Yea Forumserdict?

Yea Forumserdict?

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Game that turned into pure shit with the expedition league two or so years ago. Only with the recent league they unfucked it partially. They also keep increasing unnecessary grind that leads to nowhere, and leagues are dead within a week for a while. If you are a returner, i wouldn't bother.
Addicts and other bitches will of course defend all the shit the company pulled with the game. So fuck them and their casino addiction.

never returned since they were caught favouring streamers in drops and queues

I don't understand the appeal of replaying the game over and over just because they introduce a new gimmick every few months

it's another 'let's pretend a good game is a shit to bait newfags' thread, nice

Nothing but more epic le uber uber content for 0.01%ers and streamers to heccin prepare to die to with the same shitty boring meta skills.

>too busy programing new MTX to make new skills or do re-balancing.
Games dead, all they care about is milking the remaining mazed faggots.
Lost Shart was the killing blow.

they are probably testing something with those drones.

No way. Did they really? Damn. Now that is pure kikery.

Sentinel looks like the most uninspired shit and the league doesn't ship with anything interesting so there's really no point in playing.

Oh honey, PoE's problems go way further back than Expedition.

League's shit, new QoL atlas kaystones are good, niGGGers are creatively bankrupt.

>since they were caught favouring streamers in drops and queues
Streamer drops has been a meme since forever but never confirmed. Streamer queues they got rid of after that incident.

The game is shit tho.

why the fuck aren't they adding new skills anymore what the fuck ggg

> The incident.
I always had a feeling this game was shit, but holy damn. Favoring twitch grifters over your fans. That's pretty fucked. I can see why this game went from being massively successful, to now not even being in the Steam top 100. Ded game is ded. Good riddence to F2P rubbish.

The story is they paid streamers to play the game on league release but there was a massive queue so streamers were stuck in queue. Then they changed it so streamers took priority and could instantly log in bypassing the queue. There was a bunch of rage and streamers volunteered out of the program and they removed it afaik. The drop thing isn't real and is just selection bias or whatever they call it

I'll play it but i think the league is bad and will probably tank. No new skills for 2 leagues, no balance changes, each league is a simple mechanic + loot (its a boring formula), the sentinels are lame

I'd take a balance pass over 80% of the skills floating dead in the water rather than having even more garbage like Reaper added but it's a shame we get neither since they aren't MTX

Business wise the logic wasn't that awful. They were having problems with servers so they thought it would be better if the streamers could stream so people could at least watch while they queue up. People surprisingly didn't take it too well but I don't think it's some big issue to drama queen about. There's way bigger issues dragging down the game.

Another game that doesn't understand the core systems of Diablo 2

suggest me build good ssf build that isn't too hard to compile together
i hate helix bv and rf, not interested in melee playstyle or any version of cyclone (coc cwc etc), played and not a fan of two button synergy skills like dd and bb (ed is fine and smooth), already played seismic, all versions of corrupting fever, most versions of toxic, lightning, explosive arrow, all versions of ele hit, and every minion build that exist so those don't entice me aswell.

was thinking on something with assassin/deadeye with venom gyre/cobra lash but not sure how strong it is on budget

More of the same as the last league. I don't think the new bosses are going to be anything special. Probably comparable to the gauntlet versions, i.e. they have more projectiles and bigger AoE. I'd be very surprised if they got any new spells that aren't just modified versions of the older ones. League mechanic itself seems whatever, it all comes down to the combinator shit and whether it amounts to anything. Probably just another "you might get an usable item after using it 1000 times" type of things.

I don't think it's surprising. It's favouritism. Nobody likes that when they are on the dud end of that. But you're right, there are a lot of other issues with this game dragging it down. It's definitely losing momentum.

What you'all playingan until league?

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Streamer drops are not a meme. GGG has commented on being capable of adjusting drop rates server side for individual accounts, they mentioned it was one of the ways in which they combated botting. If they can tune drops negatively for bots, they can tune it positively for streamers.

Maybe. They still haven't been caught doing it so saying so is misinformation. It's irrelevant if they do it or not.

what's the point in playing a league without a balance patch?
I don't think I'll be playing until PoE 2

>They still haven't been caught doing it so saying so is misinformation.
They've ADMITTED to doing it. Then they sweep all evidence of "lucky players" under the rug under the guise of "rng is rng" because they've got more layered gambling than a beijing gambling den run by ccp, the triads, and a devil.

