Tell me, which Blue would you Archive?

Tell me, which Blue would you Archive?

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Panties over pantyhose?

Arisu, Nonomi, Neru, Hasumi and Asuna.


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I quit playing the game because mobile games are just boring to me but I like the sleepy one with big tits


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literally impossible

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What's the actual gameplay like? I've never seen it, which is unusual. Like, Arknights I know is a tower defense type game and some meme gifs of the gameplay there come out. FGO is a turn based JRPG and you always see people share ultimates from that.

Not a damn drop of gameplay about Blue Archive, i don't even know what genre it is besides its some kind of gacha game

Anything flat desu

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I think you posted on the wrong thread user. However, crystal darts will cause rock based enemies like those goblin fuckers and watchdogs to go berserk and attack each other. They can still attack you, but you can get them to aggro each other and ignore you in a fight if you're smart.

>posts cow

autobattler, litteraly NO gameplan (except team composition)

>he lacks the intel

Where's the part where her brains paint the wall behind her because she done something stupid and womanly, and was immediately discovered and picked off by a superior male sniper?

It's like a side scroller auto battler, but more involved because you have to manage meter resource and skill cost/cycling to do shit optimally. For sure you can auto battle most of the story content and events if you're just generally keeping up but for the actual fun shit like raids you have to actually play the game.

Use skills at certain times to attack. You aim the attack skills or buffs. You can fuck up and miss. Its slightly better than those other mobage where you just spam skills the second they come off cooldown. You might want to save that skill etc. Theres a tiny bit of tactics for it. Auto just spams shit immediatly.
If you are overleveled you can autobattle your way through. If you are underleveled or aiming for 3staring that stage you probably have to do it maunally at least once.

I enjoyed this drawing. Anyone else?

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The big titty shotgun girl and the big titty minigun girl.

Too big

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Too big.

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How about this one?

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Those characters, apparently

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wish it had more detail

i would literally rape every blue archive girl in existence

I'm a big fan of this retard

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Who wants some chocolate?

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I'd like to spill some milk into that chocolate

Post it

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Yes, good, thank you.

>go to any booru imageboard
>type in gacha title in the search field
Here, I saved you thousands of hours and hundreds of bucks, gachafags.

Hit random
Get that gatcha fix
If you can masturbate it was a 5star ssr
If you cant it was a shit pull

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The meek blonde bitch with the big forehead

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>search for 'animal ears' fanart
>gacha, gacha, vtuber, gacha, gacha, gacha, vtuber, gacha, gacha, vtuber, gacha, vtuber, gacha, gacha, gacha, Nia, gacha, vtuber, gacha, gacha
it's well and truly over

Cunny Archive

care to tell the difference between original, gacha and vtuber designs?

>vtuber vtuber vtuber
and I love every second of it

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is this game dying

It's the same shit you faggot

Uhhh police?

As a player of the enversion it does seem like it. Feels like the whales are getting bored and abandoning the game cause im getting rankings i know i couldnt have gotten 2 months ago as f2pleb.

Don't you dare complain about Nia.

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Nia was the only one I snuck in there that I wasn't complaining about
I just want more animal-eared girls that aren't stuck in a gambling simulator or an e-girl superchat simulator

Never will play BA but it has really nice designs

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Is she wearing her under wear over her pantyhose??

for whatever reason she's so dull-looking for me, I don't even bother saving fanart of her.

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Pretty nice

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She definitely rapes shotas in that

She definitely gets raped by blacks wearing that

for me its nonomi

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This unkempt bitch

Never played this game, btw

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