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I haven't seen a single thread about the most popular Switch game in existence. What does that say about you?

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i prefer wii sports

It says that Nintendo is faking sales numbers. Switch Sports is not selling this well with this little hype

This list isn't "#1 of all time", it says "updated hourly" right at the top

It's the kind of game that appeals to a demographic that isn't on here.
Like the FIFA games, sell trillions each year but nobody ever makes threads about them.

there's nothing to discuss, just play the game
I need to play some more to complete the yumekawa collection

>wii sports
>bigger game with more games
>free with every wii
>switch sports
>sixty five fucking dollars for 4 games

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I think you're getting scammed, it's 50 or 40 if you want it digitally.

i know you don't have any but I want to see you try

It released way too late in the Switch lifespan for most people to care. It should’ve been released as a Switch 2 launch title.

Just checked, this is the Canadian version of Amazon
Also, yes, the $40 USD is for the game digitally and the $50 is for a physical copy plus a leg strap, so if you don't need a leg strap, just get it digitally (or buy it used)

It’s a common knowledge statement. Switch’s have sold 100m units and therefore should reach a level of saturation at some point. Not only are Switch’s rarely scene but they’re still (((selling out))) 5 years later. This is a limited quantity garbage and the Switch has sold about 20 million units at most

so no proof like I thought

>Series X controller at #7
So is this the new standard of PC controllers? I can only assume so if it's selling so much without an xbox game in the top 5.

I have

Kek, being in this much denial

The Xbawks GC is at #4

I hope it isn't the standard, I use it and get the occasional dropped input, and the diagonals can be weird (the example I give is Xenogears in Duckstation, where there's a mirror that lets you face your character in eight directions, but when I hold down one of the corners of the d-pad, it flips between the diagonal and one of the neighboring cardinal directions. But I will say that I'm not sure if that's a problem with the controller, the particular game, or Duckstation itself)

>the most popular Switch game in existence
It says right there on top: updated hourly. This is a volatile ranking list based on top sellers at the moment. It's not an all time list. You are functionally retarded.

Sportsbros, we got too cocky...

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I understand that there are A input issues with many recent Xbox controllers.

Still there

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I highly recommend buying the Xbox wireless adapter, the smaller one marked as "for Windows 10". it's a much more stable connection than Bluetooth.

Who buys gift cards? Is it parents buying them for their kids or regional pricing fuckery?

Who the fuck's buying all of these $10 PSN cards? You can't buy jack shit with $10.
Stop being poor, people.

Its purely nostalgia at this point. Only reason its selling so much

what you gain on this delusion? bought my switch last year, know at least 2 friends who bought it in the last 3 months.

>no golf
it's shit

people who refuse to give Sony and Microsoft their card information

That's smart of them, but it doesn't answer the question of what they're spending 10 dollars on. Is it lootbox shit?

Which is wise of them but ffs at least buy a $50 or $100. Again, what the hell are they buying for $10? FIFA shit?

it's fun but there's not much to talk about
I just play it while listening to podcasts and the like

Going to pass on this one or wait for a sale on ebay. All reviews are pretty mid on this game. By the time I play it they will have patched in more game modes. Can't believe Nintendo have adopted this live service game design philosophy. Just delay the game if you can't deliver everything on time, instead of patching them in later.


funny that since PS5 is on stock on my shithole the top sellers get filled with sony shit.

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What licensed property could work as a Yakuza clone?

i know it's hard to grasp for your console war addled brains but there's no real benefit for a business in faking sales numbers

I'm not using Bluetooth, I'm using a USB cord

It drives up the stock price silly user

>spend so much time seething about how other consoles are fifa machines
>start bragging about an exclusive sports game
What in the actual fuck

it's also extremely illegal and extremely easy to detect, especially if you're public

basically the kind of thing you do when you're about to take all the money and run

>Not only are Switch’s rarely scene

Literally every single person I know has a Switch. That includes the biggest normies who don't care about games.


Exactly switch is just another fad

I like the Sportsmates.

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we're too busy playing it

lmao so you don't have proof, kill yourself contrarian

To be fair this is closer to arcade sports than Madden/FIFA, and I greatly prefer arcade even if it's wagglan

This board is going to be a blast in a week.

guys... I think he is serious and this is not a bait, yikes...

I would like to get it but my Joycon are absolutely worthless in terms of drift and you can't play with a pro controller so fuck it.

What's happening in a week? NPD?

Isn't it all motion controls? Drift wouldn't effect that

Nintendo's Fiscal Year report

I know at least soccer uses sticks, but also browsing menus is nearly impossible because one of my sticks drifts down HARD. I'm not buying a new pair because I rarely play my Switch, and when I do, in the games I play I can use the Pro. I haven't touched the thing since Dread, and I don't even know how long it had been before that.

soccer, volleyball and bowling all use the stick in some way so it can fuck you up there.

I have experience really bad connection issues when the controller has drift too, probs unrelated, I think joycons are great but the build quality on the other hand.

How big is this leg strap? Will it fit fat American's? Will it fit on my penis?

>n-n-not even in your dreams!

if only there was some way to have your controller fixed for free... damn...

I shouldn't have to deal with that shit to play one game. I've always been a fan of Nintendo's games, but anyone that defends the joycon fiasco is a straight up pathetic simp.