Are your country and people represented properly in games?

Are your country and people represented properly in games?

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nobody says that, also jav would shatter your expectations

>low iq
>gambling addict


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No. She isn't real and old as fuck if was real.

NHK took place in the early 00s and she was already 18 there.

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Thanks for clearing things up for me, user. Almost thought she was real there.

>*What japanese people look like with plastic surgery

>old as fuck if she was real

Anime girls don't age you stupid child.

Damn, that's kind of hot.

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>Quoted the 'if she was real' part
>Completely ignore it
Were you born retarded or were you dropped on your head?

If an asian women is aware she is being photographed, she does not actually look like that

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You got your images mixed up.

Why are Asian girls so cute?

fake right?

taking the makeup lie to a whole other level.


i just want a japanese wife, bros, is it too much to ask?

Im not gonna say Yea Forums doesn't have a lot of racist but not against japan. More than half of the fuckers here wish they were japanese (me included) just to able to be around japanese women. You know what its like to step outside only see three types of women, heavily tatooed, fat, ugly or some combination of the three, and they alll somehow think they are super models. I can't even remember the last time i saw a women on the street and i thought "wow she's beautiful".

>Are your country and people represented properly in games?
Mexico and yes :3

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>demonize Germans
>demonize Germans and Japanese
>demonize Russians
>demonize Muslims
>demonize Russians again

Why are Americans like this?

Where is my misaki girlfriend

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Man I wish I was Mexican instead of third world Asian. Mexico seems to be the coolest of the shitholes.

Built for the BWC.

Fuck off. Don't act like your country doesn't demonize other nationalities.

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She won't come to you.
Men with girlfriends went out and found themselves one.

come to brazil instead, asian friend :D

I think you meant:
>what jap people actually look like after getting their monthly facial surgery for 5 years.

Yeah, right. And pigs fly. When will you fags get that everything is about fake publicity stunts? EVERYTHING.

Left is actually a Japanese male

>be in japan
>ride escalator
>jap hands are yellow while mine is pink (im white)
>anime characters have pink tinted white skin

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I'm fucking lonely bros,

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>left is actually a Japanese male

Even better.

I'm not gay though.

Do asian women see white men as a status symbol or something? None of those men are particularly attractive

Anime people are anime race unless specified otherwise via direct or indirect examples
>person is from X country or setting is set in japan

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Free white man bux

>anime people are anime race

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Yes, absolutely, especially in the poorer Asian countries. White is the only non-Asian race Asians are kind of okay to marry in the eyes of the elders for both men and women.

>Virtually nonexistent.
All is right with the world.
In all seriousness though, the only ones I can think of off the top of my head are Buck and Frost from Siege, and maybe that fuck from Soma.

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She probably killed herself after sato left her.

They don't post on Yea Forums
There, that's how they did it

>jav would shatter your expectations
In what way?

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Has there been a harmful piece of media?

>bro cute girls LOVE loser NEETs, trust me, just keep wallowing in misery and a cutie will help you get your life in order

>Are your country and people represented properly in games?

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This pic reminded me of that one liveleak video i used to fap to of this cutiepie cutting her tongue with a razor blade as she smiled and spit out the blood on a tray

She’s currently barefoot and pregnant with multiple kids after getting married to normal jap dude. Sato is a perma wagie stacking shelves.

>Dyed hair and makeup

basado, japan makes the best hue girls

They're all probably good people and don't sperg out about random shit on an anonymous Peruvian pepper farming website

There are brown haired Japs, especially in the northern Japan.

Or ambiguous if you want to be pedantic about it.

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they usually have something going on for them, not just they're white like some retards here believe, if that were the case there' wouldn't be any white incel school shooter

Not everyone with lighter than black hair dyes it teacher-sama

Sounds true.

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racial hierarchy is real

Where would you rank Brazil among the South American countries? Vidya always makes Brazil look like this super funky and cool football/martial arts land.

I've got something going for me, but a lot going against me. Once Japan reopens I think I might be in with a chance lads...

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This picture is the equal of looking at a bunch of lottery winners and saying "How come i don't win the lotto" Its just a stupid question.

>Brazil among the South American countries
Murder central

Its a collage user, this pictures were sought after to paint a picture. Someone could make a collage of pro trump trannies in maga hats, it doesn't mean trannies are trumps main audience.

this is a japanese girl with a japanese name

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You have it all wrong. Both Mexico and Brazil are of the lowest tier, Arentina and Chile are probably the best South American countries

A lot of those look asian american user.

You do know that the entire point of the series was that nobody will come and save you and the only way to escape the misery you live in is through your own power right?

So how do Asian women get light skin?

They can be even lighter than the Whites from Southern countries like Spain or Italy.

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I've never been murdered so idk what you're talking about

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From my experience growing up in the Philippines, we didn't do that all that much. The only country we ever demonized was Spain, which I guess 300 some odd years of being their territory rather than being an independent nation would do I guess. Even the Japanese, who occupied the country during WW2, are looked at favorably.

Pretty sure El Dorado is supposed to be in Colombia.

Skin whitening products are a thing in most asian countries. That or they use a whole lot of filters when taking photos.

It's the most frantic at least, I'd say.

every single product they use has skin whitening in it
not even a meme

Mexico isn't in South America, stupid gringo

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i have never traveled to other sa countries so i idk, but it's pretty alright, has a lot of cool places, what user says it true but also very exaggerated, if you know what places to avoid and don't act like a dump gringo you'll be fine, you can find a lot of cool, kind people here in brazil, mostly in the smaller cities and rural areas, overall if you want to visit just stay in the recommended areas and don't go walking alone at night and shit

Video game thread?
Racebait thread?
NHK thread?

>this is your average jap female with no instagram filters or facial surgeries
lmao, weebs on suicide watch

That fucking movie awakened in me shit my little kid brain wasn't ready for.

nunca serás relevante argentino

Unironically in general Brazillians are represented much better in video-games than they actually should be.

do u have money? look presentable? then absolutely

How come the Allied Powers haven't been cancelled and erased from history yet for their blatantly racist propaganda against Japanese, Germans and Italians?

If these motherfuckers can get an asian gf why can't I? I'm 6'4, /fit/ and average looking

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Japan makes the best ANY girls. Because 2D > 3D

>Girls without make up don't look as good

I mean yeah. This is true in any country. You can't trust a womans appearance.

nobody gives s fuck faggot

Sign up for the JET Program. You do have a Bachelor's, right user?

Why do some Japanese look very Western?

This guy is a full-blood Japanese actually.

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My mum says I'm a handsome lad and I'm pretty wealthy.

But pretty much everything else is against me...