So why do Indie Devs do this?

So why do Indie Devs do this?

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Right is more charismatic and easier to read.

The Japanese have a sense of good art design. Westerners have poor education and can't do anything well, but especially in the creative sense.

>easier to read
From the thumbnail, I thought it's Mega Man grabbing some grub from a fridge.


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Why do you make the same threads over and over?


Have you SEEN what passes for art design in cartoons/comics lately? That thing on the right might as well be a Cartoon Network show.

>newest robot master is a literal fridge
man the series just hasn't been the same since the NES days

I fucking hate sprites with 1px eyes and limbs, like in Yuppie Psycho.

tbf Atari games looked like the image on the OP

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because they think you make bitmaps using mouse and not scanning in drawings/using a lightpen.

also most of them are midwit/ jack-of-all-trades, master of none "game designers" and not dedicated artists.

people don't realize there was never such a thing as "pixel art" back then. this is what most computers could do back then and only recently with higher graphics resolutions and memory do we have this term.

Right is looking a little sussy

they had an excuse to

indied devs have an excuse too

It's a bad one, the same people who give these guys a pass probably shit on james rolfe with that accurate "No time" meme.
there are people who make free game with no advertising garbage on no budget just for fun.

indietards aren't writing assembly for a cpu that can barely outpace a crt's electron gun. they have no excuse.

fuck you i like it

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Is this really still a problem? I remember a shit tonne of indie games looking like that from the early to mid 2010's but I don't see that style used much anymore

this is just a straw man though.

No budget, no art skill or tlaent, what's an indie dev to do?

Ideally they'd just learn a few tricks themselves or set aside a bit of cash, but indie games are almost always a gamble.


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it was never a problem

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THE MEMES user! They can't them die! Letting a meme die is like letting your own self die!

Soulless and cringe

not every pixelated indie game looks as good as shovel knight. strong art style, good designs, decent animations (although clearly made jerkier to look more like an NES game). hell, i wish i could pixel that well

I've seen maybe 1-2 games that did it, can you give 5-10 examples

Well if people can't pixel as good as something like Shovel Knight or Metal Slug, maybe they should just stop doing pixel art altogether. Find an artstyle that hasn't got a gold-standard to it.

Indie dev here. How the fuck am I supposed to do left when I'm not an artist?? Right is easier and you're smart enough to see that it's a character so it's good enough.

Metal Slug is fucking mean, user, it's still the pinnacle of pixelated graphics decades later.

I think you should be at least capable of making graphics on the level of early Mega Man games because that kinda shit only takes like a few months to get competent at. On the other hand, if it wasn't shitty pixel art it'd be shitty vector art or shitty MS Paint scribbles.

No. You're wrong. Sorry, everything you said is actually incorrect

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make a 3d model then just trace it

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>indie dev here
stop lurking Yea Forums, you need to finish your game user

Just, like, learn how to do art? It's not hard. You're just putting lines on paper, or drawing lines in

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make a 3d model, then make the computer trace it

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Autistic people like repetition.

Play better games?

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Easier to read? Charismatic?

Tell me what you can interpret from the left and right picture

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People mislabeling abstract design as retro.

If you can replicate a pixel artstyle, you're wasting your talent not making porn of it

Because they're talentless hacks.

>left: just saw Light's armpit hair and is dumbfounded, clearly not cut for the job
>right: expresses vulnerability

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Because it's easier.
Pixel art is a double edged sword: it's easier than any other styles in low res, but harder than any other in high res.

Indie devs are often one or few guys, so naturally they can't afford metal slug tier pixel art.
Pixel art is actually one of the most time-consuming mediums

Sometimes they try to go all out on the graphics but unfortunately this may take away focus from other parts of the game.
See: Owlboy. Gorgeous pixel art, incredible details, game sucks dick

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Mental illness isn't an excuse for being a hack

I don't think Owlboy sucked dick. It was fine. I actually think it had a good gameplay base but it never gave you the challenge necessary to let it shine. That was its true pitfall.

Based shovelchad

So do you think sprites started on the NES? Have you never seen Atari 2600 games?

Me on the right

It's called an art style
It might look shit to most people, but you cant account for taste

No one gives a fuck about atari games. No game is trying to emulate them.

dude you can't just call ror soulless


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>Took ten years to make
>STILL looks like some soulless digital concept art with a "pixel" filter slapped on
White people are just incapable of making good games
Why don't they stop trying already?

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so flat and bland

I just did, dweeb.
What're you gonna do, cry while strumming your gay-ass ukulele (AKA: the manlet's version of an actual guitar)?

>download low quality blurred screenshot of a game

My biggest gripe with Shovel Knight are the inconsistent color palette choices, I understand they didn't want to limit themselves to exact limitations of the NES when it comes to the amount of colors on screen at a time or colors per sprite, but then they apply those choices inconsistently so it looks like the assets come from different games, for example the two color pine trees look too rudimentary when compared to the two tone grass/earth/signpost, some enemy sprites rely heavily on black shadows as style (implying moody depth and light) and others basically only use black as an outline (implying a flat cartoony style) etc.

zoomers can't tell between soul and soulless so they just guess and get it wrong most of the time. They think it's just old vs new and don't really grasp the concept

Cold Man already exists.

post those "inconsistencies" then

This image looking kinda sussy

Yes but also no

The fuck

Its intentional so things are clearly distinct between interactable and background

well ok i havent played it or even look at it i just know it was like 6000 years of pixelart and then people said game itself not very good

but backwards