Why is the Switch so popular?

Why is the Switch so popular?


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It has games

I own 3 Switches

I think it's actually going to do it, it's going to outsell the DS and PS2.

They are in stock.
They have games.

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Nintendo didn't abandon Japan for California.

> lives in asia
> 4 hour commute to work
> 12 hour shifts
> 4 hours commute back to work
> shoebox apartment that barely fits a 27 inch tv
> doesnt know english so can consume only localized games

why is the switch so popular

If Nintendo put out a Switch 'Pro' upgrade instead of an entirely new platform and they do the first price drop on the original hardware? Definitely.

It's definitely outselling PS4 by the start of the next fiscal year, but I don't know if they're going to outsell the PS2 before the successor comes out. They're forecasting around 18-20 million sales max this year due to shortages, and with sales inevitably declining it would likely take until 2025 to get close to or breach the PS2's 155 million. I think we'll see a Switch successor by 2024, and if Nintendo is smart it'll be backwards compatible with Switch and not too radically different from it, that way they can keep the momentum going.

Its portable, and it has games that apparently a lot of people really like.

Literally all they need to do to continue their current success is upgrade the hardware and keep everything else as it is. Considering they've done so for the GB and DS, chances are good that a Switch successor would be just that.

Hopefully the latest China shutdowns aren't as disruptive as a lot of companies have moved production out of China during the last two years of interrupted manufacturing.

People like novel shit.

Japan does soemthing similar to what i saw germany dking during the third reich. They make novel things to keep people entertained, like the food rations coming with uniquely packed cigarettes.

I'd honestly love if they could match or do better than the Steam Deck's current hardware. If Nintendo could get good enough hardware to do current gen games at a solid 30FPS and without needing black magic porting teams doing resolution scaling trickery to get it to run, they'd get loads more 3rd party support and could probably even outdo the Switch's success.


Say what you want about it, but it is the only current video game platform with actual games on it. They may not necessarily be great games, but they are games.

What's this board going to be like, when it outsells the PS4 this year?

You need to go back, /pol/lack.

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Releasing a "pro"/New3DS-ish model alongside BotW2 and cutting the price of the "normal" model could probably do it.

Seek help.

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people buying 2013 ps4 in 2022?

>Japan does soemthing similar to what i saw germany dking during the third reich. They make novel things to keep people entertained, like the food rations coming with uniquely packed cigarettes.
What does that even mean?

Just remember Nintendo still haven't given the original model a price cut, so they can still do that to get even more sales. The DS had god knows how many of those

>snoys bragged about the Ps4 selling like gangbusters for almost 5 years, maybe longer
>Nintendo fans will now do the same thing, for perhaps a larger period of time
>xbox fans will gladly jerk off gamepass sales and profit margins

Why is everyone on this board a shill?

>They're forecasting around 18-20 million sales max this year
They are forecasting 21 million

console retards wouldn't be all over Yea Forums if they had interesting games to play, every indie hit that comes out needs 1-2 years in the oven to release on consoles (minecraft, terraria, stardew, hades, ect ect ect) so they come here to make themselves feel good about their 500$ brick that they just paid 60$ for a 13 year old port of game

If consoletards are here because they don't have games to play, and you do, then why are you here?

That's true I had the wrong number. I still think that's a bit of a conservative guess on Nintendo's part though. Sales declined 20% last year compared to 2020 and Nintendo wasn't affected all that much by hardware shortages. They're predicting a 10% decline over last year just due to hardware shortages, but they're not really accounting for the fact that it seems like the Switch has already hit its peak in 2020 and is probably going to continue to steadily decline now without some stopgap measures like a price cut.

People were buying the shit out of PS4s last year due to not being able to find a PS5 anywhere. PS4s were sold out almost everywhere for a while.

My living room has 5 but one is broken

> Holy shit I love the taste of corporate cock.
The thread.

because i have Yea Forums on my 3rd monitor and I use my 1st for games and 2nd for twitch. its that easy

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There needs to be a new console maker that offers a different flavor of games from what we have currently. Nintendo is always gonna Nintendo, but Sony dropped the ball over a decade ago and they've been fumbling around in the dark with their pants around their ankles for a long time now. And Microsoft is just Sony-lite and are largely irrelevant.

because you're an insufferable delusional incel faggot with a mindset poisoned by the literal dumbest group of humans beings on the internet.

They got everyone with pokemon cards too.

