Who is your favourite NPC in elden ring??

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Rykard, Ranni, and Radhan all seem like cool characters and I hope we get to see more of them in the DLC.

Didn't the kids go with their father to the capital? They had chairs in the throne room and everything. Rennala was left completely alone, that's why she went crazy.

the Carian family by far

The omen twins of course!

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I love my wife Ranni!

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>final boss to kill is a tranny
oh wow Miyazaki, very bas-
>Tranny is revealed to be the real hero and you have been following the instructions of the real villain, a conservative white biological female
why do people like this game, this storytelling is last of us 2 tier.

Why did Radagon do it bros? I thought he loved Rennala...

imagine being this dude lol

He loved himself more.

well seeing as how she's a QUEEN of her own kingdom, why would she follow her EX husband to live with his NEW wife?

Real Ranni a cute

>white woman hands typed this post
dont you have dogs to fuck?

Yeah I never said she would, I was talking about OP's pic not bein accurate because the kids went with their father, they didn't stay with Rennala.

If you really wanna get some (you)s change conservative to libertarian.

Greater Will doesn’t like anything other then itself as the top dog, but is willing to temporarily ally with other groups before fucking them over. They did it with the Crucible Knights during the time of Godfrey, and they did it with Raya Lucaria during the war by sending over a twink husband to Rennala as a peace offering.

Just like how they eventually screwed the knights over, as soon as the GW got everything it needed from Raya Lucaria it just pulled Radagon out.

your shitpost doesn't make sense

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what are the signs that this is drawn by a chinese bugman


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No ugly artstyle?

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This entire family is a family of Rs.

Wait until you learn about the Gs and Ms

Wait, serpent man is Ranni's brother?


Gurm did this on purpose

>tfw old demigods dlc where the tanished time travels to before the shattering

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Didn't Rykard have black hair in the painting of his head getting eaten by a snake?
Also, if the theory that the sweetings are Rennala's attempts at making a new body for Ranni are true, Ranni's original form has black hair too.
Radhan is the only one who inherited Radagon's hair.

Why did Merika toss him aside?

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Nope its red

She didn't


>a conservative white biological female
Who? The real """villains""" are the outer gods including the greater will

Now go actually check the painting and Ranni's corpse in the tower. They all had red hair.

Zanzibart too?

your game fucking sucked

He talked like a fag and his shit was all retarded.

Marika fucked Renalla:
Marika fucked Godfrey:
Marika fucked herself:

Was this autism?

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he suplexed her while they were fucking

elden ring is great you fuckin tranny

I'm referring to the zanzibart shit

Those were from Godrey.

Morgott and Mohg are Godfrey's kids. That's why he cradles Morgott's corpse.

>hating on based Zanzibart

Imagine being a tranny

You know why.
Second is Goldmask because he actually does something useful.

Why did Merika have a male form that was fucking with moon shit to begin with?

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Because she needed to manipulate and subsequently cripple them.

hard to tell sometimes desu.

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When he asks you to drop by and then goes "I was being polite you utter pleb" was hilarious.

D and other D

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>tfw when Marika probably intended Godfrey himself to retake his position as Elden Lord and we ruined his chance to see Marika again.

Do you think Marika intended it to be Godfrey that would claim the Elden Lord title once again?
Instead she gets some randomer Tarnished fresh off of killing the entirety of her offspring.
I wish we could take his side user

That's plainly the case. Both us a Radagon were used by Godfrey and Marika respectfully. He just accepted out strength meant we were more worthy.


Never before have I ever wanted to hug and coddle a fictional character before? Absolutely zero lewd involved.

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No idea why I added a question mark in there, but whatever.

t. woman

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Radagon is Marika is about a god fusing a man and women together to trap the woman in a state of perpetual mental and physical bondage.
If anything it’s a metaphor for classical patriarchy.
Why do you obsessed faggots continue to insist it has anything to do with trannies?

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