Be me

>be me
>invading on meta level Limgrave
>looking for some fun ganks
>finally get an invasion
>walk up to my enemies
>white mask phantom is already on his second seppuku powerstancing cross-naginatas
>winged scythe phantom casts golden vow followed by erdtree's blessing
>host, with rivers of blood on main hand and nagakiba on offhand is popping a rune arc
>I take out my finger severer and watch as they attempt to rush my now ethereal body
Why are shitters like this? Do they really need an absurd amount of advantages to fight? Is it even fun for them?

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>he didnt fight them anyways

Git gud

>try to ruin friends having a good time playing co-op together
>they dont like it and are ready to smoke your ass
>pussy out and complain on Yea Forums about it
why are invaders this retarded?


Why give them the satisfaction?
>he didn't read the post
Go back.

has there ever been a weapon in a fromsoft game that caused this much seethe? looking back on it the lkss having as much reach as a spear honestly doesn't sound as bad as a nigger doing 2k hp in 4 swings with absurd hitboxes and stun

>try to crash coop party
>get thrown out
pvpfags deserve everything they get and worse

souls pvp is cringe in the first place. I only did it for a quest and it was a laggy mess. Killed 2 died once. Also CO OP play is stupid might as well just use cheats lmao

>>invading on meta level Limgrave
what level is that?
my twink is level 11

I play co-op because I have fun with my friends, not because I particularly need help or anything. Having invaders come and annoys us because they want to show off their generic build is stupid. So I run across the map and waste their time, until a hunter comes and beats them up. I don't give a fuck. Nothing better than running away from some retard with rivers of blood getting frustrated because I don't care about fighting them and would rather just waste as much of their time as possible.

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meta level = 125

nah but mostly just because of the amount of people playing, there's been mighty stupid shit in every game

nice fantasy. In reality you and your dogshit friends get shit on and seethe impotently

>Drinks Allah concoction
>Run at them

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>souls games pvp
>at the meta level

you didn't beat the game

now go do duels with your friends

If you faggots didn't realize, meta level = level 125. I'm not twinking.

>be incel shitter
>try to grief new players
>get fucked in the ass by veterans instead
this will happen more and more as less new players enter the game
I always get my highest level character when I play with lowbie friends and hook them up with endgame stuff, just to destroy incels like you
get fucked.

Read, , chud.

why invade limgrave then?
why not go to a 125 level zone?

Yea I know who the fuck would replays that whole garbage in NG+

I do

>>try to ruin friends having a good time playing co-op together
>Playing multiplayer is GRIEFING, don't you understand??

Limgrave became a hot-spot for level 125 players for some reason, so I go there too. It has nice scenery and terrain to play with.

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scraping spear

you people treat PvP with more passion than your lives.

miss dat nigga like you wouldn't believe

>be you
>trying to fuck with other players for fun
>get absolutely assmolested by some casual and his friend
>cry about it like a little bitch

it's fucking annoying how many liar hidden path ahead messages there are despite durability being out. yeah I get it the fact i bitch right now is i got trolled but damn.

This attitude has ruined Souls multiplayer. Invading is a core mechanic of the game, it isn't "griefing". This is the only franchise with drop-in PvP, if you don't like it, play one of the thousand other games you insufferable bitches.

What in life is worth doing other than video gaem?
No shit people treat it with more passion than wageslaving or trying to cater to women.

how do i get invaded? do i have to pop these finger charms all the time?

it's griefing and it leads to the griefed players switching to broken meme builds in order to avoid having their game ruined by invaders 24/7.
which in turn leads to griefers crying like OP does because they got matched against optimized builds

To be fair both the OP and the homos you've mentioned are behaving like little babies.

alcoholism is fun

pvp damage should be reduced by half

Meta level = level 125, niggers. I'm invading dedicated gank squads and I'm fine with 1v3s. The reason of this post is shitters going full on tryhard instead of having a good time.

>in order to avoid having their game ruined by invaders 24/7
Uh. just don't play online or use summons then. PvP is supposed to be ingrained into the game. It's not automatically griefing.

>people trying to go through limgrave+ is "dedicated gank squads"
nope. the guys you described that made you cry were a dedicated gank squad.
the rest of the people you invaded were just regular joes going through the game with their buddies.

Oh I'll play offline with some weak & weird experimental build, just for fun.
But I'll also play online with the most broken build imaginable, just to fuck over PvPtrannies like you when they invade.

I think its both sides that are wrong here. Invading is a core mechanic and not griefing but when both sides use op weapons that are unfun to fight against then why should either of them play pvp? There is no fun involved

>it's griefing
Just shut the fuck up. Go play any other RPG in existence. If you don't like the things that make a franchise unique, then it isn't for you. This is why going mainstream always ruins franchises: Because players who don't even like the game bitch publicly about how the core mechanics should be deleted so that they can play flavor of the month Generic Online Co-op #456 with their friend, and that the unique features of the game are "ruining our experience"

the purpose of invading is to prey on the weak, as an invader you don't get to complain, it's not a duel, it's about screwing over the host.

i'm talking about the way these threads go down every single time. "hurr get off mah property u fokken invader", "nooo ur not supposed to call frens", etc etc. fuckin' all you get is a damn rune arc for killing the other under fifty layers of lag, goddamn.