Playing grim dawn instead

Can't find changelog.

>she thinks poe 2 is real

This league has no changes and it's a good thing.


What's new then?

New league mechanic is that you summon some shit sentinels which make mobs hit you harder for little to no reward. Basically nothing.


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>streamer starts game
>kills first monster and it drops a four link
>kills next monster and a couple support gems drop
>beat hillock, tabula
>get out of the first town, chaos orb explosion
>Hehe, yeah bro, GGG doesn't make you a second class citizen who is forced to picking scraps from the trash
Yeah, ok.

mentally illness

will play my ~150 hours and have fun with a freezing pulse totem build.
i still like poe probably because i havent tried every build in the game like Yea Forums or /vg/ did.

>ITT a bunch of faggots that clearly don't play the game but feel the need to complain anyway
League looks boring and potentially annoying to interact with, like Archnem, but the core game is getting better and better. POE has never been in a better state. Can't wait to try the uber uber bosses.

I didn't play EA last patch so i'm league starting champion EA totems, if I live long enough I'll swap into omni lightning strike but I reckon I'll die to some 4 archnem modded harvest mob in red maps before I get to.

games been shit since 3.0

>I don't play videogames, let me explain you the last twit I read about it 5 years ago, because mom says I'm special
Fucking tertiaries, I swear to god.

New Atlas passives include notables which allow you to disable League content you don't like completely. And two passives, one where enemies do 25% less damage but have 50% health, and reverse where they do more damage but have less health.

>STILL required t do the story when Diablo 3 solved it years ago

Not playing

Fuck the league, what mechanics you blocking? My current plan in HC is to block everything but harvest and heist until t13 where i'll unblock blight, the rest can suck my nuts.

>getting filtered by the first 4 hours in a league that lasts 3 months

Blight, Ritual and maybe Harvest. Rest is insta block.

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Is it fun for singleplayer only?

>haha, what do you mean the campaign is a glorified tutorial and unnecessary six hour time tax? What are six hours anyway in the grand scheme of your time playing the game? Just repeat the campaign over and over again. xD

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I would in fact say it's only fun in singleplayer, multiplayer is a mess. With that said though you'll still want to be playing "with" friends, just not in the party/group setting. It's a pretty hard game to get into and having people there to guide you is necessary unless you are a very specific type of person.

i think most people play single player except for the market interactions and some go a step further and play solo self found 100% singleplayer.

I don't have any friends. I am just looking to quench that D2 itch and I decline to give any money to Blizzard for Ressurected.

It is 100% singleplayer for me. Thanks user.

i did this, poe looks like a mess at the beginning too much info but i had a turbo addict friend guiding me and some other friends.

If you are looking to scratch a d2 itch and are the type of person who actively seeks out games that sacrifice approachability for depth then PoE is literally going to be a game you'll play for years and years.

It's suuuuuper cringe to even mention this but if you actually want a fair shot of getting into the game boot it up on friday when the new league is out, choose the "sentinel league" and just follow some build by a guy named zizaran, hes cringe as fuck but without friends to guide you it's either content creators or going in blind which is something I wouldn't recommend.

Thanks brah, I'll check it out. Coincidentally, I have whole Friday + weekend free.

>Complaining about having to level up in the first 4 hours of the game.
Casual detected.

>Six hours
What a scrub, it takes 4 hours max, unless you're playing on first League day and the servers are having a seizure.

>path of shit
its shit

I'm blocking Heist, Metamorph, Ritual and Blight at first, even though I really like Blights. I just want to try out Breaches and Legions with their nodes instead and see if they make those shitty things fun

it used to be like that, but now, after 5+ years of listening to reddit's cries for more, more, more it's just a two button game where you click once to kill everything on screen and then click again to teleport to the next screen
it's dead, you missed it, you're never going to scratch that itch

For me, it's totems.

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Legions fun is entirely dependent on build, if you cant consistently full clear the entire legion every time dont bother.

Show me how you get to maps in 4 hrs faggot

>just a two button game where you click once to kill everything on screen and then click again to teleport to the next screen

Have you even played d2 you fucking retard? Thats exactly what that game is as well.