until way past when you can actually use them. Hardly obvious.

At least Skyrim's world had plenty random encounters which lead to hidden quests and small npc interactions like children asking you to turn them invisible if you used magic next to them. All of this made Skyrim more believable and interesting than your fucking empty barren ER wasteland. Also keep in mind that game was released 11 years before ER.

>They're the only ones to ever take a risk on their genre
That's why all their games keeps getting dumbed down, right? What risks are you talking about?

>half-a-year till STARFIELD
I need it! I'll settle for "as good as Skyrim" at this point.
I hope Todd will show us more at not-E3.

>Ride roach in 1 direction for an hour meet nothing but empty road
>NPCs and a bunch of dungeons or forts to explore
Woah, i cand do it too. Just going to ignore all the dungeons it has.
>inb4 copy and pasted draugr dungeons
Copy and pasted batman vision quest

yes le sneaky stealth archer who is also a master smith and the head of the warrior, mage and thief guild is surely good charactercreation and role playing design
so said i can only be a cowboy in rdr2

Bethesda writing, graphics, gameplay were always a joke
they know how to make a good immersive world tho, being in first person mode and just running around the forest and exploring is really good, shame everything else sucks

Yes. Exploring the world and stumbling upon an item is so fucking complex drone. Especially since medallion halves literally tell you to use them together at the only giant lift available to the player at this point. Jesus Christ kill yourself already.

see No one else is making that type of game, Morrowind was a huge risk that could've shuttered the studio but it paid off, now they're optimizing their approach to minimize effort and maximize profit, but the fact is that literally no one else dares try to make an AAA game in the same vein despite the proven popularity.

>mage huge map
>copy paste houses
>copy paste trees
>copy paste dungeons
>write script that npcs go to sleep (HOLY SHIT SO REAL)

Truly the most complex open world, nobody ever tried something like this.

>Woah I can do it too
The difference between your analogy and mine is that mine is correct and yours if false :)

I didn't say it was complex, I said it wasn't obvious.
Obvious would be putting the chests right next to the lift

Journalists are propping this game up just to dissect it on release for outrage clicks. It's so transparent its dumb.

scale and complexity aren't the same, my ESL friend

either way this guy is wrong and he knows it, or should know it. new vegas is the best fallout released since fallout 1. enderal is better than skyrim by every single metric including the depth and complexity of its world. RDR2 has better graphics and more complexity (although thats a bad thing for RDR) despite its horrific gameplay. there are other examples but his point is largely true and is undeniable in AAA gaming. Bethesda games are at the same time huge, packed with content, full of items, NPCs, buildings and other things to interact with and explore, have decent enough gameplay to carry you through the experience and are so easy and open to modding that whatever game they have released most recently becomes synonymous with modding for a decade after release until the next one.

the only game that beats the elder scrolls at being a TES game is a mod of skyrim, the only game that beats modern fallout is a modern fallout made by the guys that invented the IP but using bethesda's engine and assets. thats telling imo.

i'm not a huge TES fanboy btw. the games have been getting worse and worse since morrowind. its more of an indictment of the industry that no one else is trying to make a "skyrim killer" and succeeding

I mean I love ER and Witcher 3 but even I admit that open world design in those games is their weakest part and is nowhere near 10-20 years old titles from Bethesda. ER has superior Combat, Witcher 3 has superior story telling and character development. But nothing comes close to impressiveness and open world building from TES games.


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My shitty, unmodded 20 years old Gothic 2 has more open world complexity and branching paths/quests than your dogshit Elden Ring fotm drone.

They're being paid by publishers to shill their games newfag.

>Also I had to look up the solution to skyrim puzzle doors

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None, really.

Nowhere close, very few interacting systems there.
In Skyrim, you can see a guy get out of bed, take his axe, go to the inn, drink and talk to the waitress, go to the lumber mill, chop wood, talk to the other worker, go back to the inn, have dinner, and go home to sleep. The player can chop wood the same way that character can, can sell the wood, and buy the same food from the inn.
Most NPCs in Witcher 3 have no bed, no routine, there aren't even enough houses for them, and the player can't do any other job except being a witcher. Its not anywhere close to an immersive world in the way the last 3 Elder Scrolls games have been.

Note, I'm no Bethesda fanboy, and I have much bad to say about Skyrim and the direction the series and the company as a whole took, but those games really are unmatched in their complexity. Other worlds of that scale don't have as many interactive systems and emergent gameplay.

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God damn you salty boy. How many times did you wipe to Margit

No it doesn't

>gothic 2

come on user thats unfair. even gothic 3 takes a curly steaming shit on most other open world games then and since

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I didn't look up for solution but I had to look up for the tip that you can actually zoom in on inventory items and start rotating them which was mind boggling to me.

That's not what he says at all

He says that Bethesda has a unique approach to massive open worlds that hasn't been copied and that a game at the scale of Skyrim is something a lot of studios can't afford to make. Both are true statements.