Why Don't Xbox Users Buy Games?


Xbox users seem to not want to buy games and instead expect everything to be handed to them on the platter called Game Pass. MS has basically groomed their audience into not buying games anymore and now indie devs are suffering for it. Game Pass will be the death of Xbox.

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Most Xbox users don't buy games anymore and are pure Game Pass junkies.

Neither do playstation users, but sony forces them to buy their exclusives by bundling it with their already scarce consoles.. surely timothy cant say no to this bundle even tho all hes gonna play is COD..?

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>Replies are Xcucks saying they're never going to buy from them anymore.
And they wonder why PC, PS, and Switch get priority.

>release GOY pass
>less and less people start buying games
it really does activate your almonds, doesn't it?

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>our shitty game didn't sell because...... GAME PASS!!!!!
holy cope

Because xbox games are free.
Haven't bought a game in years thanks to gamepass.

>gamepass will be the end of xbox
>gamepass will be the end of japanese games and indies on xbox
xbox is the new ps4, with people only playing fifa, fortnite and callodduti on it
ironically, what killed the xbox was not the ps5 (which doesn't really exist), but steam and the switch

RE8 sold twice as much on PlayStation.
Guardians of the Galaxy sold SIX times as much on PlayStation.
Elden Ring sold 40% of its copies on PlayStation, while Xbox only made up 16%.

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>take money from gamepass
>allocate based on what games people like to play
isn't that it? what's the problem?

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>xbox is the new ps4, with people only playing fifa, fortnite and callodduti on it

That's kind of what XBox has always been, though. XBox owners generally just want to play the same games over and over while ignoring everything else.

>Only time snoys care about an indie is if it hurts Xbox
Many such cases, Sad!

because the people who pay for gamepass don't play indie games, so that m$ only pays them a misery
if you see something on gamepass, it's usually either old or a recent flop

How the fuck is there not enough time to port a fucking Unity game to Xbox? Can't you hit the fucking "export to Xbox" button and be done with it? The Series machines are literally midrange x86 AMD computers running modified Windows. If it's on PC, there is zero fucking reason to not have an Xbox version.

I've had a Series S for 16 months and have never bought a game because I have Game Pass. Why buy Furi when it could come to Game Pass at some point.

Yeah the only "new" games that end up on GamePass that aren't Xbox Game Studios games generally are games the publishers don't have faith in and just want a fat paycheck from MS for, i.e. Outriders, Back 4 Blood, etc.

I remember DSP signed up for Game Pass thinking you're permanently claiming each game you download lol

…that's not how it works?

This is an anti-scalper tactic actually. We've seen gamestop doing these for a while and with every console.

that's how ps+ works. with gamepass they remove stuff permanently even if you had redeemed it and keep paying
you will own nothing etc

Truth is this: games suck ass these days, even the normies don't want to buy them.
Yes, there are exceptions but still. Now fuck off back to twitter.

Furi was an Xbox One game right?
The Xbone had a shit market share so no wonder

Actually that game released on Xbone in 2016, the worst year of Xbox.
No acquisition, no Xbone X, gamepass exists but just a new service without any day one release yet.

if you had looked at the sales data for yakuza and ace attorney you would know that nothing had changed. the great ace attorney skipped xbox because of it

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Microsoft already paid something like 500k worth of cash for Yakuza port so it doesn't really matter.

what games?

If you had looked at the sales data you would know that Japanese games have been skipping Xbox since it was created.

and it's somehow getting worse.

Sony actually has games to bundle

i just bought furi on xbox a month ago

but in the traditional model, norms wouldn't play indie games anyway
I'm missing something

xbox chads not playing that garbage indieshit

It's getting better from what I see, not that I will buy Xbox because of that anyway.

there's probably dozens of you all over the world! DOZENS!

>More games than ever skipping playstation for Switch/PC
>"I-I-Its the Xbox cucks not buying games!"
The absolute state of play

PS+ is not the same as gamepass in that regard. Games with gold is closer to that but you only keep certain games for good.

game pass is 90% indies

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You don't know what you are talking about. Game pass is getting day one indies every month

Their latest game Haven is on xbox and even on gamepass though, so clearly they thought xbox was worth developing for after all.

why would you buy games when you can just get it on netflix- i mean gamepass

elden ring had 40% of its sales on PS and only 16% on xbox, despite Yea Forums claiming that xbox series x has sold more than PS5

I use gamepass exclusively for overpriced triple A games. Indies I just buy on a sale if I'm interested

lol these fags will be on gamepass in 6 months after selling 120 copies total on all platforms, xbox is piss easy to port to

>all the comments talking why don't they just release on gamepass
>devs talking about units sold
coonsomers this retarded should be banned
based dev to be honest

>elden ring had 40% of its sales on PS and only 16% on xbox
that seems like a lie. I remember early stats were something like 50% of sales were steam and the remaining 50% were relatively evenly split between xbox and playstation.

