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Keep posting.


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Imagine the intellect of the type of person who reads Sonic comic books.


>Imagine being 6-11 years old or autistic

>he doesn't know
user... Metal Sonic is gonna absorb Surge and Kit to become Neo Metal Sonic again...

Go back

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IDW Sonic, no less.

thats how you know theyre siblings lol

Chris Chan?

Sonic is for people who somehow think Dragon Ball Z isn't autistic enough for their tastes.

The fuck is this OC Donutsteel?

I don't have to imagine

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Isn't this the edgy OC of the writer for Sonic Frontiers?

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Discount Surge.

Comics are non canon.
CHADow still remains supreme.

Surge the Tenrec

Basically, an original villain named Dr. Starline wants to prove to Eggman that someone can beat Sonic, so he kidnapped a couple of people and bio-engineered them to replace Sonic and Tails as heroes. She's got electric powers because Tails is afraid of thunderstorms and her partner, Kitsunami has water powers because Sonic can't swim.

She's also designed based off of the Ashura glitch

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>reading non-canon material
why? i'll never understand this

>an original villain named Dr. Starline wants to prove to Eggman that someone can beat Sonic
Doesn't Eggman beat Sonic a fuckton of times and more often than not just let him go or tries to beat him in specific ways when he could just blow his shit up if he wanted to most of the time?
That aside, that sounds like some kid was hired to make an arc.

This is all i see whenever someone posts Sonic comics, i wonder if the time will come when the sonic movies will be weighted down by the plethora of nonsensical OC DONUT STEEL.

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If Sonic is supposed to be cool then why is it so cringy and lame?

>Doesn't Eggman beat Sonic a fuckton of times and more often than not just let him go or tries to beat him in specific ways when he could just blow his shit up if he wanted to most of the time?

>That aside, that sounds like some kid was hired to make an arc.
It's written by the person writing Frontiers.

This art is unironically more appealing than that trash in the OP

>i wonder if the time will come when the sonic movies will be weighted down by the plethora of nonsensical OC DONUT STEEL.
It already has

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that's because memes have fried your brain

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Yeah, I'm pretty sure he does.
Most of the games start in scenarios where he ALREADY won and you're just changing the future or something.
There's this, too youtube.com/watch?v=mqHxGoFERZw, and all the games like Sonic Adventure where he also wins (gets all the emeralds), he just get betrayed by Chaos and whatever he summons each time because lmao writers.

The storytelling in Sonic comics always feel like the kind of stories you might have come up with when playing with your toys in the tub when you were 6. Or is that the point?

schizophrenic samefag

No that's just Ian Flynn's ability as a writer

Big the cat ?

i'm still trying to find out if this is a shitpost somebody made or a page from a larger comic

I just dont take seriously storylines about cartoon animals.

Kefla the Tenrec :''Oi Sonic, show me your Hyper form."

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No, most of the games are Sonic stumbling into Eggman's plan to take over the world. I can only think of a handful of Times Eggman has gotten the best out of Sonic at the beginning of a game

>Sonic 3 - has knuckles steal the chaos emeralds
Sonic Labriynth - steals his shoes
Sonic Unleashed - cracks the planet open
Sonic Forces - Has Infinite kick Sonic's ass and captures him

That's like four times. Every other time, it's like "Hey Eggman, whatcha up to? Something bad? Haha, I'll stop you!"

She the 'Boon

Big the Bitch

nothing wrong with that in concept for a children's franchise.

This shit is Sylvanas 2.0

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Isn't she a dyke as well?

>Or is that the point

I assure you, the people who write those comics think they're good.

Ian Flynn doesn't like making any explicit shipping stuff after being harrassed by Sonally and Sonamy posters during his Archie days.

don't worry user the scary OC will get her butt kicked by Sonic next issue

>being harrassed by sonic fans
Imagine having that in your resume.

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So what is this the beginning of a new Ken Penders Knuckles style arc where we watch an author shill his OC until SEGA has to step in and reboot the comic?

