That huge video game YouTuber from back in the day that lost all of his fans but is still going at it even with sub-1k...

>That huge video game YouTuber from back in the day that lost all of his fans but is still going at it even with sub-1k views on each video and under 100 viewers on stream
What's his name, Yea Forums

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not sub 1k but his fall is depressing

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I am occasionally watching JewJared even to this day.
the way he does his new playthroughs are still how he used to do them during his reviews of games he played.
his numbers seem to recover, though.

Unironically DSP. He's so boring and cringey now that he's not even fun to laugh at.

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It's lonely at the top. He used all of his talent/entertainment value winning against his haters and he's burned out. Personally, my vote is TheBitBlock/Josh Thomas. He still has not gotten over Nintendo blacklisting him or GameXplain and it has been almost a decade at this point. He started a new channel to do new things but he's doing the same shit he did before to a smaller audience that never criticizes him

He's still at least treading water in terms of his view count, but it's fucking insane that he dropped below 1 million and isn't even back at 900k yet.

Is NintendoCaprisun living with Chuggaaconroy now? I only watch their Mario Party stuff but what caused him to fall into the slump he's in?

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Not vidya related but comparing Jacksfilms back in the day to now is extremely depressing

his videos are so long now.
I used to watch him in my freshman year of highschool, around 2016/2017 (I'm 19 now and in college)
His videos use to be like 3 to 6 minutes, nice a short.
Now most of the past like ten videos are over 15 minutes and some over a half an hour.

I hate how long youtube videos are now.

I'm just amazed no one talks about how the nudes of him were revenge porn and super illegal to share.

I am the eternal boomer and only know Pewdiepie and angry video game nerd QRD?

Not in popularity, but in the fact that he sold his soul to Twitter

He played it smart and ignored it and shut up to get everything memory-holed considering the amount of minors he sent his scarred-up pencil mushroom to.

Are you talking about projared? Dudes literally doing fine, basically a near full recovery from his canceling

Nah his numbers are impressive considering the internet dogged on him for a hot minute accusing him of being a pedophile, ready to burn him at the stake

>are you talking about projared?
what about my post implied otherwise?
yeah, he really did almost recover. good for him.

In all fairness, he had a pretty decent looking cock. No homo.

Idk I was thinking you were maybe talking about the completionist, but his names Jirard now that I think about it

Pretty easy to memory hole everything when you lawyer up and threaten to sue the people calling you a pedo into the ground. Even Critikal got scared.

anytime you see these channels die out its cuz they stopped improving what they do

they just do the same old thing forever and expect to grow while channels with way less subs pull in way more because they keep evolving

The worst are the people who bemoan how bad YouTube was or how you can only do certain things, or worse, have to put out content regularly. I always use Josh Thomas as an example, he talks about how bad YouTube is but he makes like one video a month and made all of his money uploading uncommentated videos over a decade ago.

>anytime you see these channels die out its cuz they stopped improving what they do
explain guys like Markiplier and Jacksepticeye then who still easily get 1M+ views for every video they shit out

Used to watch him in 2010, he's still releasing content on the regular.

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Tobuscus or whatever was his name.

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>I always use Josh Thomas as an example
There's a fucker who fully destroyed his own relationship with Nintendo, other Nintendo channels, and his fucking internet career as a whole. I didn't find his channel until the early Wii U days and it's crazy to have watched all of that happen in real-time.

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because they are doing new stuff even if you dont want to believe it

markilpier just released a fully acted out video with big specialfx

have the others mentioned above done anything like that at all

watch just bad games and be happy

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He always says he won because he recently bought a car with profits he made from New Horizon videos, but I really don't think he's pleasing anyone but the same five or six fans. He even shits on Arlo now.

chimneyswift11 is a prime example
1.9million subs but 2k views per video
guy was big in the beginning of minecraft youtube


Used to get like 60k on each video in prime
Can barely manage 1000 now

>He even shits on Arlo now.
Really? Because Arlo's been pretty negative recently and that was the entire reason TheBitBlock praised him

Also, this channel is still successful, but damn it was actually kinda sad seeing them split up.

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Lol, and now he has fond memories of the Wii U. I don't even get why he broke so hard with Nintendo, wasn't it because he broke embargo on a review because they didn't send him free shit fast enough? I remember the reason he quit working at GameXplain was because he kept saying vaguely racist things about black people being slaves if they disagree with Republicans and someone there got mad. He doesn't even hang out with friends anymore. It's sad, he just trots out the same Halloween and Christmas videos every year and has been working on Paper Mario specials for like four plus years

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Didn't that guy get chosen by Cartoon Network to host some event one time?


