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She looks like a child

My loli senses drew me to this Fire Emblem game

Bot thread

Didn't ask

Now I will fap to her



I'm hard

Nowi is great
She uses her scales to make armor to protect her loved ones

A sexy child

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so that's how small dragons looks like?

>still no NHL on pcEAT SHIT EA

I fapped to her and I hate it

Dragon is for breeding.

Her body is built for unprotected sex for breeding purposes

I fapped to her and I love it

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I remember not really caring about Nowi when I first played awakening, but she's really grown on me with time.

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Kissing my loli dragon wife in public

hot kid...



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>Marry Nowi
>Never let Morgan or Nah S support
>Get 3 wives
Now that's strategy

I love how she presses you for the reason you married Nowi. That’s why I always let my boy Donnel get that Dragon cunny

isn't it great?

Why are Nowipedos like this



This outfit does things to me

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The average Nowi chad

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Wait until you see this

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Me too, and I usually don't care for this shit.
And this is just unfair.

Nowi if she evil

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I agree, she's hot.


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She's not a child. She's a sexually mature adult.

Will we ever get another 1000 year old loli dragon ever again? Or is that trope in FE dead forever?

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She's more like a young teen really, she's not that much shorter than Tharja
3H has Sothis

Hot jew tits!

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Didnt the last FE have a 1000 y/o loli or something? I havent played it and I assume she isnt a dragon, but why would you think that is dead when the flagship games have them and the last game had a loli as a major character?

Nowi tummy

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Cute jew

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Sothis and Flayn were hebes

Sothis is younger looking than Nowi

The mother of my childrens

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did someone post this already


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hot doujin
kinda mean though

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>She's more like a young teen really, she's not that much shorter than Tharja

As far as the game is concerned she's able to get married and have kids so that makes her an adult.

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If you marry Nowi and don't also fuck Nah you're objectively a faggot.

I agree, someone needs to correct her on how to dress

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dangerously based

I want to knock both up until they look like balloons.

She is.