There were identically functuonal cards but there was a reverse holographic nowz and you need to collect that to complete your collection.

Or the wii. It has a unique shape and ITS GAMES use the novel motion controls whereas your old boring consoles use those centuries old joysticks and familiar button layout. Look! Weve got a steering wheel and gun you can put your wii mote into as well! Buy now, consumer

The MREs used in the Reich's military came packaged with cigarettes, and they had a nice little case for them. Which was neat for the time and caught the eye. Even as a child i recall going to these festivals where they demonstrated old technologies and theyd have novel versions of mundane things and i wanted to collect them; containers (boxes, chests, bags) with ornate features or useful functions, unique chess sets at the flea market, model cars that were slightly more functional than what you could buy at the general store (i love mini versions of things, especially if they were fully functional), miniturized towns or buildings with lots of details (like a gumball machine that took quarters just outside the building like youd see irl). Anyways, this was a festival set up my mostly germans and some polish. Novelty sold like mad.


>because you're an insufferable delusional incel faggot with a mindset poisoned by the literal dumbest group of humans beings on the internet.
What did i say to lead you to believe that?


>2nd monitor for Twitch
I pray to god this is bait.

It launched with the greatest game of all time. Then it received lots of great games like Dread, SMO, S2 etc


The problem with that is that almost everyone trying to break into the market is incompetent. Google faceplanted hard, Amazon is trying the same thing but literally no one gives a shit, Valve only tries their own hardware projects out on a small scale and that's just steam shit anyway, and no one else really has the balls to try and step in with the big boys. The only company I could see having an infinitesimally small chance of doing something would be Sega if they threw all their chips in and tried again, but they're not going to do that, and all a new Sega console would be is a dedicated weeb machine if they could even manage to steal that market segment from Nintendo.

go back to listening to fox news on your mom's living room tv while you play on your console

>Nintendo wasn't affected all that much by hardware shortages.
They had to lower their forecast by 1.5 million before entering the last quarter and were overwhelmed by the holiday demand. There was mention of being able to sort for EU and JP but that NA was not manageable, which is likely the primary contributor to the January sales dipping so hard. The peak thing doesn't work on multiple levels, especially considering Nintendo's history and the current circumstances of the market, their software output, and more.

>They got everyone with pokemon cards too.
Yeah, and so did the MLB and Magic the Gathering.

>the nintendo switch is a commercial success
>this reminds me of what was done during the third reich
>what did I say to make you immediatly (and correctly) assume I was a /pol/tard???
it's a real mystery, chud, we may never know

nintendies throw temper tantrums all the time a smash thier fisher price tablets so they constantly have to replace them

lmao the only game pcfags play is "post on Yea Forums 14 hours a day"

It appeals to woman

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It won't happen unless they slash the base model price to $150 and start selling it in the third world markets like Brazil and India. But they won't because they rather not sell their hardware to third worlders who are pirating their software.

This is what they did with the Wii U and 3DS and both were flops in comparison to their preds.

I'll take a dedicated weeb machine as long as it wasn't all jrpgs. If you had quirky shit like Space Channel 5, Crazy Taxi, or Jet Grind Radio I would accept that.

>>the nintendo switch is a commercial success
>>this reminds me of what was done during the third reich

Because japan and the third reich were allies. How does me citing this historical fact make you think this

> >what did I say to make you immediatly (and correctly) assume I was a /pol/tard???

lockdown boost

user sega is nearly dead and irrelevant. That company is on life support. Sonic their mascot struggles to sell more then a million becouse of how bad its games have gotten

> calls people mutts
> thinks discord is a community
> thinks twitch is a community

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I hope they at least put out a dreamcast mini before they die


That would be a smart business decision user. Not something modern Sega is known for

>make shit hardware
>mention zelda, pokemon and mario to americunts and japs
>mention retro games to nostalgiafags
>easy $$$

>Yeah, and so did the MLB and Magic the Gathering.
So you agree there novelty sells

Also topkek at your defensive sounding comment.

>reeeee don't criticize Japan for anything

Is what you sound like, and thats definitely not whats being talked about

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where is your proof. Someone merely mentioning the third reich doesnt make your case.

I find it very strange that youd even make that connection.


this years million sellers

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>if Nintendo is smart
I hope so but it is Nintendo's style to do something retarded like make a completely different console that isn't backwards compatible.

One price cut later and it's going to outsell PS2 no sweat.