Deep Rock Galactic is a good ga-

>Deep Rock Galactic is a good ga-

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Looks like the player got punished for rushing ahead to me.

skill issue

I like the concept of the game with space dwarves, but I hate playing with other people. Should I get this?

classic triple diamond promoted scout moment

yeah you can singleplayer it easily.

>a retard
well well well

its barebones and it gets boring pretty quick

Literally the only game where I've had a good time 99.99% of the time. The only time ive encountered cancer was some furry faggot who died ten seconds into a match, complained and left. Coming up on 300 hours logged before season 1 even launched.

Yeah, there is a solo mode. While playing solo you have a little drone friend that you can command to do things for you that team mates would usually help with. If you're super hardcore you can choose to play solo without the drone, but its tough.

They've added an immense amount of content, for free. What does it need to not be considered barebones to you?

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>rushes ahead on a dark room
>gets punished
i see nothing wrong with this

>scunt getting its just desserts
Can't see anything wrong with that webm OP.

How forgiving are people of new players?

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It's an overpriced piece of shit honestly.
Otherwise amazing.
Meh for the price though.

Not that user, but even as a huge fan of the game I can admit that it becomes repetitive; maybe thats what he was getting at. But to say that its barebones is dishonest.

Extremely. I've genuinely never had a bad experience playing online, everyone is super friendly, especially so to new players.

Unless you actively sabotage (keep killing team mates, afk) people won't mind if you're a retard doing retarded things. Watch when people ping stuff though, they may be trying to get your attention specifically.

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As long you stay out of haz 4/5 until you upgrade your guns, very forgiving. Hell, some people don't mind even if you join haz 4 as long as you aren't down half the game.

Why do the animals never fight each other?

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warn that you are new and/or ask about anything you're not sure about.
Ask if everyone's ready before pushing the droppod button, there may be some side missions on the map.
Do that and you're good to go, most players are bros and will teach you the ways.

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>jumps straight into a pit
>a whole horde of glyphids running through the tunnel
>the fucking tyrant weed

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>I can admit that it becomes repetitive

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this game would be good if the shooting was fun
guns have 0 impact

I usually kick you or leave when a low level joins. I value my time user.

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Huh. Looks like FPS Outer Wilds.

Very as long as you don't join my hazard 4 lobbies

Even then, I like to play driller and make trenches between turrets or escape routes to flank bosses so even if I get downed it's usually somewhere easy to reach and it often involved getting the aggro from a praetorian that spent 30 seconds turning its back to the rest of the team because it tried to reach into my tunnel. Some classes are very easy

I ran into a problem with Gunner where I felt the minigun was barely dealing any damage, it would take a significant amount of time even with the Lead Storm overclock to kill a Praetorian by firing constantly into its weakpoint, but then I took Variable Chamber Pressure and Hot Bullets and it melted through enemies like butter

no arrow therefore you look like this and say this

I like how he tries to kinda edge past the approaching leech like an old guy skipping in line.

Nothing wrong with gorillas.

You can solo, but if you don't intend to play with anyone, I wouldn't. For the record, Randoms are not THAT bad to play with. It's worth it to experience the class teamwork, even if you don't have to.

depends on what server you join
>greenbeards welcome
self explanatory
>Lv 100 or kick
you get the boot before you can leave the room by a shiter that needs high level players to carry him on a haz 4 mission
for your own sanity avoid the latter like the plague, host a game or play alone, don't join these faggots

I bet you think the same of niggers

i am impressed at your communication ability honestly
what class do apes play?

Add rival bots and this will really capture how my last elite deep dive went.

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Funnies thing is when he finally gets control back and thinks he's done everything right, bam, pillbug right in his fucking face.

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Indeed i do. I'm not a racist incel.
Scout only.

If I have one complaint, it's that the framework of every mission is mostly the same, with glyphids being 90% of the enemies you will smear. But the mission types and biomes add a lot of different feelings.

>haz 1-3
>haz 4
very unforgiving, bitchy as hell
>haz 5
very forgiving

i've tried it in solo and found it incredibly boring. was struggling not to fall asleep the whole time, had to call it quits after 2 games

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just like in VT2, you'll get the least amount of bitching on Cataclysm and the most on Champion


>Indeed i do. I'm not a racist incel
Sounds like you're a retarded incel instead

Accurate. When I fuck up in haz 5 but I'm trying my best, players have never given me shit. It was refreshing after some of the haz 4 rage I've seen.

its so fuckin funny
murphys law the WebM

Find a flaw.

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>lv100 or kick
Is this autism? After level 20 you don't get much better since you already experienced everything the game has to offer.

No drills.

As long as you don't do dumb shit, waste resupplies, and halfway do your class job (driller drilling, scout lighting up, etc.), you'll be fine. Only times I've ever been pissed enough to kick someone while hosting is when they join the game and immediately run to launch the rocket or call the pod or whatever while there's still events/stuff to do. Just don't activate things until everyone is ready, or any other nonsense, and you'll be good.

like i said, its their way of asking for a carry into missions, but its not enough they get someone, they DEMAND the best of the best, and insult you if you don't live up to the expectations he has of a Lv100+ player

Not him but better mission variety and endgame. The current missions are too simplistic and lack depth. Deep Dives suck ass and it’s unfortunate that the devs aren’t planning on adding anything to expand the endgame.

Youre good
The only souless getups are dwarves that wear full face head coverings.
Half-Face is OK though

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What even is the point of gunner other than being a walking shield dispenser and mining easy-to-reach minerals while everyone else does the actual work? He's severely outdamaged by Engi, hell even Driller in close range. Zipline traversal is a non-issue unless in the very fringe case of mining Aquarqs out of an overhang.

I have 150h and so far only had like 2-3 bad experiences with players

>that driller who constantly rushed forward and fell from cliffs and got assmad at me for not staying in his deathtrap bunker where a bulk detonator was climbing up from below
>that Scunt who hogged molly, didn't mine minerals outside of morkite and sometimes nitra, only fired flares when it suited HIM, called the droppod early and got assmad for me cancelling the mission out of spite after finding an event and enor pearl.
>those goldstarfags who called me for being shit at omen tower when I had less than 2h of playtime and maybe 4-6 overall level

The driller was the worse because he kicked me right before defeating the floating reverse pyramid.I can only blame myself for not hosting games and going with those retards for 2 hours trying to finish it.

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don't care still wearing a helmet
I dislike Gunner too but shields can save runs. Ziplines are too unhandy imo, definitely a tier below the utility others can provide.
Also the one thing they're really good at is just having a lot of ammo. Their damage output isn't much higher than the other classes per se but they pack a fuckton of ammo to just keep spraying, and that can be a life saver on missions where the game decides to be stingy with nitra

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Threadly reminder to kick all Scouts on sight.

dash > hoover

This but unironically.

Very forgiving.
General rule is if you're not hosting a mission, don't start any events. Take advice with a grain of salt and recognize each class strengths and weaknesses.