What do you blame for the death of creativity in video games...

What do you blame for the death of creativity in video games? Is it executive meddling or something further down the chain?

I personally think it's down to the sorts of people who fill the developer role. Back when we were growing up those people didn't grow up with video games so they built video games on the inspiration of their childhoods going out and experiencing the world. A lot of developers now are people whose childhood is defined by the video games they played so you have too many developers taking a "I get to make the thing I grew up with but now *I* get to decide!" view of development, which is resulting in sterility and conceptual inbreeding.

The fact mid-tier game development projects (the so-called "AA" titles) rarely get greenlit by the big publishers/studios is also very much part of the blame, though.

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none of that $60 multiplayer only bullshit

>What do you blame for the death of creativity in video games?
Jews and women


I blame fans. Always have.

But they keep me so cool in the summer!

Kikes, sjws, suits, Kotaku

Aversion to risk because of the immense amount of money being involved nowadays is one thing, but what rarely gets stressed is the impact of development team size and digital Taylorism. For example, there's not really much soul and personal creativity you can put into the game's visuals when your entire job is to churn out barrels while the guy in the other cubicle models cargo crates. Everything ends up safe, dull and generic.

>write a thoughtful post trying to target real reasons for an ongoing problem in the game industry
>Yea Forums just responds with its usual brigade of bullshit instead of having a conversation

This board is hopeless.

If creativity is stymied it's not a decision that came from within the studio. The only people who could get in the way of actual originality are the people who want to see it succeed.

Are you of the opinion that IP holders need to find the willingness kill a long-running franchise in the interest of breaking through creative ceilings?

There is creativity, just the people holding the money expecting returns don't give a shit about your creativity, they want profit.

>namefag is actually this stupid

And the sad part is you wrote a pretty thoughtful post too.

It's just not possible that a studio that wants to sell more units would handicap itself creatively.

I would say this is more about what sorts of creativity can rise to the surface.

I (the OP) think there is a gulf of creativity that exists at the core of game development because of the aforementioned sterility that exists due to the things that modern game developers draw on when seeking inspiration.

Capitalist corporations dumbing everything down to the lowest common denominator to reach a wider audience to max profit gains.
Its really that simple and the entire entertainment industry has suffered as a result.

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Well shouldn't you be welcoming companies remastering old games then? At least they're saying "these are still good games, we're just trying to bring them up to the standards of today's tech."

You're a dumb fuck Saucy. Always have been.

I don't believe in calling stupid people stupid.

It's a waste of time and there can be nothing more precious than time.

>bruh muh capitalism
Just say corporations you dumb nigger.

I'm starting to think he's an auto-responding robot.

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if that was true then games like undertale wouldn't exist
>inb4 but le quirky earthbo--
yea, and it's thanks to UT that it became such a trend

the reason why creativity died is that this hobby grew too large, and publishers found out that you don't actually need to break new ground or create a quality product to make money
and this is true to every entertainment industry

>the standards of today's tech
What fucking standards?

technology becoming widespread and easy for normal people.


i am more than "saucy" is a similar entity to "caramel", and multiple people use this same name to shitpost

Reminder that oppression is a technical win. I can stand up to and beat a bully, but I can't stop six-thousand white people from simultaneously disliking me and would need a Federal agent to assist me.

That shouldn't reduce the need for challenge or creative gameplay. People still value immersion and suspension of disbelief to pull off cool shit in a game, do they not?

At least Call of Duty is fast and stimulating, if nothing else.

more than certain*, fuck

>some gimmicky shit that eats up 70% of your frames
Nobody cares. Give me proper physics simulations and innovative fluid gameplay instead.

There is Vulkan, RTX, DLSS, Direct X12, super-sampling, VSR, FidelityFX Super Resolution and more.

It is easier than ever to get an intensive game to run on weaker hardware. This is the technical achievement of the Nintendo Switch and the current generation.

Restrictive console hardware.