Jon Graham, the guy behind Arby n the Chief and Master Chief sucks at Halo 3.
I used to love his shit back in the day but it's so hard to keep up with his more recent content. His latest season is physically painful to watch and his podcasts even more so. I don't want to hate him but it's so hard to convince myself to keep liking him.

Arlo said Metroid Dread looked great and Josh said you can't tell you've never played it, even though Josh's entire philosophy is "You judge a game from a video, everything but controls"

Ryan just had to make a statement on Twitter not too long ago addressing the fact that he has autism and doesn't know how to convey negative opinions in a non-retarded way.

I only watched them until I quickly realized that Johnny's solo channels (with his personal friends/family) was just far more entertaining and tolerable. Sad that they ended the LP channel, but at least they all ended it on good terms and are moving forward in life.

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>gets cucked by jon out of a literal dream gf
>people only ever watch him when hes with jon and chugga
i dont think he was ever that popular to begin with and i really dont get how hes still doing this

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>wasn't it because he broke embargo on a review because they didn't send him free shit fast enough?
That was one occasion that easily could have been overlooked because he quickly rectified it. They dropped ties with him because he was publicly shitting on them on Twitter and starting drama with their other ambassadors like GameXplain and Lamarr Wilson.

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The Lamarr Wilson shit was just bizarre. He never went after Josh at any point but Josh just went ape shit on him because...he did unboxing videos? I don't get what he was thinking. If it was some statement about production value, half of his "high production" videos in the past few years are over designed and flash over substance, which makes sense considering his taste.

I miss them already

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I was apart of his community back around '08-'09, he was always a bit erratic and prickly with his fans.

The guy just hates 2D Metroid, he said similar shit about Dread and says the series only works in 3D or something. He just hates anything in 2D generally I think. But then again I really don't think he actually likes video games or Nintendo that much, he liked making money a decade ago when he gamed the algorithm and that's why he likes the Wii so much

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He is very much a style-over-substance kind of guy. He loves visual mediums and usually praises art direction/graphics over the actual gameplay.

He's the only person on the planet that defends Sticker Star.

He recently said that he dropped out of high school to focus on "being creative" so I think it might be from being undersocialized and only around people who agree with him.
Lol, LMAO even, says the guy who gave up 200k subs because he wanted to post his political takes online.

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he has a great sense of humor but his sonic videos are so boring

Has Andre Gamexplain ever recovered from the flak he got for not paying his employees at all.

Raocow kind-of, but he didn't lose ALL his fans, just a lot of the viewers from the LP glory days grew up, stopped watching LPs, and now they don't even remember him

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He has some great series that idk why he just killed off, he atleast gave his hard justice series an ending but stuff like its a wonderful live had infinite potential and he just dropped it in 3 episodes

pic is not wrong though

no lies detected

It doesn't come up too often outside of Twitter and the channel has no issues making connections, doing collabs, and getting interviews so I'd say they're in a safe spot.

>Chaos Route Waluigi Island is still fucking funny after all these years
I liked SGB's initial setup of "kool gaymer, his brainlet bro, griefing asshole and the clueless normie", nice versatile cast, but got bored around like 2016 when Matt lost the edge and they kept bringing in Elliots boring gorlfriend, and they all just became the same amorphous "wazzup fellow gamerz, random fat nintyfag says twans wights! that really fills your heart meter and levels you up, amirite guyz?" shit you see everywhere in those circles
What compelled them to finally kill the channel?

Classic Game Room used to have some chill if a little shallow obscure games and device reviews, but then gave up and tried to transition to a bunch of other topics and now can't break 1k views

Johnny wanted to focus more on animation/his solo channel
Elliot and Sabrina just got married
Matt is looking into careers outside of Youtube

The pandemic making it even harder for them all to meet up just accelerated the process

>that one youtuber you really liked to watch is now a tranny
Watch his name Yea Forums?

okay I will
nothing's happening
can I stop watching now

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>Matt lost the edge
i think he realized kept saying things like faggot and retard in the old lets plays and tried to stop

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Student loans are predatory and if Josh got any political news that weren't from right wing pundits he'd be able to make an informed decision, instead he's the right wing equivalent of someone who only listens to Rachel Maddow. I've never seen him say a single thing that a right wing pundit didn't first.

Why not just become a Snoy if he cares about graphics so much, not enough bright cartoony colors?

Something about Andre not paying the people working on the channel. Slowly stopped watching them a year or two back but with those new guys I don't bother. Looks like they've gotten worse too

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The new guys aren't even that bad but they're all like half Andre's age so he just clearly doesn't click with them in discussions the way he was able to with Ash and Derrick. It also helped that Ash/Derrick covered blindspots in Andre's interests/play history. Now they don't even have a "Sonic" guy on the channel anymore.


>im 19 now
>I hate how long are yt videos now
Begone zoomoid