Someone explain scourge to me

I don't even read Sonic comics, I just thought it was funny lol

He might take his shilling even further than Penders and shoehorn her in a game


Dr Starline is also based off the Wechina glitch from Knuckles Chaotix

and Kit is based off of some obscure glitch that turns Tails blue

>Sonic games are bad and have been for decades
>Sonic comics are debatably worse

What is it that drives Sonic fans to stay engaged with this property? It's like the worse it is, the more people eat it up. It's like Star Wars.

Everything IDW does goes through Sega first.

>Ian Flynn
>A good writer

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It really isn't but keep being a retard, idc.

How can you fuck up a character as simple as Sonic, are they just failed writers who want to turn it into something grandiose and edgy

>posting out of context pages like it means something
Many such cases.

Why don't you post more panels to prove me wrong then

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Sonic but evil, so evil he turned green and started wearing a jacket and sunglasses. “Owned” by Ken Penders (more like nobody wants to deal with him and its a shit character anyway)

Nobody buys these for the quality of the writing

Setting the playable character in Sonic 3 past the acceptable settings, resulting in Knuckles with Sonics palette and Tail’s name in act passed messages

Sonic was routinely written like a neutered monarchist hotheaded simp under Flynn, context doesn't help it. While we're at it, Shadow was an insufferable bleeding heart hippie and Omega was a wholesome chungus quip dispenser who liked cute things

Ian Flynn has never once written anybody in character

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don't kick the autistic user

let him post same handful of pages from Tails vs. Sonic issues and Treasure Team Tango like he always does

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That's rich coming from a shit eating faggot

Tight green pussy and an unwashed asshole

it just figures that Ken Penders' first story for the comic would be an "evil twin" story, the most autistic trope of them all. And it would only deteriorate from there.

>Ian Flynn has never once written anybody in character

All of Ian Flynn's characters talk the same and have the same personality. They all read like Ian Flynn's message board posts.

Why then, for the art? You could do so much better if that were the case.

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Metal Sonic is such a jobber he makes Fang look impressive, fucking hell. I feel so bad for Metalkeks

Oh and he has Tails’ tails

>nonsensical OC DONUT STEEL.
user, have you ever played a Sonic game before?

>Sonic was routinely written like a neutered monarchist hotheaded simp
Interesting, if true.

Hmmm today I will write a comic!
>10 pages of fucking nothing
>Last page or two suddenly has some BIG MOMENT which characters freaking out and a cliffhanger
>Next issue
>"Phew sure glad that wasn't actually a big deal gang!"
>10 pages of fucking nothing again
Perfectly paced! This will warrant my writing spot on the games for sure!

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Not the quality of the art, no. As long as the characters look on model to how they appear in the crappy games, people are happy.

>Bowsette but Sonic

real creative Ian

No, we must absolutely kick the autistic. How else will people know how to not be retarded?

Shit I meant surge

So... brand recognition?

Bro wtf is this garbage

So wait, does that mean Tails is going to end up fucking Surge?

his face is so fat he looks like two people tried merging together but stopped 90% of the way

I swear to god not one single person bitching about this stuff has a real opinion, it's all just autistic madlibs

How long until the Archie autist rocks up?

>open thread
>/sthg/ is leaking again

If you see a thing and it reminds you of a thing you like, don't forget to clap

If I thought he could be subtle I'd tell you he was already here
Look at the state of this thread, then at the IP count

How fucked is your [INSERT] the Hedgehog anons?

>autistic madlibs

Sonic comics in a nutshell

What is it with official game characters jobbing to OC donut steels in these comics?

Ah yes Sonic, the guy who loves freedom, definitely a deep rooted monarchy supporter.

How dare you insult the creativity of the great Ian Flynn. We at r/sonicthehedgehog didn't create movement for you to badmouth the man behind such gripping stories like Creepypasta Zombie Apocalypse

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Metal jobbing to put Sonic over is like his entire purpose as a character, it has never not happened

Metal is shit, get dunked on Metalfags.

Power fantasy. It appeals to people who create super-duper-ultra-high-power-level OCs in their heads to defeat and win the admiration/reverence of the characters they are obsessed with. Same thing often happens with DBZ, for the exact same reason.

>goku shit but furries.
My only contact with Sonic universe is TGT and Chris chan saga and i would like to keep it that way, thanks.

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>Why does the owner of the coldsteels make the official characters job to his OCs
Gee whiz user wonder why