Does FFXIV replicate the kind of wonder I got when I first explored classic World of Warcraft or Outland...

Does FFXIV replicate the kind of wonder I got when I first explored classic World of Warcraft or Outland, or ran dungeons like Blackrock Depths, Karazhan and Ulduar?

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No its soulless tranny shit.

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No, unironically.

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FF XIV is heavily instanced, it's soulless

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You can't ever replicate the early days of the internet, ARR when it launched had an amazing community though I would say is on par. Player housing helped fragment that, then cross server sit, then WoWfugees and finally r*ddit. The game is basically where MoP was at the moment.

that I would say is on par with original vanilla* FUCKING HELL

Real talk: no. Every quest is perfectly level appropriate. Theres no such thing as harder content or dangerous zones

No. XIV is littered with loading screens and invisible walls. There is no sense of adventure because there is no open world. Every zone is an instance and even cities get cut up by loading screens.

When you're a kid things are more wonderful to you. That's just how it is. Everything is new to you.
Some kid is growing up with FF14 right now and he's experiencing the same wonder you did when playing WoW when you were a kid.

Seriously why does this board lack any all self awareness? You weren't born just in time to experience the best video games. They were the best video games because you were just born.

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It's an ego thing. When you're convinced you're important and everyone else is an NPC, you begin to think all the culture and art created during your halcyon years were the peak of art and culture. Confronting the idea that maybe things have changed for the better poses the scary possibility that people born 100 years from now will be having more fun than you.

If you start in Gridania it has SOUL and a fun sense of adventure at the start.
Other starting zones idk, probably

Why do you not just try it yourself instead of asking Yea Forums to give you an opinion on a game that has dozens of autistic schizos who’s life is dedicated to hating it? It’s fucking free for the base game and first expansion you dumb faggot

Gridania sucks, and so doesn't Windurst.
There is zero reward for exploring in FFXIV. There's no rares, no quests to find, no easter eggs, just fuckin Star Ocean vistas.

>when I first explored classic World of Warcraft or Outland, or ran dungeons like Blackrock Depths, Karazhan and Ulduar?
No it does not.
One of the reasons being you're getting old, user-kun, nothing has the same magic as it used to

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xiv is a wow fork made from mists of pandaria expac


No it won't.
The wonder of playing a MMO for the first time and exploring the world fades with age.
But I would still recommend ff14 to anyone who wants a story and setting that isn't shit and getting worse with each expansion

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What skill is this?

Generic JRPG shit with cities that just feel like placeholders with no actual character to them.

No. XIV has a better story but a significantly worse overworld compared to old WoW.
That said even WoW's worldbuilding went downhill into a fucking chasm after WoD. Legion, BFA, and Shadowlands are borderline depressing.

I'll admit I don't have the attention span for XIV's attempts at story building. The decision to make weird little cut scenes for every interaction was incredibly annoying. Much preferred WoW simply being like "here's a page, read it"

>Much preferred WoW simply being like "here's a page, read it"
Let's be honest, nobody read those, that's why the only place to learn the lore is the wiki and youtube lore videos

no, old WOW at least looks alright. FF14 looks dated in a shite way

I think on my first character I actually did read but then again I was also 15 at the time.
It doesn't really help that reading is pointless, maybe if you could pick alternate conditions or sth for the quest.
It really is quite mind boggling how MMOs haven't gotten more complex in terms of mechanics in almost 20 years. Stagnant as fuck

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Fipy Bipy

no there's hidden walls everywhere, and the maps are ugly

nope. there isn't a single active mmo that will ever match up to that. it sucks.

No go play 11 for that. People jerk off XIV for the story more than anything, the atmosphere is pretty whatever and the explorations not that great.

I 'member when it was seamless in 1.X and I wanted to fucking kill myself because cities sucked to traverse

Absolutely not

Vanilla WoW had a lot of cut content, hints towards future expansions and a couple of uninstanced dungeons to explore

ARR is a pretty polished focus tested product, so it doesn't have the same feeling

thats true for many things, but living through the internet age certainly amplified that feeling. not only were you just a kid, but the amount of information on games just wasnt available. even if you personally vow to never google "how 2 play class how 2 beat dungeon", somebody else will and that information will trickle down to you. nowadays everybody knows to look up a guide on how to play. even kids will watch their favorite streamers and copy them. that kind of behavior wasnt a thing when I was a kid

>story and setting that isn't shit and getting worse with each expansion
It kinda does, but not that much to spoil it

>Do the Main Story Quest (MSQ) for a month straight and pretend its good storytelling.

>Enjoy for a month, find game-breaking system, and wait for the next expansion to fix/replace it.


Absolutely not.
The world is dead and all dungeons are linear hallways with the same amount of bosses and mob packs between them.

MoP was mega soul though.

not even remotely
you must be joking

mmo gaming is dead. i've resorted to reading books.

Why bring up 14 year olds regarding a 18+ game on a 18+ website?

No, but it's okay. Just get a free trial account.

Nothing can replicate the wonder of you being a retarded little pissbaby fawning over a shit game.

not really lol, maybe in a hybrid just has humor instead of the blandness-capeshit wow increasingly had over the xpacs

any game could do that. because wow isn't special, it was only special for its time.


Does ANYTHING compare to the sense of adventure and wonder that is vanilla WoW?

There are other games with fun exploration though. Its just shit in FF14.
The game is legitimately terrible about it and its not a subjective thing. You can quantify aspects of it.
Its so limited when you get to the expansions you cant even visit zones out of order. You are 100% slave to the main story.

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no. ffxi will though

No, FF14 is full of loading screens and invisible walls. It's soulless.

if only. MoP was great and FF14 isnt.

No. Like most gook MMOs, it's soulless hallway environments and loading screens


No, stay in WoW

>not really lol
yes absolutely. most attention to detail the game has ever seen.

why the fuck would you link the worst shit song

We were there from the beginning lad.

Vanilla's open world shits on many RPG, including tw3, botw or elden ring.
It heavily carries the game.

You can put as much attention as you want, in the end it's still a chink expac.

I first played vanilla wow when i was like 21-22, you are a retarded faggot

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yeah thats why none did it.


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in what way


Not really
It's just only shadowbringers is equal to heavensward in quality
and it's because both are self contained

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No, the exploration of the world is absolutely the weakest part of the FFXIV. The original world is split into tiny instanced chunks because of the spaghetti code and the fact that it had to run on PS3, and you can fast travel to basically anywhere you want with no cooldown from the beginning. It gets a bit better with bigger zones in the expansions, but the fast travel problem remains, and these zones introduce flying mounts and kill exploration further. There is literally no part of the world which feels "remote", nor any point where you have to actually think about how or where you're travelling.
It's still worth giving it a shot because the music, art design and story are good enough to be worth seeing

no, in fact no MMO could possibly replicate it today for a multitude of reasons, primarily because social media ruins the fun in just about every aspect from socialization(fucking irony, i know) and exploration. not to mention all the datamining that happens long before a game is even released from beta

everything is known long before you even really get your hands on your mouse and keyboard and it's fucking awful
>bro you can just like, not spoil yourself bro
you're right i can do that, yet for every one of myself who does not spoil themselves, thousands more go headlong into said spoilers, making it impossible to avoid them if i'm forced to group up with people for dungeons or quests

in short, all the fucking fun got sucked out by faggots trying to get in the know as fast as possible

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