Should streamers be given an exception to the ToS and be allowed to use banned tools while live?

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you are next, xenosys

Yes. Streamers are based and are providing a service to the community at large.

They should be banned even longer for advertising third party tools.

imagine deleting threads about video games on the video games board
I guess Hiroshima gets what he pays for


>SE starts banning every streamer using basic UI/QOL mods
>Streamers just start playing other games instead of going through the trouble of uninstalling everything
>Number of FFXIV streams plummet
>Less advertising for the game
I imagine they'll eventually figure out that they are sabotaging themselves.

honestly, if they can't detect you using them, banning them from streams is just pointless, you get a fraction of a percentile of the audience in that way, its not like people arent going to use them privately

It's unironically an artificial gate, exacerbated by them just existing with a live screen. Fix the game first then maybe they can worry about fucking streamers of all things (seriously, who cares)

I was using addons like cactbot for eons and I will keep using them.
Yes I stream for my friends.
No I'm not fucking retarded and I put it in capture window instead of capture screen so people don't see my ACT overlay or other addons.
That's all there is to it. If streamers weren't retarded babies they wouldn't get fucked either.

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Did pyromancer get banned?

oh boy instead of 4,6k on twitch we'll get 300, such a big and tragic loss

You'd be surprised how little muh streamers have to do with a game's success.
FFXIV is notoriously a shit game to stream, addons or no addons.
It grew on it's own without the current small twitch blowup it had.

Except no one gives a fuck about ffxiv streamers you numpty


These eceleb faggots aren't just breaking the rules and blatantly showing everyone that they're breaking the rules, they're also encouraging impressionable zoomers to break the rules with them. They deserve to be permabanned.

>>Streamers just start playing other games

lil' zoomie thinks the whole world revolves around twitch

As long as our bros asmongold and preachlfw keep playing we're safe xivsisters. They don't use any addons like it's supposed to be played.

Yes. Streamers should not be expected to follow any rules. Rules are for the plebeian class

There's no such job

>lore thread is autosaged in favor of a Reddit kneejerk thread about streamer ethics

Asmongoloid hasn't played the game in like 6 months
And he's been saying for months, "oh I'll start playing in the next few weeks"


The dev team doesn't really care about addons, but the corporate stance is that they are not allowed, so it goes in the TOS
if someone gets reported for a TOS violation, they have to act on it in order to keep the rules from being arbitrary and keep corporate happy
I mean shit, the producer/director of the game himself uses fucking addons, if that doesn't tell you that this is because of the suits then I don't know what will

vidya celeb good vidya character bad

wowjanny is on a rampage today

Lyse fuckin wishes her tits were that big

Have faith fellow xivsister. Our time will come again

Only thing I'm using is the spell timeline overlay for streaming because I think it's pretty neat to easily see what's actually being cast in a rotation when watching someone. Honestly don't know why it's not more widely used.

>Get banned on Yea Forums for talking about television
>Get banned on Yea Forums for talking about vidya games
>Get banned on /pol/ for talking about politics (specifically politics outside the U.S. as I don't live there)

I follow the ever expanding rules and yet still get banned and threads still get deleted. Can janny's please list why they keep deleting vidya threads at the least?

Also they're support centers get calls about such and such mod not working, the ToS is supposed to curb that.

Same rules for everyone.
That way when the faggots making the rules make the rules they must think about making some braindead retarded rules because they are susceptible to those same rules.

Fuck addons, do0od.

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This, especially with ACT it's a fucking joke, you don't need to even have it on the same screen

Don't worry this one gets deleted in the middle of a conversation the moment the shitposting cools down.

While we're talking about streaming, how do I split audio so my conversations aren't streamed while I stream on OBS,

Use Discord in streamer mode?

I'm a boomer and use Skype

wtf i have a virus now?

get virtual audio cable

Rad, thanks

Move discord output to a different audio channel. There are some programs that can easily do that, you'll have to look it up in detail. Last time I needed that shit was over 10 years ago.

No. I would expect streamers to be held to an even higher standard than normal players. So if they get busted cheating, they deserve a Mac address permaban. Zero tolerance to cheating grifters. No exception.

Based, I still prefer Skype and teamspeak for my voice communications fuck discord.

Fuck streamers, they're the only ones affected by this anyway. The policy up until now was basically "don't ask don't tell" and everyone's business was their business.
It's only when retard streamers and world first racers started breaking that policy on their side that SE was forced to actually enforce their rules.

Skype sucks, stay with Teamspeak if you are so afraid of Discord.

Reminder parsing someone without their consent is against GDPR

All streamers who break TOS get the rope

Fire the bans from our MAC cannon.

You guys seen the seething from people over on the official forums? It's honestly pretty pathetic

My other boomers are on Skype as well, we're too old to figure out discord. We're fine thanks.

I thought to my self why wouldnt they just add the top QoL mods as updates to the game. Then i remembered runescape did that and then made it a paid feature

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>fotm retards will no longer infest every new patch
How is this bad?

SE can't "actually enforce" the rules because they don't have a real way of checking what programs you run or what programs even tap into the packets your game sends and receives.
They can only "enforce" it if you out yourself or if you're a fucking mouthbreathing retard and stream with your addons visible.

>Should streamers be given an exception to the ToS and be allowed to use banned tools while live?


Naming yourself after celebrities and products is against tos too but no one cares about that.

