Looking back what went wrong?

Looking back what went wrong?

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maybe took too long to develop. which would be fine but then people waited too much from it.
decent game. a bit short but shooters shouldn't be too long anyway

Microsoft have run a quasi experiment to see how much of a revenue stream they can get off of brand recognition alone by minimizing costs. 343 is not a studio, it's a collection of 18 month contractors who are all rotated out, no extensions, no exceptions, so that MS can get away with not paying certain benefits etc for keeping them on the payroll a day more.
Considering 'Halo Infinite had the largest amount of buyers compared to any other Halo game' I think it worked out for them. Alot of people don't realize how big halo nerds are, they are absolute Marvel tier retards who force themselves to sit through dogshit just because it's got the halo logo on it.

Multiplayer wise? Content, mostly forge. Shipping without forge, especially after a year delay was a massive shot in the foot.

Campaign has a lot more problems, lack of co op and replay included, but I think the main root is 343 refusing to let go of the shitty version of the Halo universe they created instead of rebooting and removing 4 & 5 from existence as well as having eh writers.

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they developed a 10 year plan that factored in having PC players get into Halo but auto aim is so strong mouse and keyboard isn't viable

They released a generic FPS with solid mechanics, missing features that were considered a given in the Halo franchise (no co-op, no forge ect.) When the story *was* released, it was bland and forgettable. Virtually 0 content has been added into the game since release, I'm pretty sure by this point in even Halo 3 had 1-2 DLC map packs released. All the way back in 2008.

There is unironically no reason to play more than 15 hours of this game. There's only 15 hours of content max. For a franchise that used to keep people logging in daily for years, it's simply not an acceptable product.

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Kek everytime I see some bitch about "input I use is at a disadvantage".
For all of 343's shit, different input is surprisingly well balanced. I go back and forth between using controller and keyboard regularly and have no noticable skill difference between the two.
People just want to blame anyone but themselves I guess

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how ridiculous is the aim assist

I say it every time I see an old Halo 3 screencap: How the actual fuck does Halo 3 *still* look so good 15 years later? Facial animations were pretty crap but only like 3 characters in the entire franchise don't wear a helmet so who cares.

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Not at all imo. As I said, I can't tell a difference in my skill between mouse and controller so I'd say it's at a perfect level where it just enough makes up for the accuracy shortcomings of a joystick

Multiplayer, honestly can't wait for the next campaign, when it releases in 2024.

>it's got the halo logo on it
Just because they're playing Master Chief in it, let's get it right.

>I think the main root is 343 refusing to let go of the shitty version of the Halo universe they created instead of rebooting and removing 4 & 5 from existence as well as having eh writers.
Given how much it pissed you off, I think that's the best decision they made. Fuck your Didact, Prometheans, evil Cortana, Created, Bionicle/Transformers, Infinity and its crew, Spartan-IVs. I'm also glad that they're shitting on IVs even with new armor that they can't fully use because their genetics and minds can't handle them.

Holy shit, I wish they'd stop. I love classic Halo and want more games like it with that art style and universe, but for the love of God stop it with Chief. His story ended with 3. Bungie understood that and focused on side stories afterwards. Same thing with people who want another Mass Effect game with Shepard

>Given how much it pissed you off
What? I was saying they didn't go far enough. I'm glad they fucked off with most of it, I just think they should've pretended 4 & 5 never happened.
Continuing their retarded story about evil Cortana was stupid

Nothing halo was never good

>Fuck your
>evil Cortana
>Spartan 4s
Someone didn't play the game, those are all in Infinite

Halo is Chief saving the day, alien world exploration, alien killing and explosions, badass music and cool sci-fi art, and saving humanity with some witty cute AI chick with Marines in space. After years of not being Halo after Halo 3, this series needs to stick to being Halo forever and never try what it did again. If you're so tired of Chief, go play the Multiplayer Seasons where you get your Spartan's story with those other Spartan-IV/III characters or whatever. Even funny that you bring up ex-Shepard Mass Effect which was so shit it killed the series. How about never listening to people like you.

-Game has 0 environmental diversity. It's Forerunner + Pacific Northwest the entire run.
-Game has 0 enemy diversity. They tease the endless but they never show up. (Not that I wanted them to desu) No flood. Nothing.
-Plot is almost non existent and I was not able to follow anything that was going on. To be fair, I never played Halo Wars 2 or Halo 5.
-Game runs like garbage on an i9 4.0ghz and a gtx 1070 at 1080p. It doesn't look good enough to warrant the framerate drops.
-Multiplayer doesn't feel or look like Halo. They're also taking forever to add any new content and the playerbase has evaporated.
-Art direction for the environments is fine. Armor/weapons are all over the place. Lots of things that don't look like Halo to me. (see weapons)
-Banished shaders suck. It's a matte, red plastic. Doesn't look alien at all. Covenant has always been insectoid. Brutes in Halo 3 had an industrial style. Both look better than the Banished art design.
-Vehicle handling is weird but I can't quite pin what is wrong with it. Vehicles also have very limited damage models. Seems like they're either completely destroyed or completely fine. Downgrade even compared to Halo 2.

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True but does it matter, it's like it didn't happen anyways.

*In Flashbacks
Cortana and the Created are dead and gone and Atriox and the Banished took their place. Most of the Spartan-IVs were killed by the Created and Banished and there's not many Spartans left again, Infinity got blown to hell at the start of the game which only took 4 minutes.

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The Harbinger is an Endless but only a taste of them.

ODST was still hardcore Halo, with no Chief in sight.
Andromeda didn't suck because of no Shepard, it sucked because of the general shitty writing, plot and annoying characters. It's totally possible to make new characters that are good. If no one made anything new then Halo and ME wouldn't exist in the first place.
Companies trying to cash in on people's nostalgia and brand recognition is exactly what has Halo in the shitter right now

That makes it even worse

>Looking back what went wrong?
Followed open world trend for no reason
Hack writers
Suits pushing design policy

Go back to shitting up /hg/, chieffag

343 doesn't know what they're doing.

