Star citizen

why does Yea Forums seethe so much about this fun space game?

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no one cares go shill somewhere else fag

Yea Forums hates anything that is good, this is also why most of them are racists and virgins.

This is the third time or so i've seen a star citizen thread here this year, what are you on about?

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this shitty thread deserves derailment.

Dead horse, dead game.

its p2w before release?

>niggers and muslims good
Unironically better than your pasty cracker ass. Star citizen a shit tho.

Wing Commander was better.

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A large portion of Yea Forums users are console only poors so they're attitude towards star citizen is just sour grapes

you started off by assuming my complexity must actually be super white. your bait game is quite embarrassing, my child. back to lurking.

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Emberassing post. Star citizen is more successful than you will ever be.

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because they don't understand that you aren't just paying for the fun space game, you're also paying for this level of detail.

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I'm going to go spend $12,000 on star citizen ships right now

>Wanted for classified
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>this is so much fun
I've never heard anyone who hadn't ivnested hundred/thousands of dollars say this.
Any friend who owns the game through a standard license doesn't have but complains or dissappointment for it.

>Wanted For: Classified
That's retarded. Why not just use something generic like "terrorism" or "government espionage" instead of literally nothing.

Post yfw you haven't bought scam citizen

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I'm going to kill Star Citizen

100%. They just dont want people to exact revenge personally

I can't help, but always read it as David "Anal" Wolfner

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You might be right but that's just an anecdote from your narrow view and personal experience . Meanwhile the game is getting hundreds of thousands of new players and millions of funds this year.
Also the game is becoming a hit on youtube with postive videos gaining popularity.

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The shills can't meme.

Watching these abused nerds try and shill their perpetually-unfinished game is more enjoyable and fun then the game ever could have been.

chud arrives on cue lmao


But unless that turns into actual developers changes, it's as useful as 0.
The game has already surpased mroe than twice the budget of some of the biggest games ever made and isn't even halfway through.
A lot of people keeps coming, around the same that leaves, ebcause all that's happening is that they're discovering the game and obviously getting fascinated by it due how it looks and aims to do.
Then they discover it's been in development for years and join the queue... to then find out why it's been so long like that. Because nothing happens. you get 1 update per year at best with some features that seem to be growing towards a goal that doesn't exist.
It's feature creep: the videogame, and the longer it stays up, the more noticeable it will be.
There are a lot of videos talking about how cool it looks, as much as videos warning about the danger of investing in it.

I personally don't care much for it. As an autistic sim player, I'm more than happy to see a space game like this being made. But anyone who digs, reads the developers interviews, ex-employees experiences at the company and articles on it will realize there's no plan on finish the game, jsut to keep milking it because the game in your mind is way better than any game they'll ever make.


That's just not true though. The game has been getting 4+ updates per year consistently since 2018. This information is easily verifiable so i don't how you got misinformed on this.

Then I guess development is going smoothly and we'll have the game ready next year or around the time, right?
Otherwise I don't see why a game would be getting such a constant stream of updates but still be less than halfway done after 10 years.

>It doesn't NEED the Gunman Duel Disk
>It doesn't NEED TobyMac to do the soundtrack
>It doesn’t NEED to confirm TES8 SKYRIM: OVER THE NEXUS 52% EDITION
>It doesn't MATTER that no one on Yea Forums played Battle Brawlers or VJ
>It doesn't MATTER that DMC1>DMC3
>It doesn't NEED Kamiya as a game designer
>It doesn't MATTER that the ladder can’t be climbed, a feat Final Fight 2(and games before it) pulled off long ago
>It doesn’t NEED a ladder
>it doesn't MATTER that FO76 was trash
>IT doesn't MATTER that this is the same company that gave you ended up with a shitty story, niggers, thousands of bugs and 4 dialogue options 2 of which are basically the same (again, kek) with FO4
>It doesn't MATTER that the spaceships look like PS1 assets
>It doesn't MATTER that NEOS makes a cameo appearance
>It doesn't MATTER that the RPG mechanics kill whatever fun the gameplay had
>It doesn’t NEED a genre shift which is a homage to Viewtiful Joe
>It doesn't MATTER that the waifufags are going to invade all game discussion
>It doesn't MATTER that ACfag btfo Yea Forums every time he appears
>It doesn't MATTER that Todd killed the WRPG genre
>It doesn't MATTER that the tutorial is too long
>It doesn't MATTER that the story is sci-fi crap
>It doesn't NEED to STEAL MY SHOW
>It doesn't NEED to work on release, a patch will fix it
>It doesn't MATTER that the engine is reused
>It doesn't MATTER that Warrior released a decade ago
>It doesn’t MATTER that the game is disappointing at best and mediocre at worst.
>it doesnt have to have fun flying
>it doesnt have to have engaging combat
>it doesnt need to look good, shut up graphicspleb
>it doesnt not need to use an engine from 2004

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Cool. So when's it fucking coming out?
Oh that's right. Never.

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>hedonism good
Explain why not.
You are not allowed to reply if you're a bitter virgin.

Not necessarily. Different projects take varying times to complete depending on scale and ambition. A 2d platformer wont take as much time as an MMO. Its fair to say the scale of the SC project is unprecedented so its understandable for it to take longer to finish. With that in mind there are major gameplay pillars (combat trading mining refueling and scavenging) to verify that the game is progressing. Refueling was added last update and scavenging is scheduled for the next one for example . If this progress was insufficient or slow people wouldve left long ago but they kept playing because new gameplay is being added evey three months.

What's "emberassing"?

unearned pleasure consumes itself
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Hedonism is nothing except either chasing progressively stronger sources of dopamine or just slowly destroying yourself with drugs/alcohol,etc.
It is ultimately destructing and unrewarding.
Not that full-on workaholic no-fun-allowed corporate wagie simp is much better.

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this, but unironically

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Mandalore made this video 6 years ago, in that time nothing has changed, it really is a cult.

Technically, no. There was the Battlecruiser project, Derek Smart's thing. It had roughly similar scale (minus graphics), and it, well, didn't work out. Which makes him credible in my eyes - dude's been through a similar failure, so when he calls out SC on making the exact same mistakes he made, it makes sense to me.

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>shilltuber link
kys cultist

by the time this game is released the game is going to look dated, lumberyard as an engine isn't fit for purpose, i wouldn't be supprised if the engine is scrapped and then they move to UE 5 or something, 11 years in development this is their latest update, This looks like a 100% shitpost. 500 Million 11 years.

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kys cultist

You mean Derek Smart's desktop commander? I remember he had to kneel and admit that seamless planet-space travel without loading screens is impossible until it was achieved by Star Citizen engineers.

kys cultist

More like star seethizen lol

people who say things like this don't understand how engines work

My only problem with this game is that I still have the same PC from when I gave the basic pledge.
So the game is now at a playable state, but not on my PC.

Is Lumberyard still a dumpster fire? It was one of the reasons Amazon's games were failures before New World.