Where did it all go so wrong? What killed Master Duel?

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No boomer mode, no "make the ai use your deck in solo mode" option, no option to filter asians so you don't have to deal with them

behold my secret spice for this format

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>What killed Master Duel?
The fact that Yugioh's gameplay at it's very core is fucked right down to the fundamentals probably doesn't help

i feel like the win/lose outcomes of games are decided at the coinflip and by whoever is playing the newest archtype. There are hardly any upsets or comebacks in yugioh. I'm not sure if this is applies to all card games but I definitely notice it here

lovey dovey sex with drident

Multifaker is at 1

region lock would be so fucking nice im tired of playing zhangs numerons and quans sword souls

>and by whoever is playing the newest archtype.

All Swordsoul build I fought so far has like 1-2 backrow destruction. It is unironically easier to handle them compare to a fucking Madolche which somehow always pack 3-4 backrow clearer.


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all card games have rng. the possibility of drawing a bad hand is a fundamental design of the genre and being able to use your resources to turn a bad hand into a winning board state is one of the most satisfying features about these games.

however, yugioh has degenerated to the point where the goal of meta decks is to literally stop your opponent from playing in one or two turns. that plus the fact that master duel only has Best of 1 instead of Best of 3 with Side Decks means that yes, Master Duel is a complete RNG fest and a huge percentage of matches are entirely dictated by who wins the coinflip and whether your opponent drew their hand traps on turn 1 or not

yugioh is pretty much a clown game. a lot of people play it because of sunk cost fallacy/nostalgia and others just embrace the clown game status

That's why I switched to a better game.

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MD surveys makes me think about kowtowing Konami salarymans for some reason.

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i would kill for an online version of this

wish me luck trying to get friends to try digimon. this game looks so cool

Don't even think of playing the game with cards you like or you won't stand a chance, I've stopped playing once I reached platinum


>not throwing games to stay in gold for maximum fun

also is omega mon in?

I'm curious as to what people think the fundamentals of the game are at this point.

I played back when the card game first came out(probably still have shit from my Kaiba starter deck somewhere) so my point of reference for fundamentals is the oldest ruleset.

These days with so many new card types and summoning mechanics and the ubiquity of card groups that are basically just super reliable 15-chain game enders it seems to me like what is "fundamental" about the game has changed incredibly, and very much for the worse.

I feel like they need to basically reboot the game so they can consolidate the card types and rebalance everything, and then commit to not adding a half dozen new kinds of monster card.


isn't that what speed duels are? even the spells have costs and shit

I don't know, I only play solo Legacy of the duellist with some mods. That way I can play with my favourite decks and not get trainwrecked.

>All the DPE Swordsoul complains in last thread
Who the fuck plays DPE Swordsoul?!?!
Is it one guy samefagging?

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literally everyone in plat is playing that

Where did it all go so wrong? What killed Magic the Gathering Arena?

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All the Omegamon variants except Alter-B are in.

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wotc are even more retarded, lazy jews than konami, unironically

Gay shit

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Chinese bot accounts.
Anons with 10+ accounts using nothing but meta decks to farm like faggots.
Netdecking top 4 meta every single update.

>literally everyone (I lost to) in plat is playing that

Hope you guys did the survey and bitched about reducing the timer like me.

im eating them with dinos its just so boring to see the same fucking deck

Look at this fucking chink. paused and slow played for 10+ fucking minutes.
probably a fucking bugman bot anyways.. fuck i goddamn hate those fucking chinks.
I can't stand it anymore..

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Online version when?

Throwing games is boring

WotC's greed, laziness and decision making, and the shitiness of New Capenna after the greatness of Kamigawa.
Still fundamentally a much better game than YuGiOh though.

the new kamigawa looked really soulless

The story was mostly well told and actually interesting (I basically never care about the story), and for Limited it was unironically a GOAT level set. My only problem with the set is that people kept calling it Cyberpunk, when it clearly wasn't.

I'm drawing cards as memes, what's some popular shit I should draw?

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YGO definitely has a faster pace in the early turns (although certain formats in MTG, for example, are about the same these days) but this applies to pretty much all card games. You speak of things like "upsets" and "comebacks" and while of course those things do exist the fact that you think of them as a natural part of a card game makes me think you have a wrong idea of what card games are actually like probably derived from watching the YGO anime.

Nice. Here's some random requests, if you feel like doing any of these (can't go wrong with staple cards)
Maxx C
Solemn Judgement
Super Poly

We have a Chaos Giant meme card, it's about time we get a Liebe one as well.

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Would love AI using my deck mode.

Also I don't care for the extreme card text stuff where the guys summon three fusion monsters on turn one. I just want to play Toon World and lose on turn 10, not play Toon World and lose on turn 1 after my opponent takes a single turn that lasts six minutes.

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I can't believe Duel Links won

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jewnami's greed and incompetence


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El Dorado? More like La Perra DoradaHDY0G

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Do they have s3x?

Clown banlist
No content
Trash playerbase
Dead game

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the anime is way better than the shitty game though

I just want sex with a little girl card is that too much to ask?

Then go watch anime and stop complaining when card games aren't played like in a fucking TV show.

This Maxx C card is based off my favourite interaction

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Please be honest with me, is this game more interesting when played in BO3?

Imagine your deck.
But all the more specific handtraps are on the sideboard and your main deck is like 5-6 cards better.

Them forcing you to play with people at your rank only really seemed to kill the variety of decks. Before you could climb with a rogue or off-meta deck and occasionally run into someone lower ranked than you giving you an easier match or an Plat 1 bro running memes or even someone at rank up point trying to stay in their medal rank. Now it's 90% metafags going up to 100% once you hit Diamond. The only people not playing the usual top tiers are the people playing floodgate stun decks.

I went back to TDOANE, Master Duel feels so slow... I don't know why, I have a great connection, and no matter what country I'm playing with, the animations get slow. The Solo mode is really fast compared to the online mode, and that should be the standard. What the hell is going on? Is Konami fucking up something?

YGO killed it
It should have been a game about duel masters

No user-defined banlists, no sidedecking support, no working tournament mode, no BO3/BO5, BO1 ranked only. Banlist updates take forever, new cards take forever, good events take forever, paying for packs is ridiculously expensive, shit cosmetic rewards, shit battle pass.

What splashable cards does Yea Forums use in all of their decks? I need something to spend my 10k gems on and my gift boxes are piling up. I'm afraid they'll expire when I least expect it.

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