Do you?

Do you?

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But it’s not a game yet, just a series of modules without objectives.

Is there or will there be some form of anti-cheat in star citizen?

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They use eac

So, no.

Better than nothing

>but SC always sucks me back in
Yes, the sunken cost fallacy is a nasty spiral

>tfw your not a star citizen

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Bejita is stronger than GokuCope

>check in on star citizen every few years
>all Star citizen video titles are like "Star Citizen has this new amazing feature"
>click on one
>it's literally some fucking river with 2007 water graphics
>10 years in they're talking about basic bitch terrain features that don't even look good

Is this even a real game? If feels like a half assed front for some money smuggling operation or something

All that money to make a worse No Man's Sky?

NMS doesn't have planets.

Yes. Once SC clicked I found myself unable to go back, no other game even comes close to the experiences I've had in this "game"

>I believe in Heaven's Gate supremacy

I donno guys. I feel like the tide is turning. SC sisters, has our time finally come?

Scam Citizen is definitely not a scam.

are you retarded

wait, you're telling me that webm is not NMS?

Are you? NMS is minecraft, it doesn't have a planetary engine.

are you retarded?

Star Citizen make these memes and post here and on reddit attacking the game, to keep the game in peoples minds.

Also, you attacking the game just makes his cult believe in him and his game more, due to tribalism.

I believe in female supremacy. Isn't this were this pic is originally from?

Holy fuck, you are dumb. Game literally has a hidden loading screen every time you leave it's 1 meter high """"atmosphere""". It's a minecraft voxel map that swaps with a completely different model in """"space""""

The game will probably come out at some point.
But "fun" doesn't seem like a consideration
And both fans and devs seem to assume everyone is going to run around like they're doing rp.
They can fund the game's development for the next 20 years, i have no reason to believe it will produce something fun, just moving your character around STILL feels like shit and i don't see 90% of players enjoying space dogfighting even if they made the best space dogfight game of all time.

What game?

Wow are we talking to the real chris roberts right now?

I accept your concession.

It's a supreme scam, alright

It still isn't finished?

accept these nuts

Does not functionally matter at all and this is exactly the problem with star citizen
>nooo it has to be a REAL simulation even though it doesn't actually provide any benefit.

works better than scam citizen

Ponzi Scheme: the game

>zero arguments
NMS scam defenders.

>But it’s not a game yet
Wrong, it has A River.

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Tides aren't implemented in the river yet, but once they are the gameplay systems will really come online.

That’s not a very impressive river.

Show me YOUR game's photorealistic ultradetailed living breathing world's river then faggot

>when i try to play any other game but then i get hit with immense sunk cost fallacy because i spent thousands of dollars on 3D models on SC and i get sucked back in

I am rather impressed with it the same way I was impressed by Crysis as a boy.

So I have no problems with it.

them first
protip: a river is not a world, much less a universe

I believe in the supreme scam of video games, yes

stay mad

Objectives are what you decide they are. Its similar structure to most sandboxes

no proof its a scam

But what about an in-game economy, with trading and mining shipping? Is that in it?

This "game" is such a transparent scam. I don't get it.


oh I get it now, star citizen is a findom thing
it makes so much sense


no proof
they are taking their time developing it that is all

What the fuck I was in middle school when star citizen was a thing
I'm now working full time and have a degree

You're not Anthony Burch
You're not Cliff Bleszinski
You're not Randy Pitchford
You're not Nikocado
You're not DSP
You're not Will Smith
You're not Chris Chan
You didn't preorder Cyberpunk
You didn't back Star Citizen

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Why does it need a river?

yeah I've been over it for years and years now. over the exciting scam part I mean. it's just a sad lump now. mb the first time in 5 years I've clicked on a sc thread.

I have a feeling that since all the ships can be bought with actual money that the game will be some kind of whale hugbox.
big PVP space battles probably aren't going to happen outside of instances.

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>one singular river

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Post you are face's when you did not fall for Scam Citizen.

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I almost bought into the Kickstarter.

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is this supposed to be impressive?

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>Muh rushed and delayed products
Always end up like shit.
>trusting an mmo that came out on kickstarter during the height of mmo scams
We both have a lot of confidence in the game, yours just isn't the kind grounded in reality. But keep pumping it so we can laugh at it for free.

>played Metroid Dread instead
>played through the main Ratchet and Clank games instead
>playing through the mainline Halo series instead
It sure does feel good to play space opera games that actually exist.

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Haha wouldn't it be funny if this happened but irl?