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FUCK exactly what I thought when I saw this thing

>ODST was still hardcore Halo, with no Chief in sight.
ODST is an overrated side game that costed more than it should have at launch and is only liked by small online forums like Yea Forums. The game is really half-assed and lazy.
>Andromeda didn't suck because of no Shepard, it sucked because of the general shitty writing, plot and annoying characters. It's totally possible to make new characters that are good. If no one made anything new then Halo and ME wouldn't exist in the first place.
End result is that they tried something different and ended up being complete shit to the point that it would have been better if they would have just stuck with the main storyline of the series. What series drop the main characters after several games, movies, or shows and still manage to do good without falling off?
>Companies trying to cash in on people's nostalgia and brand recognition is exactly what has Halo in the shitter right now
That's a strategy the East and West love using, why drop something that's going to sell just to please a very small faggot audience who's not even going to purchase your products anyways?

Just factually wrong.

One (1) biome

>show CQB helmet in multiplayer teaser trailer
>not anywhere in S1 BP
>not anywhere in S2 BP
>not anywhere in the shop

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would be nice if they added a fucking city or something. after playing elden ring it really shows how pathetic infinite's open world is

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Halo should just die, the main series should have ended officialy with 3 and maybe continued with things like ODST and Halo Wars

Halo Infinite probably cost 20x what Elden Ring did and has less than 1% of the content.

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open world has almost no point. It's a fun novelty cuz you can go wherever whenever and that's it. They don't do anything with it like having you backtrack to areas that change due to story or any kind of events or anything. A hub system would've been better, something like Heretic or Demon's Souls even. They probably would've actually had more than 2 biomes if they did it liked that.

There's not much replayability cuz there's no New Game+ to carry over your stuff, and the progression system is kinda shit too and very linear. You have to do pretty much everything to unlock things like the Hornet for instance, but by the time you've unlocked the Hornet you don't need it anymore cuz you had to clear out the whole map to get it. A simple randomizer mode or free selection mode to unlock after beating the game would make it worth playing more than once.

The game is still an 8/10 because the act of walking around and shooting grunts in the face is done well. The grappling hook is worth half a point on its own imo.

Halo would have already died, Microsoft and 343 listened to you since 2012, that's why the series has been in the dumps since that year. Infinite is them finally not making that garbage.

I just want Elites and base building centered around Elites. Not this "kill ten enemies to capture an outpost that you can now fast travel to" nonsense.

>I just want Elites and base building centered around Elites
That was shit in Halo 2, dino boy.


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? If they would have listened to me there would be no halo game past 3 which continue the main story, but only maybe book adaptation that kind of things

>ironically posting Mint Quit
>Tank gun
>bug he used to cheat laso

There's no filtering or bloom or other silly post processing effects that devs were going overboard back then. That was around the time when every AAA game was grey, brown, and desaturated to invoke realism. Halo's art direction s a natural progression from the cheerful and bright color palettes of 5th gen games.

Only 1 good BTB map out of three, two good game modes out of three.
I don't want to play with sweaty tryhards doing 4v4 or FFA, I just want to chill and do some BTB.
The power cells mode is fucking atrocious by the way, it's basically whoever team gets to the power cells first and isn't a complete mouth breathing retard that can juggle cores around wins.

>book adaptation
That's what they did in Halo 4 and 5 and put the series in the shitter. Why do you think they went back to Bungie's games are the highest form of canon again with Infinite while brushing the messes that were Halo 4 and 5 under the rug? Fuck Halo's books, they brought nothing but shit the moment they were considered equal to the games in importance.

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>small amount of content
>the small content that did arrive had little variety (in both multiplayer and campaign)
>cosmetics are ok but they shot themselves in the foot with drip feeding and lack of cross core
>no forge on release so the community can't even make their own content to make up for the drought
>story is pretty good but feels too safe, its like a Halo: The Force Awakens
>vehicle balance is weird
>the thrusters from 5 were a really interesting change that added a lot of depth & speed to 1v1 fights in a console friendly way. I miss them, and I think if they were in infinite they would help to stop every other fight ending in a melee trade kill. I think 5 had a lot of good ideas, including warzone

>they brought nothing but shit the moment they were considered equal to the games in importance
>no halo game past 3 which continue the main story

The balance between mkb and controller is okay. A lot better than it was in mcc. I started playing reach when it came to pc and my kd was like 0.9 or something despite the fact that i was used to mkb. I got a 20 dollar walmart controller to try and my kd was like 1.5 from then on. Infinite does it better but theres still a little bias towards controller imo.

The problem with infinite isnt crossplay its everything else.

Doesn't matter if continues Halo 3 or not, keeps the books out of the game, they were never good then and when they were shoved in the games by Microsoft/343 because in Bungie's words, those books were all Microsoft, it had disastrous effects on the series going forward. Series is recovering now because they finally dropped it.

Oh Wait you think Halo is going back on trail with Infinite ?

The thing is a lot of the game is great but they just fuck up on such trivial shit that it’s just tiresome, it’s like they have no foresight. Complete dog shot devs

Campaign was the best campaign since 3, so yeah, campaigns can only get better after Infinite's first campaign.

well for starters its a bad game

people thinking console fps are good in the first place

343's entire career is "Well that was awful. Maybe the next one will be better."

343 has to be a money laundering front for Microsoft.

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unironically an idiot

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Oh then sure, enjoy halo from now on, but they will never get back to the quality of Halo 3, not with 343 as their developers

user I think the other guy who replied to you is cheeffag.