Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes

Will we be able to romance the Byleths as Shez?

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I love my wife Bernie!

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No but you'll be able to cvck them


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Rhea is there too btw

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>grabs Lysithea
>refuses to elaborate
FE Awakening, Fates & 3H Emulation/Modding Guide:
>every game contain all DLCs, runs at 60 FPS and is fully playable from start to finish
>every game comes with a save editor/cheat engine table
FE Awakening Bonus features:
>Unit Select Voice and Marriage Patch included
>a small selection of extra mods (a gender-lock class removal, rebalance/remix mods, a "what-if" chapter etc.) included
FE Fates Bonus features:
>Ghosting Shader Fix and Marriage Patch included
>unlock Hero Battles/Amiibo chapters (Robin, Lucina, Ike and Marth) through the save editor
>a small selection of extra mods (a texture pack, retranslation, Fates+, NSFW live2d etc.) included
FE3H Bonus features:
>add Sothis, Rhea and any other NPC as playable characters in combat
>characters' outlines removal mod included (comparison:
>"unlock all classes for everyone" mod included
>randomizer tools to change all aspects of the game included
>guides for game file modding and character swapping (e.g. play as Edelgard while Byleth becomes the Empress)
>Can I run FE Awakening or FE Fates on my PC?
Most likely yes, but you'll have to test it yourself.
>Can I run FE3H on my PC?
Check Yuzu's HW requirements:
>Can I transfer save files from my device to an emulator?
Yes. There are instructions for it in " Emulation" sections of the guide.
If you're aware of any worthwhile mods, additions or corrections for the guide, (You) me.

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where are lysi's shoesies?

the hype is over...

KT is delaying on giving us any kind of NEW updates on the game. The lack of updates outside of trailers makes sense for typical Nintendo marketing standards but not for KT who usually tweet nonstop about a game in the leadup to its launch.

Catherine is shit

user is a homo

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it's over

Marcia was the original racist peg knight

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>KT who usually tweet nonstop about a game in the leadup to its launch
but that's what they're doing

>same 10 pictures

Go back to your containment board.

Legitimate mental illness. Just end it all at this point.



Doubt it. I think they're going to go with a completely safe and romance free sort of ending so as not to enrage anyone.

She is the reason I don't. I love her with all my heart!

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It's an alternate timeline though? If FShez marries Dimitri it's not YOUR Dimitri that YOUR Femleth married.

Marcia always struck me as one of those nice southern ladies who would say something “I love the colored folk!” as opposed to like an Ingrid who goes to klan rallies

scared stones?


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>It's another Lucky Ladle that will never be available if you don't preoder the digital version.

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where does it say you have to preorder it

>Purchase the digital version of the game to receive regular visits from a friendly messenger owl outside of your personal quarters. It'll gift you Owl Feathers that can be used to boost your support level with other characters!

I'll definitely get to the older FEs soonish.
I was a bit busy and had some troubles getting Echoes to work. That's why no need entries were ended in the past two weeks or so.

The Owl Feathers in 3H were just gift items you could gift to characters to raise support points, it isn't a Lucky Ladle type weapon. You'll be able to get feathers in-game

It's officially May now. I hope we get a Demo to tie us over like how we had Age of Calamity

I hope Frog fucks the shit off MShezter's ass

The game has an English webstie now? Or what's this?

What that would be telling players is that their previous journey didn't matter because Byleth didn't matter since this new rando can do the same thing. This new timeline does not exsist in a vacuum. Shez is clearly intentionally designed to be Byleth's replacement but I doubt that it's going to play that straight and replace the happy endings the players earned and grew attached to by having a replacement character earn the same things Byleth did.

Always did

There won't be any demo

How soon before release did AoC get a demo?

Felix huff huffing Annie

Will Byleth/Shez actually surpass the Byleth/Lord pairings in terms of writing, popularity, and just making sense within the canon? Edelgard is too divisive as it is and Claude always fit better as a friend than a lover even when playing as Femleth. Only Dimitri poses a challenge.

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kissing el on the forehead and being lovey dovey with her

Really putting the slut in pegalsut

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Taking Edie out on picnics and tea parties!

She was cursed with a horrible brother.

He's funny

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Calm down, El.

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I feel bad for your dad dude.

I don't think he has a dad

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Makes sense. Having no father figures is really bad for mental health.


>Edelgard could have had an actual father figure in her life if she wasn't so racist
FE3H is the American History X of FE.

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How did this pink haired loser get a 10/10 rich girl to pound every night?

Will Byleth actually have a fucking voice like Shez does? Or they gonna make Byleth be the silent type?

Astrid has an "I can fix him" fetish and he happened to be there

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One of best girls completely ruined...

And that's a good thing

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I bet you a Lucky Ladle Sothis will speak for them.


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