I dont even know what yourevtryibg to say but you missed the point hard

>comparing a group of a half dozen doing whatever they want to an sp500 organisation consisting of hundreds if not thousands of employees
>Why aren't they the same?
Retarded thread, at least compare the AAA studios of today to atari when they were owned by time warner or something

This is my fucking thread and you will show me respect.

Telemetry as marketing uses it to bully developers to cater to the Lowest Common Denominator

That's the most retarded post I've read all month. They remaster old games because it's a lot cheaper than designing a new one from the ground up, just toss some B-class artists at it and voila. The game already has notoriety so it's basically guaranteed sales. They don't give a single solitary fuck about the game, they're rehashing it because it's a low hanging fruit to make easy cash.



corporations are the inevitable endgame of capitalism because power inevitably consolidates
like, why would small businesses stay small businesses
that is completely antithetical to how profit and investment works

It's a giant business selling generic slop for the masses.

>why would small businesses stay small businesses
Because most people are content to earn enough to keep their heads above water.
As long as they get to live comfortably, they won't go chasing the retarded high scores that CEOs do.

yeah, only some do
meaning that capitalism will inevitably result in corporatist nonsense because it has no other prevention mechanism against it other than 'maybe someone doesn't feel like it'

Accumulation of wealth has nothing to do with capitalism.

Money. At the end of the day, it's money. Can't risk making weird games anymore because they won't reach as wide an audience. Absurdly huge dev teams and costs that can't be wasted on small projects anymore. Shit like "gaas" so you can continue to get consumers money for minimal investment.

The only thing keeping unique games alive are digital storefronts where you can slap up some game a dude has been working on in his basement for a year and if you're lucky, word of mouth will spread it.

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>Money. At the end of the day, it's money
Money has nothing to do with it, modern day videogames are just propaganda tools created by (((them))) to further subjugate people. The point of any entertainment industry as a whole has always been nothing but subversion and the slow destruction of values.

and how are they going to do that without money, retard

>welcome to the noughties

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Jap games are still fine, and so are indie games. Naturally, this is a western problem.

And the problem is no-taste talentless normies.

Be snide to your hearts content.
The fact of the matter is that capitalism does not require continued growth to be capitalistic.
Capitalism simply acknowledges that humans are by nature greedy.
You thinking that human nature and capitalism is one and the same is your mistake.


and how does blackrock get its money, retard?

>and so are indie games
Indies are incredibly pozzed though. You have actual tranny games like Celeste, tranny support games like Hat in Time, persistent nigger worship and ugly females in stuff like Hades, and the list goes on.

years of austerity has prevented new talent and interesting people from being able to get good enough to join the industry by forcing debt and 2 jobs on everyone

art stagnates when the working class can not participate.



Every single casual and simplified mechanics you see in the most of modern games comes from consoles.


>Money has nothing to do with it
Yes it does. They just appeal to the whole kiked amerimutt identity politics because that's the hot new thing under normies in the hopes of selling their shitty lazy games with copy-paste assets.

>What do you blame for the death of creativity in video games?
Big money, jews and investors.

There's still a ton of creativity in the medium, stop getting mad over AAA shlock you weren't going to buy anyway. If anything, modern tools have really let smaller developers go absolutely nuts. There's nothing comparable to something like the outer wilds in the 90s and 00s for inventiveness

If you think an indie game is pozzed, it's pozzed by the actual dev's wishes, and not by jew money that doesn't even believe its own words.

Yeah but those are the minority of indie games if you actually look at the situation. There are indie games for everyone and you don't have to play the tranny worship games that are bought by a few thousand people at most.
Meanwhile literally every single AAA game made by the west is shit.

I'm not going to play your retroinspired pixelshit, when the best of the genre have already long been established.

Hades has all kinds of characters tho. And also they are literally 2-3 PNGs you see in the game.

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Majority of people read at a 3rd grade level are over weight with slow reflexes and live pay check to pay check. How hard can they possibly make games? Pressing r2 over and over is supposedly the highest skill most of you in debt wage slaves retards can accomplish.

Apparently cultural appropriation (and colorwashing) is good as long as the culture is European.