Daily DOOM 2016 and Eternal appreciation thread

Daily DOOM 2016 and Eternal appreciation thread.
Jaded contrarian boomer fucks not allowed.

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>chainsaws for magic ammo
>shoots epic Arachnotron™ weakpoint after lining up shot for 5 seconds while dashing side to side because pro Quake™ skills
>retarded door opening cutscene plays
>"Mhmm....rip and tear.. looks like the Hell Priest™ is nearby.. I will rip and tear because I am the ancient Doom Slaya™
>"Come on, Vega™"
>follows Skyrim™ compass
>Picks up 10 epic fanfiction-tier lore dumps about how badass the Slaya™ is on the way
>Door locks behind the Slaya™ and demons appear
>cacophony of retarded monster noises while the fart synth kicks into action
>chainsaws for magic ammo
>"Rip and tear" WUBWUBWUBBWAMBWAMDUUUUUNUUUUNUUHHHNHUHHH *Uses Flame Belch™ on a deliberately spawned group of Possessed™ and they become Staggered™, does a badass Heat Blast™ and Armor Shards™ fly into the Slaya™'s face*
>chainsaws for magic ammo
>switches weapons 75 times
>dashes aimlessly waiting for a Possessed™ to spawn
>chainsaws for magic ammo
>swings on monkey bars
>performs impse
>250 arena laps and 150 chainsaw uses later the Slaya™ is victorious
>Mhmm.. The Hell Priest™ is not here.. Better tell Samuel Hayden™ about this
>"Come on, Vega™"
>Walks two meters and Alien Queen™ appears in an epic cutscene
>"You will not defeat me, Slaya™, I am the Emperor of the Universe and you are nothing but a Usurper™, the Kar En Kuk™ Council of Elder Alien Space Sentinel Argent D' Nur™ has banished you from the alien kingdom and I will defeat you!"
>Cut to black and level ends before epic boss fight so player can process how epic this is and maybe make a Reddit™ post about it before carrying on

Makes me want to play some more DOOM Eternal tbqh
Pure ludo

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when will ID save quake as well?

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Why do these games makes jaded contrarians piss and shit their pants so much?
We literally can’t have ONE thread without one obnoxious old good new bad fart huffer fucktard.

I'm a jaded boomer and I love nu-DOOM

rank them all

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>Godmode tier
SGN, SGN ML, Blood Swamps, UAC Atlantica, ARC Complex, World Spear ML, Mars Core ML
Mars Core, World Spear, Cultist Base, Urdak, Holt, Final Sin, Doom Hunter Base, Taras Nabad ML, Nekravol 1
Reclaimed Earth, HoE, Exultia, Immora, Taras Nabad, Nekravol 2
>not a level
Sentinel Prime

love eternal
but please don't spam threads,play something like ULTRAKILL or Struggle: Antaresian Legacy (its like valiant,but harder).

1. The Blood Swamps
2. Super Gore Nest
3. Nekravol
4. Mars Core
5. UAC Atlantica
6. Cultist Base
7. Taras Nabad (It's underrated fuck you)
8. Doom Hunter Base
9. Arc Complex
10. Final Sin
11. Urdak
12. The Holt
13. Reclaimed Earth
14. Exultia
15. The World Spear
16. Immora
17. Sentinel Prime
I enjoy all of them except 15, 16, 17 which I find dull.
1. Argent Facility
2. Kadingir Sanctum
3. Titan's Realm
4. Advanced Research Complex
5. The Necropolis
6. Argent Energy Tower
7. Foundry
8. VEGA Central Processing
9. The UAC
10. Argent Facility (Destroyed)
11. Resource Operations
12. Lazarus Labs
13. Argent D'Nur

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It's strange. My gut feeling is that its people that are upset that they can't keep up with the pace of the game so they have to blame it on bad design instead of it simply being different design. The fact that Eternal doesn't play like Doom (1993) does not make it a badly designed game.

june 12th

kek this
just jaded old fucks that refuse to get with the times

I'm old and I love Eternal, it's one of my favorite fps games ever, desu

you are based then

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Th3 marauders ruined doom eternal, but even without marauders its not THAT fun. Areanas nedd to be bigger, fights longers and less gayness in the ass

what's even more strange is that i asked for shooters more like the classic games fps games of the 90s than nu-DOOM made in the last 15 years made by the AAA,and they found nothing that followed my standards.

because no one fucking care about you and your shit ideas

I enjoyed the DLC because you were fully kitted out and the encounters are appropriately hard. I hope you get everything around halfway into the next game

mad,because what im saying is true,whether you like it or not.
nu-DOOM is why boomershooters are even around nowadays,and it has made alot of younger people life-long fans of not just the newer games,but the classic ones too.
you can cope,but nu-DOOM is one of the best things to happen top classic FPS.

Hugo said the DLC for eternal is the last we'll see of Doomslayer. So there probably won't BE another game.

Would you rather see a remake of Quake? Or a sequel to Doom eternal?

