Silksong.......DOES EXIST!!!!!!!!!!!

silksong.......DOES EXIST!!!!!!!!!!!

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Daily reminder that Team Cherry fell apart due to some tranny-related drama.
Silksong never ever.

what's this new meme
I don't follow one piss

This is what you get for disrespecting pronouns, chud.


>new meme
More like newfag

quick rundown is trannies
ruin everything they touch like women, but are also ugly as shit

whitebeard, a former member of rogers pirate crew (the pirate king who hid the one piece), confirmed the existence of the one piece, giving new life to pirates around the world

"my bad"
What's this new fag
I don't follow one piss

>whitebeard, a former member of rogers pirate crew
spee d. reader

Basically one of team cherry members decided to troon out, while another kept deadnaming him or w/e.
They had a big fight, and now absolutely refuse to have anything with each other.
The remaining dev is doing his best to keep face, while trying to convince those two to sell the IP.

finally.... found the shovel knight thread...

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t. tranny obsessed larper

Is his moustache suppose to be a bone or something? God, One Piece is fucking gay.

>whitebeard, a former member of rogers pirate
No, that's Buggy D. Clown.

no, it's just in the shape of a crescent

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I made it up

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BWAHAHAHA I always knew this shitty game was for troons
Rest in piss

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I also like to just make shit up

>trannies literally ruining everything
Fuck's sake.


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>he can't even read the wiki correctly
fucking retard

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Give me your cutest Chopper pics!

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you would immeasurably improve my day if you told me this wasn't true, even if you have to lie, just please recant it

Why do people hire troons?

Relax, it's just a joke. Trust me, the news media would be all over it, if it was true.

Boyfriend of the Pirate King*

>whitebeard, a former member of rogers pirate crew

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>automatically believing sourceless shit you read on a Zimbabwean mine clearing forum
You're never going to make it

thank you my friend.


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>be one piece
>jump the shark
why did it happen bros

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Well a Indie world showcase is gonna happen today so maybe well get some Silksong news...
Eh, who am I kidding. We're more likely to get Ori 3 announced then Silksong news

Think for a moment, there are absolutely no updates about either the project or the team.
It's all completely true, unfortunately.

The only thing that's true is you've never seen a woman's pussy before

>Original game launched on PC
>this now means Silksong is only ever going to be at Nintendo shows

Only women and soйs use that as an insult.
Tranny defense force has arrived.

Hackazaki trippled the amount of troons amongst gamers, I hope he is proud of himself

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>It's obvious that he's full of shit
>um.... you're a tranny
My friend. I'm just point out facts here
You spend most of your days spreading lies on Yea Forums then getting laid

>t. triggered f*moid/tr*nny

>doing his best to keep face
By stringing people along and allowing them to believe the game is still happening?

Gotta make sure that the IP has some hype, so it appears more valuable for potential buyers.

I'm not even trans schizo
I don't even like trannies

tranny obsessed retards aside, have there been any recent updates on the game?

No... there haven't been an update. Really in years
The closest thing we got to "news" was Team cherry saying "It can’t be too much longer, surely!"


Use your brain for a second.
Hollow Knight/ Silksong are huge.
If Team Cherry broke up it'd be all over the news everywhere and a quick google search would bring up dozens of articles from RePuTaBlE gaming sites.

>Asking the schizo to source his bullshit
You know better user

>whitebeard, a former member of rogers pirate crew

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>whitebeard, a former member of rogers pirate crew
Yeah just like how Shanks is a former member of Blackbeard pirates right?

Some asshole with second-hand connections to one of devs revealed this here.
Remember Fez's development for second.
The team broke with absolutely no news, until that shitty indie movie came out.
They are keeping it all hush-hush until they resolve the internal drama in some way.

And how Luffy's father is Darth Vader

lol okay

>second-hand connections
Could you at least try

Even if this might be false 99.99% it is a likely outcome.
Fuck troons and their disease.

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I grow tired of your copes.
We'll see when the game comes out. Oh wait, it won't.


>Y-you're coping
Seethe you stupid shitposter
Try again with a fake news article next time

and the name of that troon ?
albert einstein

>doesn't have a beard

*becomes the protagonist of the most popular manga in the world*
Nothing personell weebs

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all i got is this

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You know if you somehow shill this enough it could garner attention from journalist, and if they publish it team cherry might just come out and say what's taking so long.

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