Does anyone else feel that the 3D platformer genre has never evolved?

Does anyone else feel that the 3D platformer genre has never evolved?

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It has only degraded since the PSX and N64 era.

it needs more sexy little girls. this applies to every genre, however

It peaked with Jak and Daxter.

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What genre? It's been dead since N64.

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Speaks volumes when Mario 64- a 25 years old game is still the peak of the genre.

I wish Jak had a bit more harder levels. The movement system barely gets utilized except in speedrunning.

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Honesty, how could it innovate? It's already a natural evolution of an already archaic genre. There's not much you can change about jumping on things. The most has even been done was removal of lives and timers.


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It did evolve. Now it has sexy little girls instead of fat italians or furries.

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Honestly A Hat in Time introduce some pretty good ideas but it's looking like it will never expand on or capitalize on them so yeah 3D platformers are dying

The yakuza stage in a A Hat in Time was really good and didn't feel like a typical 3D platformer level, especially since it was a mix between linear and open. Something like that but on the scale of a full game, kinda like a 3D platforming metroidvania hasn't been touched. There's definitely room to grow the genre.

POV: you just got home

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The low poly version is so much cuter. Wish they actually animated her instead of as a joke

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>a mix between linear and open. Something like that but on the scale of a full game
I wonder if there are any games that fit that bill.

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It did evolve, the issue is it evolved into "Collectathon" and then into "Open World" and it is not entirely a positive thing.


They don't even get enough games to have a chance to evolve.

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Well really Mario 64 is total shit.
The camera control sucks, mario takes ages to turn and accelerate, he slides around like a fuckwad. It's only because of changed made in the PC version and the work of modders improving the controls that normal people are enjoying it now. Shit like the odyssey movest mod is infinitely more playable and enjoyable.

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Her game is a shooter, you have to leave.

>mario takes ages to turn and accelerate, he slides around like a fuckwad
thats literally the exact reason the game is good
when movement is your core focus then the movement should require you git gud

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the only thing I agree with is the camera
the movement in odyssey is stiff and boring in comparison to 64 or sunshine. You shouldn't be able to turn in midair. Everyone touts the hat throw jump as the greatest thing since sliced bread but it slows movement to a halt, and it forced the dive to become a crappy version of itself. The hat jump is just a double jump with a multi button input, its never situational or a meaningful choice like the dive, its just the same thing every time.
Mario takes a bit to accelerate and turn, but thats in service of making the game feel good and giving mario a sense of weight and momentum. 3D platformers with big empty maps should have characters that feel interesting to control, not reskinned mouse pointers

There is literally hours of footage with pro speedrunners getting absolutely fucked by the shitty physics, screaming how bullshit it is as they slide to their doom with no ability to recover. the controls are just bad and the programing was very flawed and inconsistent. it has nothing to do with gitting good.

platform games are shooters
you have to shoot your own character's body onto the next platform

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>Mario takes a bit to accelerate and turn, but that's in service of making the game
Literally the opposite of reality. it feels almost as bad as sonic platforming.

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>they should be trying to sexualize a character with the proportions of a fucking potato like me
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Hat in time's greatest innovation? Adding little girls to the genre.

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>kinda like a 3D platforming metroidvania hasn't been touched.
Banjo-Tooie is a 3D Metroidvania

How did they get away with that??

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>kinda like a 3D platforming metroidvania hasn't been touched

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it was a different time

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The only thing the new 3D platformers should do is add powerups, like Kirby does.

Man I wonder when we will get a new Pitfall

They have, the genre just goes by a different name.

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Those aren't platformers.

Those don't have cute lgs

Still waiting for an open-world game where you run around as a little girl and you can strip naked and shock people or try to keep from getting caught.

Okay, platformers have little girls now, but how can we make the genre even better?

Gentlemen, I have an idea...

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ok, maybe look at the other end of the extreme to see what I'm saying, because I don't really feel like you know what you're saying.
When you play mario 3D world, does mario himself FEEL fun, satisfying, or interesting to control?
There the focus was shifted to precision platforming for an isometric camera, so mario has nearly no acceleration, inertia, and a nearly no feeling of weight. You have complete control over your direction in midair, and because of that theres no feeling of forward momentum. You might have complete control over mario now, but now theres no character to the way he feels. When I play, I don't feel acceleration as much, because speed feels binary; you hold the button and you instantly go into sprint, which is a constant, hard capped number.
Control was given priority over making a character that felt like they had weight or momentum.

I want an UAB 3D platformer where you can play as all the girls with different abilities.

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what would their powers be?

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no reason to reinvent the wheel

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