Microsoft pays devs upfront to be on gamepass so of course that deal is worth it. If they didn't get the gamepass deal then of course porting to xbox wouldn't be worth it.

you remember correctly about steam, but not about the evenly console split

Xtards don't buy indie and non-mainstream games. They play dude-bro shooters and shittysport games only.
Luckily they canceled scalebound before it flopped, no Xbot was going to play that.

You’re really poor and poorsplaining/seething about not having an Xbox.

Look another poorfag.

Xbox is a goypass machine.

seems like bullshit to me considering virtually every indie game that's on playstation is also available on xbox unless it's some obscure japanese game.

People on Xbox don't really care about indie games or Jap games, the platform's userbase is like 90% FPS/sports games/Fortnite junkies with the occasional Roblox kiddies sprinkled in.

>xbox series x has sold more than PS5
that's only for the last couple of months. Lifetime ps5 is still millions ahead

It's getting much better. It's even getting atlus games.

but not evenly, they pay you projected sales, same as ps plus, remember rocket league team talking that they could've earn a shit ton more money compared to what sony paid them

>If they didn't get the gamepass deal
They likely didn't take whatever gamepass deal they asked about.

It's a great thing if you're a dev that's just starting out, since you get some upfront and recurring revenue along with access to development resources and some platform marketing. Established devs may not need all that but a number of anti-gamepass devs gave in and got a shitload of money and sales anyway. Just look at Tunic.

that's the exact same on playstation. The top sellin games are all the same, plus some sony exclusive triple A movie games.

there's a whole fucking lot of AA japanese stuff that keeps on releasing on anything except xbox.

I just bought Streets of Rage 4 after it left GP. I never would have given it a chance if not for the pass. There are a few other games in the same boat as well.

>that's the exact same on playstation.
Difference is, Playstation still has some relevance in Asia (even if they're basically dead in Japan), while Xbox is utterly irrelevant in Asia.

>and now indie devs are suffering for it.
I highly doubt this.

What does that have to do with the argument at hand? Playstation top sellers are the exact same topsellers as on xbox except the occasional sony movie game instead of Forza and Halo.

>indie game that was released 6 years ago when Xbox was as its lowest sold bad so we won't release a new release now that Xbox is popular AF.
What a bunch of retards.

You would have to be some gigaretard to actually pay for games on xbox.
Just sub to gamepass and play games that are available on that.

translation: xbox pls dm and give us money

it's not the sheer numbers the issue, it's the percentage. many niche games keep on selling like shit on the hugely successful xbox, because americans only, exclusively bought it to play halo, nba2k and netflix.

modern games are not worth buying due to all the woke shit in them

I get gamepass only if I want to play triple A games like Guardians of the Galaxy, Halo, Forza etc. Microsoft actually has had so many good sales recently that I stopped using gamepass entirely in the last 5 months.

At least xbox has games, snoytenddie.

what did he mean by this?

There are actually way more people in Europe who buy a playstation just to play Fifa than there are Americans who buy an xbox just to play Halo on it. Not to mention Playstation is vastly more popular among black people in America, who often only play stuff like Madden and NBA2k.

how is the money even distributed for gamepass devs?
all the money is put in a giant pile and distributed based on the various games playtime across all users?

or is it more of a per-user thing, eg if i pay 10 bucks from gamepass and play 90 hours of game1 and 10 hours of game2 they get 9 bucks and 1 buck respectively?


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the point remains that statistically, worldwide (europe included), people buy more third party games on ps, steam AND switch compared to xbox, by several orders of magnitude.

should have put it on gamepass.

doesn't prove anything other than xbox users having good taste.

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>ace attorney
>a series from handhelds
>not a single xbox iteration till now
>not a single ad run for the xbox version anywhere
capcom is braindead and doesn't know how to let people know a game is out and what it's about

i only found it on the xbox store because it was in my recommended, and i'm one of those 4821
it looks fucking terrible compared to the ds versions

I've bought a few games on xbox but I fully admit I'm hesitant to buy most shit since I expect it to show up on gamepass someday. Unless its like super popular.

Now post the gamepass downloads of that game, snoy. Or are you scared?

I think the same thing happened with Story of Seasons. Marvelous brought Friends of Mineral Town to both PS and Xbox (already released on Switch). Now the next port is only hitting PS (again already on Switch.)
They did the same with Rune Factory 4 Special, gave it to Xbox and PS after Switch. If it follows this then I can see Rune Factory 5 skipping Xbox as well when they port it to PS.

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not really. Sure, some niche games like sell terrible on xbox, but by and large, most big third party releases are completely in line the the overall number of units sold. The xbox one just happened to be a complete flop compared to the PS4, so obviously there were much less games sold on it overall.
Also, isn't the snoy argument always that xbox has no exclusives? How can you at the same time argue that xbox players ONLY play exclusives at the detriment of third party games?

Does Microsoft even make those numbers public?

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