>just to fuck over PvPtrannies like you when they invade.
That's fine, I don't care. I'm not a crying homo like the OP. I hope you sort out that tranny fixation of yours though.

Then why are you niggers crying "unfair" when you come up against multiple RoB phantoms etc? That's also part of the game. Cope.

It was just too much cancer if you added your own retarded bleed weapon wasn't it? Also invaders going home is about as gay as host dc-ing, what did you expect a fair fight you faggot?

The fact that 1v1 invasions have been completely removed directly reflects your "invasions are griefing" complaints. Invasions have been heavily nerfed to the point where in ER you only get 3v1 with unlimited automatic blue resummons. The players who think this is good are invariably the same players who want invasions deleted entirely, and think PvP should just be opt-in duels.

all it means is now you have to be good at the game to invade

That's how the game works, PvP cuck.
If you don't like it feel free to fuck off and go back to playing DaS1.

>meta-tranny complaining about other meta-trannies

>If you don't like it feel free to fuck off and go back to playing DaS1.
DS1 servers are down.

That's the point.

> be me
>invading to ruin another's game
>get ganked
>cry about it
>complain on Yea Forums
Why are invaders like this?

It is literally impossible to win a 3v1 against competent opponents. You win when the opponents do something retarded that you can capitalize on. Ironically, the effect of this setup is that only newcomers actually get killed by invaders--the same people who need the most protection from so-called "griefing".

>going through limgrave on level 125
Is this a joke? Did you play the game?
I use a heavy zweihander with stomp + upward slash. Is it too unreasonable to ask for fun gank squads? I've met plenty of them. 3 Crucible knights, godskin duo, albinaurics and lots of other character cosplays. I've also met regular gank squads with people using varied weapons and I fought them just fine. It's just the giga tryhard gankers which bother me and I made this greentext looking for people with similar experiences.

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>Another dumbass nu-invader that runs up to 3 people by himself and wonders why he gets dunked on.

The trick is to not kill them, it's to torture and annoy them. Rotten Breath/Ezyke's Decay, Antspur Rapiers, Jar Cannon all while making them chase you through the level.

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>I want core mechanic removed from franchise! Anybody who disagrees is a griefer and should go back and play the old games.
>Also I'm happy the old games no longer have multiplayer :^)
People like you won't even be playing this game a month from now, and people who actually like the franchise will be stuck with your taste in multiplayer.

>People defend themselves with perfectly valid game utilities

>It is literally impossible to win a 3v1 against competent opponents. You win when the opponents do something retarded that you can capitalize on.
sounds like the intended design
> Ironically, the effect of this setup is that only newcomers actually get killed by invaders--the same people who need the most protection from so-called "griefing".
make up your mind, is it all noobs or all ganksquads from your pov?

it's not about having a good time, it's about killing YOU attempting to ruin someone else's fun

I'm not OP and I don't dc from invasions. I just hate how invasions have been nerfed into the ground to accommodate players who don't even like the games and consider its unique multiplayer to be "griefing" and "ruining our fun"

>Is it too unreasonable to ask for fun gank squads?

Yes. As a fellow invader who actually uses R1s on a non bleed weapon, it's around 1/20 fights where people are actually using non meta weapons and spells. Other 19/20 is same rivers of blood and other weapon art / spell spam.

Fuck h*sts.

>make up your mind, is it all noobs or all ganksquads from your pov?
Are you confused? The game prioritizes fights where the invader is at an impossible disadvantage. The effect is that only completely incompetent hosts will lose. So invasions are reduced to either getting hopelessly ganked, or beating up new players who don't understand how to fight back. If invasions were more balanced, there would be more middle ground for reasonable fights.

I like being an annoying shit in invasions, not really going in for the kill but stalling, making enemy encounters harder with items and what not. Just going in with OP build was never that much fun imo.

I don't even care if hosts/phantoms are using meta weapons on regular invasions. My point is being a shitter on GANK SQUADS. When people come together for the sole reason to fight an invader. Invaders do it because it's a fun challenge. Why ruin the experience with excessive tryhardiness? I'm not asking for duels. I'm just asking to not fight 3 bloodhound step cross naginata users.

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I solo these games but help my friends through them. As a co-op phantom, my primary goal is to ruin red phantoms' days so hard that they stop invading, so I use any and every exploit I can to do that. I have received so much hate mail by butthurt invaders over the years and it never fails to bring a smile to my face.

IMO best (only?) way to have fun invading is to invade stormveil at like level 30-40 using some non-meta shit. Fight noobs, but make it fair for them by using some gimmick build.

I only see invasions when helping mooks is it really blocked off the finger charms?

the host should have priority on a red phantom invasion, that is the intended design of the game. if a host wants to summon co-op, the trade-off is cunts showing up to backstab, however the host should always take priority. you can see this in the design intention going back to ds1. if you think that's bullshit, i understand that.