I wish there was a mod to get rid of the arcadey aesthetic and stupid platforming segments in Eternal. Then it would be a near perfect game.

old is bad and new is badder

Blood Swamps, Holt
World Spear, UAC, Final Sin, ARC, Nekarvol 1, SGN, Cultist
Reclaimed Earth, Urdak, Taras, Doom Hunter, Mars Core, Exultia, Sential Prime
Hell on Earth
All the MLs

a sequel to Doom Eternal. But if the question was a Quake reboot or a sequel to Doom Eternal then I'd say Quake. I'll look forward to either option though, but the Doom Eternal teams take on Quake sounds exciting and is very much something I'd love to see

I like the idea of this enemy but boy did the design look retarded.

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remake/squeal to quake.
quake needs some love,though my only concern is translating it to modern audiences.

How accurate is this list?
(And what difficulty do you play on?)

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UV is the most fun.
shield guy is only a run ender if there's tons of them, other than that they're fun enemies to kill with the plasma gun.
Spirit is should be top, but it is also one of my favorite enemies in the game.


>I'm Too Young to Die player

for me, it's hurt me plenty

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maybe people dislike it because they're not retards who will eat up any product a soulless corperation puts out? Doom 2016 and eternal are prime npc dogshit, which is proven even more when the only argument in favor of it is "old bad new good". The replies to this post will only prove this further

Gimme a nu-Kek.
But please stick with nameless space marine shotgunning shamblers in weird elder god places for no particular reason and keep the marvel universe shit OUT.

I kneel

The whole of TAG2 was "good base idea with no development retardedly executed to meet deadlines" and on top of that they made the retarded choice to nerf everything before it and basically gimp the intensity of the previous levels. Big quality dip compared to the first DLC, they deserved the negative reviews they got. And what they fuck were they thinking with those Marauder stun sound effects?

DOOM 2016 but for Quake, I want to fight Shub-Niggarath again.

i ask questions like
>if classic and nu-DOOM are so far,why are there no AAA games closer to it than nu-DOOM?
and after laying some rules,i got nothing that was nearly as close.

it's a shame that TAG2 feels so rushed. I would have loved to see what a level like Reclaimed Earth could have looked like if given the polish of a level like UAC Atlantica or Blood Swamps

how was TAG2 rushed?
genuinely asking, not trying to be a smartass

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It's called the year 1 pass and I'm guessing people say it's rushed because they had to push TAG2 out before it's been over a year since the base game release date.

That and it was during all those retarded covid lockdowns and restrictions so it's safe to assume there were setbacks at ID.

Immora and the Dark Lord are so obviously rushed even without knowing the trouble they had behind the scenes

All of the new enemies are just altered versions of existing enemies.

Tell me a vidya related story you have Yea Forums

Garbage game

>Eternal mentions The Blood Swamps of Hell
>When we get there in the DLC, it's a regular swamp full of water
It's still really cool looking, but I was kind of disappointed about that. At least Elden Ring gave us an actual blood swamp.

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>dude djent lmao
>modern fps made for retards
How the fuck can you faggots like this boring crap

was slightly disappointed the titan at the end of the level wasn't a boss

well, doom dude already annihilated the strongest of titan by this point

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>how was TAG2 rushed?
it was either rushed, or most of the budget went into TAG1. I mean just look at the maps themselves, compare the TAG1 maps to the TAG2 ones, TAG2 looks like repurposed assets from the main game and TAG1 looks unlike anything in the main game


it might have been too aesthetically similar to Titan's Realm if they did the blood thing.

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i like that they made doom eternal. it's pretty cool, but not really what i wanted from a follow up to doom 2016. they just kind of steered it in a totally different direction. i will say i'm not totally a fan of eternal's tone and presentation though, but overall they did something new and different and i can appreciate it.

i had some issues with 2016 also and it has some clear flaws, but it really felt like what a modern doom reboot should have felt like for the most part. so i thought a follow up would simply be a refined version of it with more stuff.

dark lord was obviously rushed,compare him to the average boss in an indie game like ULTRAKILL and its night and day.
i know AAA =/= quality but there's no excuse.

eternal was going to be that,but the devs said it wasn't fun,so they made it as engaging as possible and that's how eternal got its gameplay loop.
i get hating the shill,but who cares about that small detail,is GZdoom too hard?

Doom Eternal ending
>"...and your battle will be..... Eternal™"
TAG2 Ending
>RIP slayer, may u never not be needed again
why did they do it? if they make a sequel they'll just have to dig him out of the coffin again
wtf is the point of that ending? is it just to take your upgrades and shit away? fucking explain hugo

you cared enough to reply, shill.
>is GZdoom too hard?
no, it's one guy shilling, and if are you, too bad.

ah. honestly i probably would have not been disappointed with eternal at all if just the presentation was more in line with 2016's. i'm not huge on the art design of either game but eternal looked worse to me in that regard. i am just extremely conflicted about it in general. maybe i should play it again

more like
Argent N'Durr

>im now the shill cause i dared ask why out of all the reason to hate him,you fixate on it being a GZdoom mod,know eternal modding is garbo.

was for

that's fair,i certainly prefer the art-style of 2016,despite preferring the combat of eternal,its probably my favorite look outside of fan-wads like valiant,struggle, and ancient aliens

play good doom games

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