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Loganbros... where are you?

wrasslin games will get saved in 30 seconds

I'll wait until I don't need to look at Evil Uno and Adam Cole

it's over, it looks like shit and not just the graphics
wrestling games are officially dead

Kenny is such a fag

I stopped watching when Kenny went away and they put the belt on the reddit cowboy. How has it been?

Decent, Punk is number one contender

edrone cultists BTFO

It at least looks to be like more of a game and less of a sim which is nice

Yeah you can see Kenny's fighting game influence coming in with the hitstun and unnaturally fast animation.

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looks good, but that stun shit after every move lands NEEDS to fucking go

>tranny in the women's division
>isn't even a good wrestler
I like AEW but jesus christ

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It looks bad but it's better than 2k where you can eat a hit and still grapple the guy

Yeah but where da million at doe?

But will you be able to make funny characters?

>open stream
>adam cole
>close stream

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is it going to be garbage sim action like WWE or will they actually try to make the gameplay fun

>europoors brag about rugby
>america has wrestling in all schools, a real chad sport where true strength is determined

Who you got?

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is ram in?

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they didn't get his male pattern baldness quite right

>implying I watch mud shows
Sorry but for me it's the big leagues, EGods check in.

Phil maybe a shoot bitch but Hangma'am is a thousand times worse. I'd at least believe it if someone told me Phil was champion.

india is asleep right now you won't find too many of you

>europoors brag about rugby
the only popular sport in Europe is football, soccer for you

the younger generation in usa is majority mexican so we call it futbol

>causes the removal of tons of content, further plunging gAyEW in the red

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What didn't you like about the title matches with Kenny and Bryan

Ya seethe, tranny?

I didn't hate them, I actually quite liked them. The Kenny match was a suitable end to AEW's first era and first Danielson carried Hangman to the best match of his career and one of the best Dynamite matches in its existence. The problem is that Hangman just doesn't have "it". His conflates vulnerability with weakness and makes himself look like a joke every time he goes out for a segment. He also injected too much of his personal worldview into his character, which would be fine in some circumstances but not for a cowboy. There's just nothing there that evokes "championship material".

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the game is so fucking ugly. litterally a 2012 game

I just turned on the stream, and there's no gameplay.
Where's the video games?

it looks a lot better than the other wrestling game worth playing

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I agree desu, I personally think his cowboy identity isn't exciting enough to show me something new which is what led to his reign being overshadowed by almost everything else, like Punk vs MJF, the BCC forming and the JAS vs Kingston and PNP

All good wrasslin' games look like shit.

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>Punk vs MJF
This is one of the best feuds in AEW's history. They're currently tied 1-1 and it'll all come down to their championship match down the line. The question is if Punk will put him over or bury him like Darby.

>he fell for sourceless post on pw

That looks really bad

No thanks

I like how 2K22 just mogs it. Also no trannies.

The last good wrestling game I remember was WCW v NWO

>Also no trannies.

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retarded comment

projecting etrannies are always funny

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Did THICC make it in?

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Now thats a good ass. Would take a nice big sniff.

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Tanahashi DLC when?

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Who is your favorite npc from any game to murder?

wow this looks awful

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Women who looked like they spend tens of thousands of dollars on designer clothing in GTA V, with a knife or blunt weapon.

Rimworld. I make anons and kill them for calling me a faggot.

damn she thick

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Wait, it's out? I thought E-drones said it would never come out
Holy fucking cringe they need to fire him already
His "fine speech" in Chicago or wherever was great PR but he's not a good entertainer in general, certainly not wrestler.
Didn't they get a million last week or two weeks ago and destroy the meme? Why are you trying to rehab it on Yea Forums?

Wrestling, just like God, is not real.

these ass cheecks are tho

hopefully all that money they poured into the new engine actually is worth it. graphics seem fine and were never the main focus for wrestling games

True that

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Up and down.
>Danielson, Moxley and Yuta have a stable with William Regal
>Jericho, Garcia, 2.0 and Hager are now the Jericho Appreciation Society
>Wardlow is arguably the most over guy

Name me my post number and put a glitterworld med in my inventory you cocksucking tranny faggot piece of shit retard loser virgin fat subhuman maidenless bastard

they spam it in every thread and then once they go over a million it becomes "no 2 million"

if it's as good as no mercy it'll be a big win