>agree to terms of service that you will not use mods and you will not stream mods
>use mods and stream mods
>get banned
why are people surprised

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Because of how it works, Skype is actually a lot less toxic than dumb shit like Discord. I use Discord for emulation and piracy stuff, but no way would I ever get into conversations with people on that platform with all the troons lurking ready to get people banned to make themselves feel better about being subhuman degenerate trash.


Streamers/YouTubers are literally the only people the "no 3rd party tools" statement effects. Everyone else will keep using them without issue. Why is Square specifically targetimg streamers/YouTubers? Or are they too dumb to realize that's what they're doing?


Because streamers are retards and zoomers are even bigger retards for defending them.

Twitch only influences flavor of the month shit like fall guys or MMOs that tried to shill themselves into existence like lost ark and new world. Yeah you remember those titles? You probably don't because your zoomer brain doesn't have a memory span that long since they're not big twitch hitters now.

Lad streaming views mean nothing.
Overwatch 2 had 1.3 million people watching on day 1, one week later it had 6k people watching and it keeps dropping.

You see what I'm saying though? Everyone agrees to this. But non-streamers/YouTubers will never be punished for it. Their content creators for their games are literally the only people they can punish with this rule.

Because streamers, especially those involved in world first races, are influential enough to dictate an addon culture that then becomes mandatory for all players, which results in devs being forced to accept that addon culture and start designing all future content around them. That's literally what happened in WoW, streamers/top hardcore guilds and their theorycrafting teams essentially making cheats and toxic parse rankings mandatory.

All they have to do is stream an overlay instead of direct capture. FPS Streamers wallhack/ aim bot cheaters have been doing it for years, the retarded ones keep getting caught because they forget they turned on direct capture it's pretty funny when that happens.

I just did the role quests with the company of heroes. I think your corsair bros are on to something.
>got a few islands to check up on
>the roe island with vikings
>the ff x beach islands
>new pirate characters coming out the woodworks.
>new FL mch type attacks

yea i see corsair scouting next job 88 percent happening and next healer being some dumb asian one in nagxia with the special events.

Not him but I remember Fall Guys, I'm going to play it tonight with my sister because it's fun

Because non-streamers/Youtubers who use addons are still a minority that is out of sight out of mind. The vast majority of players don't use any addons and they want to keep it that way.

The "content creators" nobody actually gives a shit about can just stream in capture window mode and not show the fucking addons.
It's not hard.

>streamers should be allowed to cheat if it means publicity for our game

No but he had a ridiculous melty last time he streamed


This was like half of his 4ish hour stream yesterday just shouting at his audience and saying it was their fault for pissing him off
I don't know why you'd want to make a lowcow of yourself like this, just say you're not interested in debating it and go sub only mode for a while

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He can't not scream at people when they tell him he's wrong. He's a manchild.

it also affects absolute morons who post shit like modded porn screenshots with the FFXIV watermark on them to an account linked to their in-game name

There's nothing more a streamer hates than being told they are wrong. They get to ban you for saying it too so it gives them that feeling of power the only power they will ever have in their lives.

>"Addons are against the ToS but basically we have no way of knowing you are using them short of video evidence."
>Oh okay, I'll record tons of live video evidence of me using them

The other option is to slap EAC on the game and nobody fucking wants that.

Because they weren't forcing their TOS for years.
Really, if they banned the streamers that used this shit since the beginning, people would learn quickly and nothing would be happening right now.

to be fair that dude is legitimately autistic. he has to scribble notes down and he still doesn't know what he's talking about.

they enforced it for years but nobody cared until "muh streamer" got affected.

>thinking SE will not do something because it hurts themselves
They have halted sales of XIV more than once in its lifetime. Once when it was new and again recently when Endwalker hype was at an alltime high. That halt of sales lasted for months. I imagine that second time cost them far more than some streamers not playing.

Nigger you could get banned for a well documented screenshot of your modded character, a mod list or yes, a stream with ACT or cactbot visible _IF_ someone snitched on you.
They still have no way of knowing what you use, nothing changed here.

I saw plenty of streamers using these tools over and over again these last months and nothing was happening, so no, "they enforced" is plain bullshit

Can people show me clips of HUD users getting bannu'd?

streamers should be permabanned

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And then he copyright claimed clips of said meltie and revealed his name in the process.

Is this guy wrong? I watched this and I see it all the time in xiv streams. You don't like someone's favorite character? NO you have to like them you're wrong. You don't like something about the game? You just don't understand why it's good! I have no idea who this is but I'm honestly surprised more xiv streamers don't lose their shit like this.

What a retarded OP.

it normally wouldn't be and isn't a big deal and i genuinely have no clue why a streamer(s?) getting banned for public display of mods is even notable

the only reason i can think of that anybody even gives a shit or pretends to care is because it happened to an ultimate raider and world firster

They enforce it when people clearly cheat in competitive content such as world first clears of ultimates. Just because you haven't seen it doesn't mean it doesnt happen.

This shit happened in tea too and is why we can no longer move markers in combat because these people can't do the content without cheating.

vinny? vinny vinesauce, is that you? what happened, man?

A lot of people believe that a group was using server emulation to see phases of DSR ahead of time and every streamed kill of the fight has ACT or some other tool active.
Yoship was probably disgusted by the lengths people will go for their autistic world first shit and decided to put his foot down regarding mods for the first time in years. That's what it sounded like from the letter.