Who are Yea Forums's favorite vidya girls?

Who are Yea Forums's favorite vidya girls?

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nice pits

Only Luci's voice warms my heart when nothing else will.

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I love my wife Bernie!

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Aigis and KOS-MOS aren't even girls, robots don't have sexes

Yeah they do.

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Camilla is the anti-reddit waifu and therefore the best.

Yea Forums is a Nia board you coom cretin

Yea Forums is a morag board faggot

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Mythra > Nia

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Classic. Opinions on NuLara?

Lol cope

Who? I only care about Lara.

mommy scarlet

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Yukari > Aigis and Chiaki is the only other good female on that 3x3

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Why, it's Monika of course

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I want her to call my dick small

You suck.

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Mythra bro is that you? It's me from yesterday

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This after she uses Mini on me

Yo, what's up.

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The guilty gear ones :3

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Nice ass.

Nice girls, but who's the one in the middle? Never saw her

>2 fire emblem girls

I will not stand for this. We were absolutely a Nia board when this game launched.

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how can you not know Chiaki you pleb, go play Danganronpa 2 and don't post until you beat it.

Chiaki from SDR2.

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The face that saved Fire Emblem.

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Camilla and...?

You're MY favourite girl, OP.

I'm a male.

Cope. Mythra is Queen.

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my gf Korra of course (she has games)

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My wife

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take your pills

What pills? I don't have any current or particular abnormal condition that's negatively affecting me.

Hell yeah bro

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My wife Laetitia is my favorite vidya girl!

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Damn straight bother.

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all the rance girls. this fucking series is full of only the best chars. maybe ever.

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Fairy leviathan

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Lydia was my first, I married her on accident and she ruined romantic expectations for me

Tiny punk gf

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I don't think about fictional women

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>Your Waifu introducing you to the protagonist of her game, her friends, both, her parents, or all of the above.

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>meme steam

I love Rider

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Based taste.

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Partly because my choice will rustle SOMEBODY'S jimmies, and they know it.

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Camilla chads rise up

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princess zelda

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My daughterwaifu

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The best servant.

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